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Macy’s: New $10 Off $25 Purchase In-Store Coupon (Valid 11/1 and 11/2 – Until 1 PM Only)

2:46 PM MST
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Macy's Wow Pass

If you plan to do some shopping this weekend, you may be excited to know that Macy’s is offering up a new $10 off a $25 Purchase WOW! Pass! This pass is valid only until 1PM Friday, November 1st and 1PM Saturday, November 2nd. This savings pass can be used on all sale and clearance apparel and select home items (excludes specials or super buys), so you should be able to snag some sweet deals!

*Please note that lots of exclusions do apply, so make sure to read the fine print. Limit one coupon per customer.

(Thanks, Freebie Finding Mom!)

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  • Jana Najera says:

    Please boycott Macy’s until they take out seaworld from their parade! Orcas and dolphins do not belong in captivity. !!!!!!

  • Stacy says:

    My favorite coupon!!!

  • marlene says:

    got some great stuff for back to school yay

  • Marie says:

    I agree with Jana and will boycott Macy’s until they remove the Seaworld float from their parade. Whales, orcas and dolphins belong in the wild…not as slaves being held captive and mistreated to entertain humans!!! They are intelligent beings with feelings and families too! Seaworld should be shut-down for what they are doing!! Please DO NOT support Seaworld and boycott Macy’s until they take the Seaworld float out of their parade. Have a Heart….Have a Conscience!

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