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Target: Over 100 New Printable Store Coupons (= FREE Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings!)

10:06 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Target released over 100 new printable store coupons this morning! Just head here to check out all the new coupons available and remember, these can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings. Also, I would suggest printing what you think you may use now as popular Target coupons don’t seem to stick around for long.

*FREE Glade PlugIns refills 2 ct+ with purchase of Starter kit
*$0.50/1 Wet Ones moist wipes 24-ct. or larger
*$1/1 Cottonelle flushable moist wipes 42-ct. or larger
*$1.50/1 Scott bath tissue 24-ct.
*$1/1 Degree or Dove Women’s clinical deodorant
*$1/1 Aveeno skin care item
*$3/1 Schick Hydro razor
*$4/2 Schick Hydro 5 refill cartridge item

*$1/1 Poise Liners or Pads
*$1/1 Skintimate moisturizing shave cream 6-oz.
*$1/1 Edge or Skintimate Shave Prep
*$2/2 Playtex Gentle Glide or Sport 36-ct. tampons
*$1/2 M&M’s candies 9.34-oz. or larger
*$1/3 Wonka Factory Mix candy bags
*$1.50/1 Candy Mix 190-ct. (Starburst or Skittles)

*$1/1 Stouffer’s family-size frozen meal 57-oz.
*$1/1 Simply Balanced Fruit Snacks or Granola Bars
*$1.25/1 Godiva chocolate item 3-oz. or larger
*$2/10 Plum Organics baby food pouches
*$3 off Women’s plus apparel purchase of $15 or more
*$2/1 GE Reveal light bulb

and So Much More!

Plus, check out this great deal you can snag on these yummy Smucker’s toppings…

(Photo Credit)

Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings $1.99
Use the $1/1 Smucker’s ice cream toppings Target coupon found here
Plus, use the $1/1 Smucker’s toppings coupon found here
Final cost FREE!

Stay tuned for the Weekly Target Deals to be posted this later this afternoon!

(Thanks, Totally Target and Shannon!)

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  • paula says:

    Darnit! Just bought bunch of uncrustables last night and now there is a Target coupon I could of stacked with my manufacture coupons, oh well:)

    • lisa says:

      My target always let’s me bring my receipt and my missed coupons in and they will give me back the coupon value. Worth a try!

    • Karen says:

      My target will only let you do this on same day purchase :(

    • Jenny says:

      I have often wondered why parents buy uncrustables for their children. Why would you not just make them a sandwich? Does it take too much time? They certainly aren’t healthy for them, being made with white bread. I’m not trying to be mean just truly curious. It’s the same with lunchables. My child comes home wondering why he can’t have one of those special lunches like the other kids. ” Uummm, because I care about your nutrition and actually take the time to make you a healthy lunch because I love you.” I just feel that if I send my child a healthy lunch, then he will be fueled for the day. Please feel free to fill me in if I’m missing something.

      • barbara says:

        You may not be trying to be mean but you sound so mean. I am sure that Paula cares about the same things you and the rest of us do as parents. White bread and lunchables are not poison. They may not be the most nutritious but It really is not any of your business or mine as to what other people feed there kids. I am willing to bet that maybe just maybe if we could see inside your pantry or refrigerator you may have an inferior food item that you feed your children too. Also, to answer your question as to why parents feed uncrustables or lunchables to their children. I can only answer for myself I give her a lunchables as a treat. Yes, sometimes there just is not time to make something so I supply a lunchable.

        • terri says:

          Barbara, well said. Nutrition varies from family to family. Jenny, some people might find eating red meat or chicken or even fish is unhealthy (you know, all that mercury in the water and all), same for milk and any non-vegan foods..hope it’s all pesticide and gmo-free. Also, not everyone is home to make something from scratch (mill and grind our own wheat) as some people work outside the home.

          • Jenny says:

            When there comes a time when I don’t “have time” to make my child a sandwich then I really need to reevaluate what is truly important. Terri, you may use sarcasm if you wish, but comparing lunchables or uncrustables doesn’t compare with feeding your child a turkey on wheat bread. I do purchase healthy wheat bread and fresh turkey. Parents are just getting lazy and kids lunches show it. I am frankly tired of parents NOT having time to do the essentials for their children. Kids lunches these days are loaded with fruit snacks, pudding cups, kool aid and white bread. We wonder why kids are having a hard time paying attention in class. I would be able to concentrate either if that is what I ate for lunch.

            • terri says:

              Jenny, I’m not being sarcastic at all. My point is opinions (and facts quite honestly) vary wildly day to day (drink coffee, don’t drink coffee) and some people truly would never eat turkey, ever. If you are tired of so many parents not having time for their children, you should help out busy parents in your neighborhood. I agree with you that food today is mostly processed, but I won’t go judging what parents feed their kids because I don’t know their circumstances. Be grateful you have the time to do these things for your kids, I’ll assume here that you don’t work and stay home and make 3 wonderful meals a day (plus snacks) for your family, day in and day out. You are fortunate if you have that option…if you have a husband that chooses to work and let you stay home (rather than vice versa).
              I don’t wonder why kids are having a hard time in class.. There are too many factors that affect concentration, not just your lunch (yes I admit is is 1, but only 1).
              Enjoy your meals, don’t judge others when you are more fortunate to be able to do things you deem important.

            • terri says:

              And the ironic part, fyi, is that I have never purchased a crustable sandwich, it’s just not what I choose to do. I just don’t go on a blog and announce it.

  • starkissed says:

    Will the Smuckers coupon beep since there will be a penny overage?

  • Cathy Martinez Lewis says:

    Does anyone know if walmart will take the target coupon?

  • Cathy Martinez Lewis says:

    Just wondering if they would take the smuckers coupons at target. Thanks for the info :)

  • Lauren says:

    Target now has the coupon for the Smuckers Natural Jelly, $1.00 off. Now online there is a .75 off. I was just wondering if anyone knew how much this product is. Thanks!

  • Geena says:

    Cant find the smuckers ice cream topping coupon, can anybody help? Tnx!

  • Lori says:

    I was looking for the topping coupon as well. It is gone.

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