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High Value $2/1 Tide Pods 31ct or Larger Coupon

2:22 PM MST
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If you’re a fan of Tide products and enjoy the convenience of their Pods, here’s a high value coupon you’ll want to hurry and print! Head on over to where you can currently print this $2/1 Tide Pods 31ct or larger coupon. Pair this coupon with a clearance sale, store coupon, or gift card promotion and you should be able to score a great deal!

*Print while you can! Then, come back and let us know if you spot a great deal!

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  • amiko says:

    yay! thanks! I’ll pair this with the $4 off tide pods CVS coupon.

  • gohogsgoinar says:

    Will use this with the $5 off $25 purchase coupon at Dollar General :) Really wish there was a CVS or Rite Aid in Arkansas

  • Alice says:

    Same here. I am going today.

  • Annabell says:

    Totally off subject…I have a $4 off and a$4.50 off 2covergirl products can I use both of them in one transaction and only get 2 items or do I have to get 4 items to use them both?

  • cristal says:

    Grrr, I just bought some yesterday :(

  • amy says:

    Kmart has where u spend $30 on certain pg products u get $10 coupon. Online it says 35 pack is $11.99. So maybe buy 3 and use 3 coupons if u have access to two computers.

  • Jenny says:

    Just want you guys to know that even though these are definitely convenient they are not worth it b/c these will ruin your clothes! I had been using these for about 3 months and my clothes had something stuck to them that looked like gum but it was from the pods due to the plastic on the pods not dissolving. Also sometimes the blue part stains your clothes. just a warning so you guys know.

    • Elizabeth says:

      This is the only thing I’ve used since they came out. I’ve had that issue once just rewashed no biggie.

    • Jennifer says:

      Just make sure that you put them in before your clothes & with the water started so that they can begin to dissolve & then you shouldn’t have this problem. We use these & the only time we had that problem was when my hubby washed some of his clothes (luckily none of mine were in there). I saw he was throwing the pod on top of his clothes & I told him he was doing it wrong & he insisted it would be fine. When the clothes came out of the dryer the pod plastic was stuck to one of his socks & had stained it blue. Of course I had to show him & do the “I told you so” thing;)

    • Tina says:

      I have terrible luck with these as well. When I use them in my front loader, I end up with sticky goo all over my clothes. They just never seem to dissolve. So I stick with the bottles of liquid Tide.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Found the tide pods 57ct tubs on clearance at walgreens for $9 got all 6 ;)

    $7 each is half off retails

    • rach says:

      think they might be trying to clear them out b/c they are a subject of some law suits. children have been eating them thinking they are candy and have died. families want them to change the look for safety reasons.

  • Mike says:

    Not sure how much they are at Target, but you can use the $1 off laundry care item mobile q as well.

  • Theresa says:

    The best deal I’ve see this week is at Staples. You buy two Tide PODS (I believe 35 count) for $10 each. Use the in-store ad coupon for 20% off one cleaning and break room item. Makes them $8. Use the $2 off coupon you mentioned making them just $6 each. You get a $5 Staples gift card after easy rebate when you buy two Tide PODS. So you spend $12 and get $5 Staples gift card. Making them two for $7 or just $3.50 each. Mega Deal: If the store would let you do this you could buy 7 Tide PODS, and one Charmin Basic tissue. Use one $20 off $75 store coupon found in their catalog usually at the front of the store. Then use 7 – $2 off Tide PODS coupons and one dollars off Charmin Basic if you have that manufactures coupon. You would get it all for just under $50 AND submit to get 5 – $5 Staples gift cards!

  • Catherine says:

    Have not been able to download the coupon printer. It says I have download it but when I try to print coupons the download comes back up to load again. Hope someone can help me.

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