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Target: *HOT* Buy 1 Get 1 Free Accessory Coupon (Up to $58.99 Value) Ends Tomorrow

8:06 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Since this super *HOT* Target deal ends tomorrow, I thought it was worth mentioning once more for any of you Hip2Savers who happened to miss it several days go.

As you can see from the picture above, I was able to score a pair of earrings AND a Timex Ironman Watch all for only $2.38 and you should be able to score a similar deal too! First, if you are not yet signed up for Target Mobile offers, you’ll need to text OFFERS to 827438 (note that standard text messaging fees will apply) and click on the link that will be immediately texted back to you. Fill out the required info, follow the directions and you will receive a unique link for several Target Mobile coupons valid through tomorrow, October 4th – note that it took about 5 minutes for this text to arrive.

One of these Target Mobile coupons is valid for Buy One Accessory Item (sunglasses, jewelry or watch) and Get 1 Free up to a $58.99 value. And here’s the best part – clearance items do qualify and the higher priced item is the one that is ringing up FREE in the system. That means you can snag a FREE Accessory item (up to a $58.99 value!) when you purchase another accessory item on clearance – and yes, this makes for one *Smokin’ HOT* deal. This is what my deal worked out to be…

Buy 1 pair of Earrings $2.38
(note that clearance prices will vary but you should be able to find a similar deal)
Buy 1 Timex Watch $49.99
Use the Target Mobile coupon valid for Buy 1 Accessory Item Get 1 Free (cashier just needs to scan the barcode on your phone)
Final Cost $2.38 for both item!! AWESOME!

I also want to note that Target has specifically stated that this Mobile Coupon is designed to give you the BEST discount – meaning you are entitled to get the most expensive item for FREE up to a $58.99 value!  See Target’s response on Facebook above for clarification.

Finally, I am not alone in scoring a *HOT* deal with this coupon – check out the pictures that several Hip2Save readers have left on the Hip2Save Facebook page sharing their success with this offer. Have you been able to score a similar deal?!

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  • Jenni says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I went yesterday. Target was well aware of the coupon and they were AWESOME about it! You know, sometimes when you use a coupon the cashier acts like the savings is being deducted from their paycheck. Target was quite the opposite. Kudos to Target! Great customer service… whether it was a mistake or not… they stood by their coupon and made me one happy Target customer! Thanks Colin!

    • Joanna Q says:

      I also hate when you use a coupon and cashiers are annoyed like money is coming out their pockets. I did this deal today and the lady was not aware and called manager because she couldn’t believe that I only had to pay $2.38. I still got it but felt a little uncomfortable.

  • Iffy aka Cameron says:

    Here is an update for anyone trying to sign up today:
    I signed up and used this deal to get a much needed work out watch on Wednesday of this week. I told my brother about this deal yesterday & he signed up for target mobile(around noon) on the spot and received his coupons immediately, the whole process took no more than 5 minutes total. My MIL did it without any issues shortly after that. This morning my husband signed up(he has an iphone like my MIL) but he has yet to receive it. He received a message that stated he would get his coupons in 3 weeks. I tested out the FRESH code from his phone to see if those would come through and they were received immediately. I called the store manager who said he could not honor the deal without the coupon to scan.
    I called customer service and the lady told me that these coupons were sent out on Sunday, so if you signed up after they were sent out then you would not be able to receive them. This is not true bc both my brother and MIL got theirs yesterday(Thursday) upon signing up & I got mine Wednesday. I wasn’t going to argue with her because clearly she didn’t know her facts but bottom line is they aren’t sending them out any longer.
    So if you were able to receive this coupon, awesome!-Use it before it expires bc it’s a great deal :) However, if you are late on this deal(as in today)signing up & expecting this coupon, then (unless you are an exception) you are not going to receive it.
    Thank you for posting this deal Colin! :)

    • Kahila Thomas says:

      Bummer.. didnt get the coupon either. I sent the text but didnt go to the target app to download the mobile cpn. Just finished it today. Guess thats what I get for procrastinating. Thanks tho!!! This would have been a great xmas closet deal. Def wont sleep on the next one.

    • Joanna Q says:

      My husband try today to and nothing he hasn’t got the coupon either :-(

      • Jenny says:

        you have to check with your wireless carrier, there’s a shortcode block on your cellphones and you need to call your wireless carrier to unblock it.

    • Amanda L says:

      What a bummer, I did mine and it worked just fine. Ten minutes later I did my husbands, three different times because I thought it might have just messed up and no coupons yet. Thanks for letting us know that there is problems.

  • angie says:

    for holier than thou Susan. Did you say sorry to Collin for your rude comments. You should know that Collin wouldn’t do something that was illegal or dishonest

  • Amy says:

    Just did this deal in Lilburn, GA , got a 3 pairs of sterling silver earrings for $7 and timex watch $49.99 free! Thanks, Collin!

  • Christine says:

    Thank you so much Collin! I went this morning and bought a pair of sunglasses for $7.99 and got a $44.99 Timex watch for free. I saw a friend there and we checked out together (power in numbers if we would have had a problem). No problem at all. The cashier was pleasant and was talking with another cashier about how to get the coupon as we walked away:)

    • T Evans says:

      I did the same deal. I was in need of sunglasses & have been putting it off for weeks. Perfect timing today – got watch for my son for Christmas! LOL

  • Jennifer says:

    Used the coupon this morning to score an awesome mint green watch for free! Bought a hideous pair of clearance earring for $2.38. Thanks Collin!

  • Joanna Q says:

    Just got this at my local Target this one was Awesome!!!!!! The cashier was shocked that I only had to pay $2.38 on the earrings and that the $watch that was $40 was free. She called her manager LOL!! Thank you for this made my day!

