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Sep 04 2013
3 years ago
5:22 PM MST

Out With the Old (the Really Old!)…

Sep 04, 2013 @ 5:22 PM MST
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Before I dive into this post, I just want to mention that I have an absolutely incredible mother who would literally do anything to help her kids, grandkids, friends, and neighbors – she is such a generous and giving woman (you can learn more about my awesome mom in this video filmed back in 2011).

This past weekend, my mom invited me and my family, both of my sisters and their families, and my aunt to spend Labor Day Weekend at her home. Not only did she prepare all the meals, she even organized activities to ensure that everyone was entertained including kite making, a Treasure Hunt, swimming, boating and more. In fact, she even had a schedule of daily activities and meals posted in different parts of the house so that everyone knew what to expect out of each day. 🙂

On the final day of our stay (this past Monday), I was browsing around her pantry for some popcorn of course 😉 and was shocked that it was actually quite a disaster (very surprising for someone who is so tidy and organized!). Nothing seemed to have a designated place and it appeared that several items had passed their expiration dates. Always in the mood for a challenge, I thought I would tackle the pantry before we had to head home which brings me to my low…

My low this week was discovering that my mom had several food items in her pantry with expiration dates that dated back as far as the 1990’s. Yes, not this decade or even the previous decade. Ummm…. YIKES! After we all got over the shock, we spent quite a while laughing about the fact that my mom had items that expired before I ever even graduated from high school. In fact, I filled up 2 trash cans with expired items. Crazy!

My high this week was the result of all the hard work! Her pantry looks amazing – everything has its place and everything is 100% edible (nothing expired in that pantry!).

Every Wednesday, I share my high(s) and low(s) for the past week and I encourage you to do the same in the comment section below. My high(s) will simply be the best or most exciting thing that happened to me over the last week or so and my low(s) will be something not so great that took place.

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