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  • Ang says:

    Where is the coupon!?

  • v says:

    There was a get coupons “red dot” near the right top of the page. I entered my email info in the line provided.

    • v says:

      Oops. Meant white dot with an arrow in it beside the get coupons red bar near the top right of the page. Then the email address prompt appeared.

  • animity says:

    coupon is no longer available….bummer

  • Miki says:

    Says it is no longer available for me also.

  • sls0822 says:

    The only coupons available is Buy 2 cans get 1 free and save $1 off any bag of Treats
    Darn, missed out on the $5 off 1

  • Autumn says:

    Bummer, it’s gone. :'(

  • KittyC says:

    OK, They are scamming us to get email addresses without making good on their promise of a $5 coupon!

    Don’t let them get away with this!

    Go to their Contact Us page at:

    Fill out the form and tell them you want/expect them to make good on the offer.

    Here is what I wrote:

    Hello, Your web page has a promotion for $5 off any size Science Diet Bag of Cat Food. The page clearly still says “Get Coupon.”

    Then it says:

    “Please enter your e-mail address below to start downloading your coupon.”

    I did this in good faith and your website THEN said “Sorry, this coupon program is no longer available.”

    This was AFTER I gave you my email address and had been promised that I could download the coupon after providing it!

    I expect your company to make good on the promise of a $5 coupon in exchange for my email address – i.e. marketing lead.

    Please send to:
    (Email Address)

    Thank you.

  • v says:

    I was able to print the $5 off coupon. Did it within a minute or two of it’s posting time above.

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