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$2/1 McCormick Gourmet Spice or Herb Coupon (Reset Again?!) = Better Than FREE at Walmart

11:55 AM MST
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UPDATE: There is quite a discussion taking place in the comment section about what items can/should be purchased with this coupon. If you have been following Hip2Save for any length of time, you likely know how much I stress the importance of following the wording on the coupon. In this case, the coupon states that it can be used to save $2 off any McCormick Gourmet Spice or Herb and does not state any exclusions. For this reason, I have included the scenario below that involves the McCormick Gourmet Packets. If you are not comfortable using the coupon to purchase this item, then do not use it in this way. Unfortunately, this seems to be a situation where the company may have intended the coupon to be used on higher-value Gourmet Spice Bottles but did not take the time to word the coupon appropriately.

Sweet! It appears that the high value McCormick Spice coupon has reset! Just head over to to possibly print yet another $2/1 McCormick Gourmet Spice or Herb coupon (under zip code 33033 Florida – if needed). This is an awesome coupon as it’s valid on ANY Gourmet Spice or Herb, which means you can use it to score better than FREE seasoning mix at Walmart!

Can’t find this coupon? Follow these easy steps: (1) Head here and click on the Sign In link in the upper right corner to log into your account at (2) Click on your name in the upper right hand corner to show the drop down menu (3) Click on “Your Profile” (4) Set your zip code to 33033 and set your state to Florida and click “Submit Changes” (5) Then click back on this link and the coupon should show up already clipped.

Have a look at this *HOT* Walmart deal…

McCormick Gourmet Recipe & Seasoning Mix $1.64
Use the $2/1 McCormick Gourmet coupon found here
Final cost FREE + $0.36 overage to apply to the rest of your cart!

(Thanks, Shannon!)

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  • Maryann says:

    Has anyone tried these mixes? Are they tasty and not too salty? Just curious. Thanks!

    • JA says:

      Just picked up a Sesame and Garlic Stir Fried Chicken packet today. Didn’t try it, but in a 2 tsp. serving there is 470 mg of sodium (20% daily value). So, a little salty, but it is sea salt, if that makes it any better. Hope this helps a little!

      • Maryann says:


      • palu says:

        in which section they are located in walmart?

        • paula says:

          I found them in the section where they sell the season packets like for sloppy joes,gravy,etc. They were not in the section with the jars of seasoning.

      • Amy Stotts says:

        I’ve read that sea salt isn’t any healthier for you, but that the larger crystals makes it so that you taste it more, thus needing less. Who know for sure, though…seems like “they” are always changing their minds about what’s healthy and what’s not- example-eggs. hahaha! Maybe I need to try these, as I’m always a bit low on sodium. :)

      • daltonjsmom says:

        My husband used the Sesame and Garlic stir fry seasoning sprinkled on tilapia fillets to make Asian fish tacos. Delicious with finely chopped raw cabbage on soft flour tacos with Sriracha! We plan to make that a staple in our house!

    • Isabell says:

      I just made the chicken penne the other day, it was soooooooooo yummy.

  • Kelly says:

    How do coupons work at Walmart self check outs?? Does it need intervention if the coupon value exceeds the product??

    • Kali says:

      Hi Kelly, unfortunately yes. Someone had previously told me that these didn’t beep at self check-out but they did for me yesterday and an employee had to manually enter each coupon, and thank goodness she didn’t realize that the value of the coupon exceeded the cost.

    • Stacey F. says:

      Had no problem using at the self checkouts at my Walmart. No beeps.

  • Libby says:

    The kinds we have tried were really good!! They wouldn’t let me use coupon on packs at Kroger’s though :(

    • Missie B. says:

      They were correct in not using these on “seasoning” packets. The coupon states any spice or herb referring to the jarred spices. Yes, I know there are those of you out there who will say “The seasoning packets are herbs and spices.”, but they are classified differently than a jarred spice or herb. I spoke with McCormick and they said these coupons were not intended for use on the seasoning packets. I too enjoy a good deal, but please use these coupons as intended.

      • marie says:

        I agree with you. As much as I love this site I truly feel this coupon is being misrepresented. It specifically says gourmet spice or herb. While these “packets” may have these herbs and spices inside that doesn’t mean this coupon should be used on this item. While others may choose to use it incorrectly, I will use it for what McCormick intended it to be used on.

  • JA says:

    I went from 33033 to 66066 and got two more prints-4 in all.

  • Monica says:

    Thanks for the reset info!
    Yesterday I bought a McCormick toasted sesame seeds jar at Meijer for $1.12 after this $2.00 IP.

  • Angela says:

    Thanks for the reset – I recently cleaned out all my expired spices and it’s costing me a fortune to restock – these coupons are helping a lot!

  • mel says:

    Has anybody called McCormick to see if they get a different answer? I tried to use the cpn at WM and was told it had to be the bottled spices. Called McCormick and was told the same, this cpn isn’t meant for the one-time packet mixes. They don’t consider them “spices or herbs” even though they have spices/herbs, they are “seasoning blends”

    • Angela says:

      I’m not sure you can even use them on their “cheaper” line of spices. The coupon says specifically that it is for the Gourmet Spice or Herb which is what is pictured.

