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CVS: Sign Up Now for Double Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards (+ Possible $4 Off $20 Purchase Coupon)

12:40 PM MST
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Calling all you CVS shoppers! Starting 9/16 through 12/15, you’ll be able to earn double quarterly Extra Bucks Rewards for in-store and online purchases associated with your ExtraCare card! Instead of earning the normal 2%, you’ll earn a total of 4%! Head on over here now to register your card to receive the Double Extrabucks* rewards and for more details (or to sign up for an ExtraCare card if you haven’t already). Your Double Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards will be available on, on your store receipt, or at the ExtraCare Coupon Center beginning 01/1/2014.

Also, be sure to check your email for a possible $4 off $20 OR $5 off $25 CVS store coupon (or possibly other values too!) that is being sent out to select CVS cardholders, valid through 9/8! Come back and let us know if you also received a special coupon offer from CVS!

*Your Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards will double on all eligible front-store purchases from 9/16 (or date of enrollment after 9/16) to 12/15/13. Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards will print on your receipt 1/1/14 — 2/15/14. This promotion does not apply to ExtraBucks Rewards offers appearing in the CVS/pharmacy weekly ad. Excludes alcohol, gift cards, lottery, money orders, prescriptions, postage stamps, pre-paid cards, tobacco products or items reimbursed by a governmental program. Members who do not spend $12.50 in qualifying purchases or who do not otherwise reach a minimum of $0.50 in ExtraBucks Rewards by 12/15/13 will not receive rewards and will not have earnings carried over. CVS/pharmacy reserves the right to discontinue new enrollments at any time for any reason.

(Thanks, Shawna, Ideal Couponing, Rachael, and Addicted to Saving!)

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  • Cathy says:

    Nothing. :(

  • Tarri says:

    I have given up on getting emails from CVS. Sad thing is I don’t shop there as much because of it. I guess I did not spend enough money there to begin with and I missed using a coupon or two when I was on vacation and I heard if this happens they stop sending them :(

    • loyda says:

      Tarry, try to sign up again. My boyfriend DOESN’t spend a lot of money on CVS because he’s always using coupons (thanks to hip2save) and he always gets these coupons by email, almost every week. Don’t give up!

    • Kimberly says:

      I use to get them every week and they just stopped.
      I wonder If they are thinking I save enough with out email coupons :-)

    • estela says:

      i had stopped receiving them also for like 3 months and today i finally got one again :)

    • Willa says:

      Check your spam folder. Hubbies usually go into his spam. He recently got a $3 birthday e-mail. I use to always just delete the entire folder, but found a couple of important e-mails a few months ago so now I skim though them every evening.

    • Crystal says:

      Same here. I never get any CVS coupons anymore. I miss those % off coupons so much. I shop at CVS weekly so I’m not really sure why I stop getting the emails.

  • amanda says:

    Are the dollar off coupons card specific?

  • Laura says:

    I got a $6 off $30! Woo hoo!

  • mel says:

    just in case anybody isn’t aware, if you wait until Sunday to load the coupon, it extends the exp date until Thursday!

  • Suzanne says:

    I don’t get their emails anymore, except ones about flu shots and minute clinic…not the % off ones. Tried to call corporate and they said they’d fix it, but nothing changes…. :(

  • Taera says:

    I only get coupons now on Thursdays instead of the in store coupons. I don’t shop there very often now because of it. :(

  • Stephen A says:

    After speaking to corp about not getting coupons, they said the coupons are generated based on your general purchases. I changed cards recently from the regular red one to the white one where you get 20% off of CVS brand items and only the ECB’s transfered and NO coupons. I basically had to start over on building up my history of shopping to get coupons again, but they eventually came back. Just sad coupons are only generated based on purchases. But good thing my CVS trips usually get me to net around a max of $5 spent. I love CVS stacking, especially a % off on top of the 20% i get from my CVS card. Hello cheap baby formula.

  • jhnicole says:

    I got the 4/20 in store thanks. i need to sign up for double quartlerly i thought it was already 2% cash back.

  • Nancy says:

    I got a $6 off $30! and I got a 25% off in the snail mail today.

  • higuys says:

    CVS beauty club members, check you account, you might have extracare bucks rewards! got mine!

  • Jenni K says:

    Went in to do some shopping today and enrolled in store for the double rewards. Came home from the store to a $4/$20 email :) Good thing I have to go tomorrow anyway. They had a bunch of the Colgate and Orajel on clearance in my store so they are holding them for me until tomorrow afternoon since I couldn’t get back today. Going to get 6 Orajel and 4 Colgate, use my coupons making all orajel free and colgate $.39 each. Then I’m going to use my $3/10 Oral Care, and I’ll need some fillers for the overage, lol,

  • TraceyR says:

    I get so many coupons from CVS through the email. Oh and to Pass along a great deal right now: CVS has Colgate two pack toothbrushes on clearance for 75% off. So if you buy four at $2.62 each You can get five dollar extra care bucks too. I don’t know if all stores will give the extra care bucks though.

  • Elizabeth B says:

    I got $5 off $25. Hope it’s a great week coming up to use it.

  • Kelli says:

    I have a question. I received the $6 off of $30 coupon! Can I use that and also a coupon like the $4 off of any $12 cosmetic purchase coupon in the same transaction? I am a little confused.

    • NN says:

      Hi Kelly! Yes, you can use both in the same transaction. I did so the other day. I bought more than $30 worth of products including $12+ off cosmetics, submitted the high value coupon ($6 off $30) first, the ($4 off $12) cosmetic coupon next, then my other coupons and ECBs. Worked perfectly.

      • mel says:

        the fine print on these coupons now say Limit 1 off your purchase PER transaction. Some stores will allow you to use more than 1, but you have to meet the amount of BOTH coupons, so to use both, you need $42 in products, $12 of it being cosmetics.

  • Jennifer says:

    I contacted CVS one week ago regarding the sudden absence of $x of $xx coupons and other unique offers to my CVS card. I got the following response:

    In regards to your email coupon offers, I have reviewed your account, and confirmed that your email address is on file to receive in-store coupons in your email.

    Please note we have expanded the method of distribution for these free offers, not only through email but through the register, Mail, Local Advertising and even more through coupon centers located in our stores. Therefore the number of Free Coupon offers will vary as CVS continually modifies these targeted offers to provide products and services our customers want most.

    I guess I will be happy I had such wonderful surprises appearing in my inbox as long as I did. They don’t owe me these coupons. There is a method to the madness. I will continue to shop there as they are so competitive with prices, especially in this small beachside town!

  • Karen gleed says:

    You guys always ha d get deals on a lot of great products. I shop at Walgreens most of the time but with great deals and coupons . You go where the bargains are .thanks hip2save. Karen

  • Isha says:

    I used get dollar off/precentage off to use it in store (the one you can add to your card). But since three months not sure what has happened to account I only get offers to user online on Has this happend to any of you? I called their customer service and they told them they didn’t make any changes and system randomly is send offer fo online. but i don’t belive that becuase i never heard any complain like this. My in-law and husband has their cards to and no changes are made to their card.

  • Nicole says:

    I stopped receiving the coupons by email as well, the only coupons I receive are for online shopping only (and i’ve never bought anything online?).. I really miss the coupons :(

    • chester says:

      same here. i think my last in-store coupon came in mid-june. now i only get the online offers. if’s been hard to spend down the ecb’s before expiration. the same thing happened to one of my sisters. but my other sister still gets all the great coupons and free ecb’s. but she actually spends money there, lol. i, on the other hand, try to get everything as close to free as possible.

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