  • Kidsallgone says:

    Forgot to mention it was at the West Ashley store in Charleston, SC :-)

  • Destiny says:

    Has anyone tried this deal in Houma,La? Because around here not a lot of people coupon and i`m afraid i`m going to get the cops called on me ,lol

  • tigger says:

    is there anyone who couldn’t use their link and would like to share it?

  • Kitty says:

    Totally worked great for me! Got some earrings for $4.99 and then free women’s timex watch with leather band (worth $39.99). Thanks!!!

  • Lindsay says:

    Worked for me in Long Beach, CA! Woohoo!! The cheapest earrings they had were $7.99 but super cute and I got my husband a watch for Free (reg 39.99). He couldn’t believe it! thank you Collin.

  • Jess says:

    Worked for me. Until the cashier decided that it was too good of a deal. She called the manager over and he manually changed it. I tried to nicely explain that if they had intended the coupon to work that way, they would have. He insisted. I had them remove both items, and then she gave me a hard time about the other 3 coupons I had. I guess you win some and lose some. Good for those of you who scored! Sweet deal!

  • Sophie says:

    My store (Duluth, MN) said they would not honor the coupon and wouldn’t even accept it. :(

    • tigger says:

      sorry to hear that it didn’t work. try a different store if it’s close by. if you absolutely won’t use it, could i possibly try it? would like to get a watch. thanks

  • Brenda says:

    I went to the store and I asked a person who works at Target and she knew about the deal ! Got a $7 earrings and $35 TIMEX watch for my ! Is so cute Yayyayay thanks

  • Brenda says:

    This works in NY :)

  • Kelly says:

    Has anyone tried using the coupon to buy a purse? Any luck?

  • Amanda L says:

    I didn’t buy any clearance jewelry because I found earrings cheaper at regular price for $4.99, bought my step-dad a $39.99 timex watch for his birthday on the 30th, used $5 from my swagbucks and paid .34 cent in tax for both the earrings and the watch!! Bummer, I tried to get it sent to my husband phone and it wouldn’t work for whatever reason. Thank you so much for posting this AMAZING DEAL!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!

  • Stephanie says:

    I’m trying this tonight! Wish me luck! Lol

  • Derek says:

    Hello Collin,

    You’re the best. Keep doing what you’re doing and we feel happy by helping others too…. i went to target today and the cashier said we are not honoring this deal so i bought the other stuff i wanted and left the store. i went to another target store and asked the customer service directly (i was running out of time to pick my daughter from school) if they are honoring the coupon and they said yes they do. i gave a big smile and said THANK YOU! and they are happy too….. so there is nothing like cheating in here…. everyone knows about it and they are honoring it. Dont be sad with the above comments. Have a great weekend with your family :)

  • Jeya says:

    Looking for this coupon. If someone was unable to use and willing to share, please send it to me

  • Julena Theonenonly says:

    does anyone know if it would work to forward my text with the link to another phone

    • Kidsallgone says:

      Yes. My husband got the link for the code and forwarded it to me because he wasn’t able to come to target. First I bought bracelets and a watch for me then bracelets and a men’s watch for him. No problems. No questions. No issues.

  • T Evans says:

    What a great deal. Thanks for all that you do Collin! Sad that others want to bash.

  • lily says:

    worked for me! las vegas, nv

  • tigger says:

    is there anyone who couldn’t use their link and would like to share it? my email is

  • Jocelyn says:

    I bought a nice necklace and got a watch for my brother who LOVES watches and has a collection of them. I am saving it as a christmas present

  • PerlisIris says:

    I am so happy to try these deals in target. I bought two beautiful earrings for $ 4.99 and a white watch timex for $ 32.99 and payed only $ 5.43. Also the cashier was so happy for my transaction and helped me with a survey to receive more coupons in my mail. Thank you!

  • Juliejuls916 says:

    Just got home from target and was able to snag that awesome deal! Also after doing a bunch of your other target deals my savings was over 70$! The people behind me were asking how I did that, and told them “!” Thanks for all your hard work Collin and crew!!

  • Cutoupon says:

    Just got a timex watch and earrings for 4.99
    No issues in checkout.

  • sneha says:

    Thanks collin, i did the deal. paid 2.38 for earnings got 39.99 $ timex watch free.

  • Jenn says:

    Worked for me in Memphis with no problem at all. $4.99 for earrings and got a free $39.99 Timex watch. Thanks for pointing out that deal!

  • Ana G says:

    I did this last night after reading that target was ok with it and got mine!!!
    Initially it beeped and said coupon NOT valid then the awesome cashier told me that a lady ha done this deal earlier and that the system was “PICKY” on what items to ring. So I went back and got a different necklace and it worked like a charm!!
    That was in San Diego, CA
    Thanks for all the great deals you guys post!!! And also store replays

  • Mollie says:

    No problems in Youngstown, Ohio yesterday. Bought a $10 bracelet (didn’t want to risk issues with clearance jewelry, though my store had tons of options) and got a free $39.99 Ironman watch that my husband has been wanting! Thank you Collin and Target!

  • joe says:

    No sale :\ Super disappointed because I’ve been waiting to get a new watch for a while. Guess I’ll go back to saving 25c at a time on groceries .____.

  • Lindy says:

    Last night I drove almost an hour (my closest Target) to use this coupon. When I got the register I was told, by 2 cashiers that it was a mistake and the cheapest item was the free item. I was going to walk away, but decided to ask for a manager and she as well told me that was a mistake. I brought up your page on my phone and showed her what Target had responded on FB and she decided to give it to me this time.

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