      • paula says:

        Weird because the packet does say “Gourmet” on it but is a seasoning packet, not spice or herbs but also the coupon does not state whether it is for bottled product specifically either, kinda up in the air I guess, I did not have a problem using the coupon on the packets at Walmart, went through with no beeps.

  • steph says:

    Tried these at Walmart on the “packet” and it was a no go for me. It beeped and they absolutely will not accept any coupon any longer at my Walmart that beeps, period. It happened on several others also. So I bought “jar” spices at Meijer and they went through fine with no issues.

  • mochi says:

    yay. these are always good to have. they go for about $6 ea. =)

  • Shanna says:

    I got 8 of these on Sunday! Went thru with no issue though the cashier and manager tried to give me some hassle, going back to get more and use the overage to stock up on coconut oil!

  • Jane says:

    Walmart told me they can only manually enter a coupon when it beeps (as this one did) if it is an insert coupon and not a printable like this one is. This coupon is meant for the bottles and not the packettes. $2 is good though either way.

  • Vic says:

    These spices are on sale at Safeway BOGO free! I believe the sale is til January 2014 or so. But I’m not 100% about the date.

  • Aimee R. says:

    Hmm. Guess I’m the only one having trouble getting this coupon. I have tried to change the zipcode, but it ends up reverting back to my zipcode. The coupon never shows up…cannot find it. :(

    • Aimee R. says:

      Ever since I’ve seen posts about this coupon, I have not been able to find it. Not sure what I’m doing wrong?

      • marie says:

        I was able to reprint but only for some weird reason by going to the site and changing my zipcode to 33033. I was able to reprint 2 copies. Tried 3 different times at and the coupon never showed up for me. Weird!! Anyway I hope that helps you.

  • couponkat says:

    Collin is only doing what the coupon states and if the coupon wasn’t worded exactly how the company intended it to be, it isn’t anyone’s fault and it’s too late for that anyway because the coupon is already out and have gotten printed and used by people. So I find it very inappropriate to start making such comments of “I had more respect for this website…” which is just a bunch of STUPIDITY.

    • leah says:

      While I agree what you are saying about the “wording” of the coupon and how it is partly the company’s fault, I feel that this is why there are fewer and fewer coupons of “good or descent” value. Plus, I feel this is why so many stores are making it harder and harder to redeem coupons.

      • Kali says:

        In this particular case Leah, I think the lesson learned for McMormick is that they should have been precisely specific about which product applied to the coupon (because they have more than one Gourmet product), not necessarily that they shouldn’t release coupons, or that they should lower the value.
        Someone, you know if manufacturer’s have a say in coupons being reset?

        I agree with Collin that the way the coupon was presented left room for interpretation, and it wasn’t until someone called McCormick that we learned that they only intended the coupon to apply to the bottled spices. This isn’t any different than a manufacturer omitting language about excluding trial/travel sizes.

    • Melissa says:

      There is stupidity in not reading the coupon. The coupon is very clear. There is no room for interpretation. Check the McCormick Gourmet site. These seasoning packets are in the Recipe Makers section; they are not listed in the Spice section or the Herb section.

      • Ann says:

        I definitely agree with you. I did exactly what you did after I read the coupon, checked their site first and was pretty clear to me that it is to be used only for the items in the bottled Herb or Spice categories.

      • Kali says:

        If there was no room for interpretation on the coupon as it was worded (BECAUSE YOU CLAIM IT WAS SO CLEAR AS TO WHICH PRODUCT IT APPLIED TO), why did either of you have to refer to the website to be sure? Do you do that for every coupon? No! EXACTLY MY POINT! So lets not throw around words like “stupidity,” when your own statement contradicted your logic, and especially when it applies to the Admin, Ms. Collin, who takes the same perspective I do. You are entitled to your own opinion, but you can express it without bashing others (including their intelligence) who don’t share your thoughts.

        Lets not beat around the bush, you had to refer to other sources because the coupon just wasn’t clear enough for you.

  • Carrie says:

    For all of those with no contractual interpretation background that insist on debating this issue, I will educate you in regards to Contracts Law 101: Ambiguous language is construed against the drafter.

    • Steph says:

      Thank you. Contra proferentem, a.k.a., try to be clearer next time, McCormick. (By the way, even if people aren’t using the coupon as it was originally intended, McCormick will no doubt attract some new customers from all this, so it’s still a “win” for them.)

      • mel says:

        Disagree! McCormick has been putting out coupons for Herbs & Spices for YEARS. Now all of the sudden bloggers are suggesting that they be used on packet mixes! No, sorry Herbs & Spices are singular items (ie Rosemary, Thyme, Garlic Powder, etc) Also, where exactly in the store do you find these packet mixes? At the stores I looked, these mixes were located with all the other packet mixes, NOT with the jarred herbs & spices, which are on an entirely different aisle. That should be another giveaway that the coupon isn’t a match. But people will do what they want, yet will be the same ones to complain when coupon values decrease or exclusions added.

      • leah says:

        Totally disagree!! People obviously want something for nothing. They want this “packet” for free plus the overage they might possibly get from Walmart. This has nothing to do with the “product” at all. It is the fact that it is free!

  • Holly says:

    I’ve been printing the MQ from (which is powered but, and using zip codes 33033 and 66066.

    I’m able to print 2 Mq’s per zip code (this tip was mentioned by someone else a few days ago). I find changing the zip code on Q’ is a pain, but changing the zip in AllYou is super easy.

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