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Rite Aid: Better than FREE Renewal Grooming Implements (Nail Clippers, Files, + More)

8:19 PM MST
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Calling all you Rite Aid shoppers! In addition to the Weekly deals that I posted here, you may be able to score some moneymakin’ Rite Aid Renewal brand Grooming Implements this week as you’ll score a $4 +Up Reward when you purchase 2. Now I am stating that you may be able to snag this deal as it is a regional deal advertised in a special 4 page section included at the end of the regular weekly ad (check the weekly ad at your local store and look for page P3 for more information). If your local ad does indeed include this deal, then consider this scenario…

Deal Scenario:
Buy 1 Rite Aid Renewal Nail Clipper $0.99
Buy 1 Rite Aid Renewal Nail File $0.99
Pay $1.98
Get a $4 +Up Reward when you buy 2 (limit 2 offers)
Final Cost FREE + $2 moneymaker!

(Thanks, Coupons Are Awesome!)

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  • LISHA says:

    I see this listed in my ad in NYC. I am going 2 try and take advantage of this promo in the morn. Thanks, Collin!

    PS- U haven’t updated us, but I pray ur gramma is doing much better.

  • trippy79 says:

    Confirming that the ad shows in the sales paper for Baltimore, MD.

  • lenmar01 says:

    Thanks Collin for this update. We have this deal in Pgh.

  • Anne says:

    I did this deal tonight in the Seattle area. Our prices are higher but with gold it was still a good deal. I got emery boards and clippers for less than $3 so it was a moneymaker.

  • Jane says:

    Just did it in Burbank…the 99 cent clippers were in a plastic jug below the hanging tools. Buy 4 get 8 upppppp.

  • Kristi says:

    Check the bins on the bottom for the .99 nail clippers/files, not the hanging ones. :)

  • Im says:

    I’m in NC we didn’t get the 4 page +UP paper. It would be great. I would still try and see if it works out

  • Renee says:

    tried this yesterday in Cleveland ohio area….no deal here. wasn’t in our paper, but, thought i would try it….

  • Kim says:

    It’s our ad, try the (2) 99c items and not get the $4 UP.

  • Diana says:

    Not seeing the deal in the ad in CT…

  • halle says:

    Not in ad on the eastern shore of md. Yikes :(

  • Lee says:

    Didn’t get the 4-page ad here in Littleton, Colorado.

  • cooldon says:

    not in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 region ad.

  • Erin Linthicum says:

    Not in the Virginia (Hampton Roads) ad.

  • trippy79 says:

    Mine didn’t have any signage on the .99 cent clippers and other items sitting in the bins below the shelf and when I asked if those items were included in the sale I was told by not 1 but 2 employees in the aisle at the time that those were not included in the sale, only the packaged items hanging with signage were included. Now I’m going to go back tomorrow and ask to speak to a manager and get an exchange/refund if it’s possible.

    If I return the items I bought, will they take back my +UP rewards earned from it and if I repurchase the inexpensive items (.99 cent clippers, etc) will I be able to earn those +UP rewards back again or not? I don’t shop Rite Aid that often, so I’m not too familiar with how their +UP rewards program works.

    • jamie says:

      You will not have new ups print if you try and do a return/repurchase with the clippers because your wellness card will not register that the other clippers were returned. I shop at a few different rite aids and at most of them it would not be worth my time or hassle to try and switch the clippers. It can be confusing for the employees
      even if they are really nice and they would want the ups back, if you don’t walk them through the new transaction. It is still a good deal! Also the employees and
      managers usually know less than I do about what products will work for which deals. When I bought the clippers I was unsure, so I only rang up two as a seperate purchase and did not use
      any ups so if they didn’t work I could easily return them. I would not recommend using ups onbanything you might return. They cannot be given back to you at a later date. Good luck :)

  • catherine says:

    Does anyone know if this works in fresno ca…. had them check at the register and they said they saw no up and up deals for those items

    • glaiza says:

      im down here in l.a., and they weren’t marked in our stores and weren’t labeled ‘rite aid renewal’, but the tweezers and nail cutters did produce the $4 upr.

      • catherine says:

        ok i had them check the renewal ones, so i can try again with the non renewal branded ones in the tub…. i wanted to try so bad but then i asked if i returned if i got my up and up back and she said no, so i chickened out

        • Kate says:

          I suggest trying the ones in the tub. If they don’t work, you can return them another time (next week at Rite Aid, ha!). 99c tweezers in the tub worked for me in N. NJ. (79c with gold discount)

          • catherine says:

            I went today used the ones in the tub…. did not work for me I lost my up and ups so foey…. luckily I bought a colgate tooth paste so I was able to get 3.00ups back and return two clippers… only a 2 up loss.. but it was worth a shot

            • Kate says:

              If you return it, they refund the full price pre-coupon to you regardless of ups used.. I thought. They do for reg coupons. Anyone else know?

  • Kathy0303 says:

    Nothing advertised in my local ad. I may try it tomorrow just to see.

  • Anon says:

    In LA and it works with generic clippers and tweezers (not renewal)

  • kk says:

    Thanks Colin. Worked for me in MA

  • CoolSue says:

    Worked for me in Northern NJ

  • Kate says:

    If you go to the Coupons are Awesome blog where Collin found the deal, the blogger posted pictures of the tub items.

  • pam says:

    Anyone had luck in Tennessee?

  • kimberly says:

    In Rochester ny I just went in and there was a sign up saying its a misprint and only items 2.99 and up qualify, Iddidn’t try the deal. Darn.

  • Crystal says:

    I tried to do this deal this morning on two $1.49 nail clippers. The $4 ups did NOT print.

    • swinkachen says:

      Same here. It worked for me on 10/15. Printed out just fine. But when I tried again this morning, the manager told me that the nail clippers don’t add up to $4 therefore no up reward…Maybe they added in a minimum purchase requirement?

  • Linda says:

    It worked for me on Monday. But it did not work yesterday when I bought 2 nail clippers for $1.49 each. I emailed rite aid and this is what they said:

    “Then I am sorry with the items that you bought they do not qualify, the items on this promotion have to be over 2.99 in order to get the $4 off. Rite Aid had to change the offer on Tuesday. There should have been new signs. So if take those back then you can get the ones that qualify are over 2.99 any Rite Aid implement as shows. Just wanted to make sure you were aware. ”

    Now I have to go back to return my nail clippers.

  • Kate says:

    My sister went to do the deal this afternoon with 4 nail clippers and nothing printed (Norther NJ/NYC area). Deal looks dead on this end.

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