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Score Inexpensive Pregnancy Tests at Walmart + More

1:20 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Just a reminder for those of you trying to have a baby! If you’d like to snag an inexpensive deal on pregnancy tests, you may want to head to your local Walmart where you can find the First Signal 1ct Pregnancy Tests for just $0.88 (+ FREE in-store pickup if you shop online!)! This is a HUGE discount compared to the name-brand pregnancy tests which range in price from $3.50-$5 per test!

You may also be able to find generic pregnancy tests at your local dollar stores for just $1! Name-brand pregnancy tests are quite expensive, but I’ve heard that the pregnancy tests sold at Walmart or the dollar stores work just as well!

Here’s a recap on reader, Kim’s experience…

I recently discovered that Dollar Tree sells pregnancy tests… for only $1!!! I was hesitant to believe that these tests would really work, so I did a Google and Youtube search and sure enough, they’re just as reliable as the MUCH more expensive name brand options. And I can vouch for the $1 test first-hand – I’m pregnant and got a positive read with the $1 test on the day before my missed period! Stop wasting your money on the expensive name brand pregnancy tests and head over to Dollar Tree! :)

Do you have any tips for saving on Pregnancy Tests?! Please share!

(Thanks, Kim and Carrie!)

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  • tilla ham says:

    you know who needs pregnancy tests at the dollar tree? people who bought condoms at the dollar tree!! sorry bad joke lol…I also hear these are very reliable.

    • Ashley says:


    • Julie says:

      That made me lol!!

    • Melissa says:

      Yeah, I never quite understand why someone would trust the condoms sold at a dollar store! I am quite thrifty, but buying them there reminds me of the saying, “penny wise but pound foolish”.

    • Amie says:

      While it was funny I do have to say from experience they work x found out two days after my grandma passed away that I was pregnant with my last child who happened to be my only girl. Stopped at dollar tree for little toys and snacka to make travel bags for our 20 hour drive. On a whim I saw the tests and threw it into the basket. Had absolutely no pregnancy signs and I had only had my third son 7 months prior and he was still nursing. I took the test after getting homes when I saw two lines I couldn’t believe it and went to cvs and paid 13 for another test. After that I called my husband. Three weeks later I found out I was 7 weeks along. Either my grandma wanted me to announce to my parents they would have a another grandchild to help ease the pain of losing her but we now have a beautiful little girl who is the first granddaughter for my parents.

    • leslie says:

      That was awesome! Thanks for the morning laugh!!!!

  • Emily says:

    You can also buy them in bulk from Amazon to make it even cheaper. I did that when we were TTC our first. They came with ovulation predictors as well.

  • Em says:

    Everyone always comes to the ER for pregnancy tests “they’re more accurate!” Actually- we use the pee sticks that are the cheapest available ;) Save a thousand bucks or so and use the 88c ones- that’s what we all did

  • sierra says:

    I can vouch for the dollar tree pregnancy test. Gave me positive readings for both my kids.

  • Marie says:

    Just a heads up the 88 cents ones at Wal-Mart you pee into something else then use the provided dropper to place three droppers on it.

    • natasha says:

      Yeah, I use these. You have to use a dropper to get your pee onto the stick so have something clean and dry to pee into. It doesn’t say it needs to be sterile, just empty and clean and dry.

  • Amy says:

    Used Dollar Tree pregnancy tests in May to find out we’re expecting. Worked fine, but still used 2 to make sure.

  • casey says:

    The dollar tree pregnancy tests are great. I got positive readings for all my kids. They also have ovulation tests for $1, too!

  • melissa says:

    also, if u have an HSA account, u can use that to pay for the test as well.

  • Kristen says:

    The “Wondfo” brand that you can buy on Amazon are even cheaper. $11.99 for 20 (they also come in larger packs). When I was just searching, I also saw some Babi brand tests – $5.75 for 25, though it is an add-on item.
    Wondfo also sells combo packs of ovulation predictors and pregnancy tests.

    Ahh, the things you learn when it takes a while to get pregnant ;)

    • Kristen says:

      PS: If you get a positive on a Wondfo HPT I would recommend following up with another brand (First Response Early Result is probably best). Wondfos are great, and cheap if you want to test often, but they are prone to “indent lines,” which can look positive when they aren’t.

      • Carol says:

        Don’t think I could have used that brand then back when we were going through infertility. That would be devastating getting your hopes up like that.

    • Cortney J says:

      The Wondfo brand is a great deal. We bought the bundle with the ovulation sticks and pregnancy test for $18. It took three months, we are expecting in March!!

