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  • tilla ham says:

    buy two larges, and split them between whole family…economical and delicious!

  • Julie Vergari says:

    Split them??? How does one do that? :)

  • Betty says:

    FYI: There are several organizations such as high school teams and Little Leagues that sell discount cards as fundraisers. In our area (Sequim/Port Angeles, WA area), our high school football teams and even Sequim Little League sold discount cards that had a Dairy Queen deal. This year the football team’s deal is buy 1 med blizzard, get 1 free. They let some coaches of youth teams, buy several blizzards and use this discount card. The cards for the football team cost $20 but for our Little League I believe it was only $10. Anyway, check out your local youth sports teams to see if they are doing discount cards like this.

  • jennifer davila says:

    will i get ice cream if i go? The last time i was there ice cream machine was not working. I was like how do you go to dairy queen and get no ice cream lol.

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