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Victoria’s Secret: 2 Pairs of Panties + Lace Bandeau or Stretch Bralette Only $19.50 Shipped

8:26 AM MST
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UPDATE – Sorry all! I hadn’t actually placed my order before posting, but unfortunately you cannot combine the $10 off promo code with the FREE shipping promo code. :-(

Woohoo! Here’s another sweet Victoria’s Secret deal for ya! Through tomorrow 8/13, Victoria’s Secret is offering up FREE shipping + a FREE Panty with any Bra Purchase when you enter the promo codes SHIPBRAS and FREEPANTY at checkout. Plus, you can score another FREE Panty and $10 off a Bra Purchase when you enter the promo code FA1337681 at checkout. Can’t be combined with the FREE shipping promo code :(  Plus, you can score a FREE PINK Thong found here when you enter the promo code PINKPANTY at checkout! This means you can snag a pair of Seamless Panties, a PINK Thong, AND a Lace Bandeau or Stretch Bralette for only $19.50 shipped to your door! Sounds pretty good to me! Have a look…

* First, head here and select a Solid Color or Mesh Dot Bandeau OR go here to select a Stretch Bralette priced at $19.50
* Then, head here and select a Seamless Little Cheekini, Hiphugger or Thong Panties priced at $12.50
* Then, head here and select a PINK Thong priced at $9.50
* Head to checkout and enter the promo codes FA1337681, FREEPANTY, PINKPANTY, and SHIPBRAS
* Your final cost will be just $19.50 + Free Shipping (+ tax) for 1 Bandeau or Bralette and 2 pairs of Panties! Sweet! :D

* Note that any bra that is priced at $19.50 will end up being $9.50 after the promo code FA1337681, but you cannot stack it with the SHIPBRAS promo code. You can choose to purchase any regular priced bra that you’d like, there will just be a higher out of pocket expense and clearance bras are excluded.

*Also, don’t forget that if you made a previous purchase and have a Scratch Off Prize Card, you may  want to redeem it as it’s only available until August 19th.

And, make sure to go through or for 2% cash back!

(Thanks, Joanna!)

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  • kathleen says:

    it tells me i cant use the FA133… code with the shipsbras

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

      Sorry for the confusion :( I hadn’t actually placed my order yet before posting and when I went to submit, I realized it automatically removes the promo code and does not allow it. I’ve updated the post!

      • paula says:

        This did work late last night Collin, I placed 2 orders with my scratch off tickets and was able to use both codes, they must have just changed it or there was a glitch last night, that stinks:(

    • Penny says:

      I have the same problem, this is what it says at checkout:
      Offer code FA1337681 has not been applied to your order. Offer code FA1337681 cannot be used with SHIPBRAS together on the same order.

    • nicole says:

      It didn’t let me use the FA133 code with shipbras or freepanty:(

  • Christiane says:

    It’s saying the codes cannot be combined :(

  • Shawna says:

    Same problem for me.

  • Diane says:

    Already too late! I just tried this deal and it wouldn’t work for me. The error message says that the codes cannot be used in conjunction with SHIPBRAS and cancelled the FA1337681 and FREEPANTY codes from my order.

  • Ashley Grace Wright says:

    Got that same message about this code FA1337681 not working with SHIP code. Says can’t be used together and did exact steps above.

  • Rachel says:

    I tried but it said the code shipbras and fa1337681 can’t be used together

  • paula says:

    The scratch off is a discount code, so you would only have 2 discount codes left to use, would not be able to get the same deal as above but still good deal, I did this last night and got bralette, underwear, T-shirt and free shipping for the same price, I got scratch off for free T-shirt though:)

  • Jes says:

    Bummer, I couldn’t get both coupons to work either. Those are my favorite panties, too! It would have been worth it to get 2, but not just 1 I’m afraid.

  • Veronica says:

    If you want ti increase your amount to 65.00, you can get pink headphones with code pinkdj65. You should be able to use 3codes at one time.