    • Ashley Taylor says:

      I also used the Wondfro combo pack that came with ovulation predictors. I can vouch that they work and are VERY sensitive! I had a test at my dr to determine whether they could prescribe certain meds since I wasn’t sure if i was pg yet, and my hCG level was only 6 (OB requires at least 14 to say you are def pregnant) since it was so early – only a few days after conception. I went home and used one of the tests and it showed positive – it was faint of course, but it was def there. It was fun to watch it get darker every couple of days I tested. :)

  • Amanda says:

    Walmart has lots of good stuff for $0.88! They have tylenol, ibuprofen, benadryl, aspirin, athletes foot cream, anti-itch cream, zyrtec, etc. Its all generic brands but I always stock up on some of this stuff.

  • Jenny says:

    We got the multi pack of ovulation predictor strips and pregnancy tests, tiny little strips, I think 50 o.p.s and and 20 p.t.s for 15 bucks? Worked like a time, got preggo first time tracking ovulation. Worth every penny!

  • jessica says:

    I was told by a doctor that a pregnancy test is a pregnancy test, no matter what the brand…it depends on how pregnant the woman is for it to register as pregnant or not pregnant due to hormone levels…between both my pregnancies I took a total of 5 tests at home, all of which were from Dollar Tree, (to make sure lol) and all were positive :)

  • daltonjsmom says:

    Dollar General also has $1 PG tests. Just as good as any other. Have used many dozens in my life, all accurate. Great if you don’t live near another type of store. You may have to ask for them at the register.

    • KC says:

      Yes, dollar general pts are great. That’s what I used when I found out I was prego with my son in 2011. We had been trying for over 10 years and I trusted the results from the dollar general brand. I used 2 with the same results and yes you have to ask for them.

  • jenn says:

    Definitely these or the cheapie strips on amazon. Same with ovulation tests. We saved prolly $1000’s over three years trying to have a baby. These are a fertility strugglers must.

  • katie says:

    the accuracy of pregnancy tests depends on how they were handled- ie. if they were subjected to very high temperatures in route to the store, ect. thats it- after those variables are accounted for they are all the same.

  • Anna says:

    I had to ask for them at the register at Dollar Tree – they keep them behind the counter at mine. Also want to give props to Walmart’s 88cent section near the pharmacy – lots of things that have same active ingredient and same strength but waaaay less $$. Using the anti-itch cream right now! It works great!

    • Anna says:

      About the anti itch cream mentioned above – it is a 1.25oz tube when the more expensive brands sell only 1oz tubes for like $4!

  • Dee says:

    Another voucher for the dollar tree tests! Used them with all of my kiddies. Currently pregnant with my third!

  • J says:

    Dollar tree test confirmed both pregnancies!

  • Steph says:

    dollar tree tests worked for me–both negative and postive results!

  • Heather C. says:

    Just found out I’m pregnant with baby #4 two weeks ago with an .88 Wal-Mart test. It was a couple days before my monthly was expected too. :)

  • Annie says:

    The 88cent Walmart ones were more sensitive than dollar tree for me! Dollar tree does the job but when they still showed negative, Walmart showed positive. Either way- no expensive tests needed!

  • Me says:

    The Wondfo from Amazon do work! I’d bought one of the combo Ovulation Predictor/Pregnancy Tests kits and after 2 months we got our BFP (31 weeks pregnant now!)- 3 days before my missed period. I think with these it’s vital to give them the time to “develop” & read them immediately, otherwise it is possible for the dye to run/get evaporation lines.

  • Kami says:

    Yep I love the Dollar Store tests they are very accurate. :) I found out on Mothers Day of this year that I am expecting baby number four. We are very excited and we also found out today that it will be our fourth boy, I would recommend these tests to anyone. A year after our first baby I bought an expensive name brand pregnancy test and got a false positive, and it was hard because we annouced it to the family everyone was crushed. Since then I have used either the cheep Dollar Store or Walmart Pregnancy test and have never had that problem.

  • CJ says:

    Speaking of pregnancy… I just got a $20 off $100 motherhood or pea in a pod promo code today if anyone wants it!

  • Missie B. says:

    Don’t need pregnancy test any more, but wonder if the carry menopause test. LOL!!!

  • Christa says:

    I didn’t see this at Walmart but did discover a lot of their other 88c options. I was looking for cheap cough medicine & discovered they carry a whole lot of no-name-brand medicine (not the Equate – just no name at all) for 88c. Now I was a little scared at first but the medicine I got worked & didn’t kill me ;) so have to try some of their other cheap stuff when I’m in need.

  • Rachelle says:

    I bought a bunch of super cheap tests – pack of 50 maybe on Amazon for less than $20. They too worked – got a positive reading before I even missed my period. I shared them with many friends who were also trying to conceive!

  • Crystal says:

    This is good to know. Just the other day I thought i was pregnant again and spent close to $9 for two first response test. I’m sure the walmart or dollar tree test would have given me the same BFN :)

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