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  View changes → Buy 4 Clearance Items, Get 1 Free + Additional 15% Off (Thru 9/20)= Lots of Great Deals

8:03 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

If you’re looking to get stocked up on clothes for next Summer or maybe would like to update your wardrobe on the cheap, you may want to head over to and browse around. Through 9/20, Sears is offering up Buy 4 Clearance items, get 1 Free when you use the code GET1FREE at checkout. Even sweeter, you can also use the promo code SAVE0915 to save an additional 15% off your order.

OR Shop Your Way Members can choose to earn 25% in points with the promo code SAVE0915 (can’t choose both) at checkout. Plus, score FREE shipping with your Shop Your Way Max membership (you can score a FREE 90-trial by clicking on the link here) or you can also pick your order up in-store FREE of charge!

 Here’s a couple ideas to get you thinkin’…

Women’s Workout Shorts $2.99 (reg. $24-$28!)
*After the code SAVE0915 only $2.54

Boy’s Reebok Basketball Shorts and Athletic T-Shirts $4.99 (reg. $19.98!)
*After the code SAVE0915 only $4.24

Check out this Transaction Scenario:

Buy 2 Pairs of Women’s Shorts $2.99 each
Buy 2 Pairs of Boy’s Reebok Shorts $4.99 each
Buy 1 Boy’s Reebok Athletic T-Shirt $4.99
Total = $20.95
Use the codes GET1FREE and SAVE0915
Get FREE shipping with your Shop Your Way Max membership or pick your order up in-store FREE of charge
Final Cost as low as $15.26 – only $3.05 per item!

Plus, check out the bonus that reader Liz told us about…

If you are lucky today, after you check out, Sears will take you to a 5-minute survey. If you complete it, you will get a $10 gift card in the mail after 3-4 weeks.

(Thanks, Liz!)

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  • jen says:

    I am getting some for my friend’s son.Would anyone know what size I would have to buy for a 10 year old boy for athletic t-shirt.

    • Heidi says:

      Probably would be medium.

    • Heather says:

      Rule of thumb when they are this age, sizes most of the time coincide with age-though not always. My 11 yo girl is in 10/12 size. Not knowing how big your friend’s son is (does he look average, ect.) , I would go at least a size 12 or 14, since if it’s a little big it’s just a shirt, and boys wear stuff loose anyway.

  • Mary says:

    LOVE SEARS clearance…however…the other day I was in there with my mother-in-law and she found a pair of swim trunks for my Father-in-law for SUPER cheap! When we went to the cashier to pay, they rang up as $0.00! The cashier was having trouble adjusting the price to the ticketed price, so she called over a supervisor. The supervisor was new and looked at my MIL and said, “sorry we can’t sell these to you, they have been zero’d out!” We (including the other employees standing at the register) couldn’t believe it! Needless to say, we asked to see a manager (not willing to pass up this great deal)..and he was able to show her how to adjust the price for us! We were shocked at the time, but now it is just a silly memory we laugh about. As we were leaving they were pulling the rest of these swim trunks off the shelves.

  • Lisa says:

    Is this in store as well?

  • irene says:

    Don’t forget ebates — get 7% back!

  • Caitlin says:

    Darn! I ordered a few swimsuits the other day and thought I was getting a great deal! I should have waited a few days!

  • Katie says:

    Thank you, Collin! I got 10 items for $58!! Between this sale and the Walgreens chocolate & sponge deal you posted, I have saved well over $60 in the last hour! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Kathy says:


  • Jessica says:

    It won’t let me use it either. ;(

  • anne arellano (@gonedaisy) says:

    Thanks for the info for Sears, I just got all my 5 items for exactly $3.16 ea. in CA. I will pick it up at the store. I was able to take care of a baby girl shower gift. That’s awesome. I also did the Ebates too. 7% whoohoo!!

  • Molly says:

    I got 10 items for my baby girl for next summer for only $23! Pretty awesome deal.

  • Brittany says:

    I had some points that i had to use so it made the deal even sweeter! YES!

  • megan says:

    I just scored 4 pairs of running shorts and a tank top for $2.40!!! Yes $2.40… as i was going through the checkout process I remembered I had a gift card from a return I made a couple months ago…. that’s $0.48 an item!

  • carrie8 says:

    When my mom & sis come for their annual visit, I like to have something to give them–flip flops to wear for our pedicures, new pajamas, etc. Next year, we’ll be set to go to yoga class in matching shirts (different colors). I also got them each a pair of workout capris. 5 items for just over $22. Awesome!

  • mayur says:

    Both of the coupon codes wouldn’t work together. Only the 15% off worked. I did the live chat and they said no to the 2 codes being used together but then she said she would take it off anyways. I ordered 10 items and she took off the 2 lowest price items!!!

  • Nika says:

    Anyone know if you can return online purchases to a local sears store? TIA

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