  • lauren says:

    Not working for me. Any advice? It keeps saying I don’t have the specific item for the FA code. I used the same bra as the sample order above.

  • sarah says:

    Itd b better to get 10 off the bra vs free shipping becausr better discount n most cases especially if only orderin few items

  • elise says:

    I had a $10 off bra and free panty code from a magazine, I chose to use that over the free shipping, since shipping was $6. So I got 3 panties and a lace bralette for $20.

  • Em says:

    I have 2 $10 online codes that I’m not gonna use so if any body is interested I’ll be glad to trade it with anyGC or coupons. inbox me at thanks!

  • Pam says:

    I can not get the FA1337681 code to work with that bra, any help?

  • Jessica says:

    I wasn’t able to use “FreePanty” with “PinkPanty”. It made me choose one out of the two! :(

  • TatyanaO says:

    I just called victorias secret, because FA1337645 didn’t work on any of pink bras, they stated that it should be their bras with the price over 40$ and only some type of a hipster, it was the worst type of cheating on the customer I ever saw, because the offer doesn’t state any specific limitations, I will mail that this compony doesn’t recognize the offer and the offer shoul be removed. The worst part of it that they make you waste your time and make a fool of you. I also report them to BBB for falce advertising. Fell free to do the same thing.

    • Lisa says:

      First of all, VS reserves the right todo away with any program, offer code, card, even your VS points at any time. Secondly, I am shocked that people are so infuriated and upset with a company who consistently upholds to a strong loyalty customer client base. Victoria’s Secret is one of the very few places that offers free shipping, free underwear, free totes, free headphones, free flip flops, etc. Couponing and bargain shopping has hit and misses and it’s a critical part of retail to understand coupons and stacking. Surely most people are disappointed they cannot stack these offer codes, but really?! Is one offer code really worth going over the deep end? They have had various offers that you can add a Pink Bra. They DO have bras way less than 40 bucks. Semi Annual Sale and Clearance catalogs I get my bras for 12.99-19.99. If you shop VS regularly you know you get free undies, free codes, secret rewards, $10 off codes, on a regular basis…and for me, it’s not worth being upset about. In addition, I can tell you from just reading this TITLE of this post I could tell you it WASN’T going to work. If you are an experienced online shopper you know VS only allows 3 Offer Codes at any time AND they cannot be combined with any other offers of the same types. Let’s not be Newbs, let’s find ways to get more free stuff and the best deals for when the $10 certificates start! We’re all here for goodies and our love for VS.

    • keam says:

      companies can change the offer at any point …

      it would be nice to have them sell bras extra cheap to you but that’s no way to make money …

      • Mia says:

        This offer was front page at slickdeals, that means that hundreds of people placed $9.50 orders before it was posted here. Of course VS realize this influx of small orders and thus cancelled code. I’m also reading that VS is cancellj g some orders. Yes, they have the right to go this also :-(

      • Christina C says:

        I love Victoria’s Secret online. I order all the time and get great deals. Most company’s you can not stack 3 codes on. Most take one. They NEVER take a $10 off bra that can combine with a free shipping code. Also I got a order in the mail today and they are still sending out the $10 off online orders placed on and after the 15th. Got my free panty’s that were on back order from the last time that you posted VS deals and got another $10 off a order. Love it

      • TatyanaO says:

        They have absolutly no right to give fake ads, it is against the law.

  • Rachel says:

    Totally agree!!! VS customer service is great and all the free stuffs are awesome. It is Also the one that allows 3 codes per order.

  • mom2 says:

    I just ordered a push up bra on sale for $29.99 and added a seamless panty to the cart. I put in the free panty coupon code and instead of the free shipping one, I put a code that I had for $10 off any purchase. It worked out better anyway because the shipping was $5.99. So all together it come down to $15.something. Not bad for a push up bra and free $12 panty. Totally good deal :)

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