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Staples: $3 Off $3 Swiffer Product Coupon = Swiffer Dust & Shine Only $0.99 (Reg. $3.99!)

5:18 PM MST
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UPDATE: OK, I am totally done posting these Staples coupons. Uggg… ;)

As I mentioned early this morning, the Coupon page released what appeared to be a *HOT* $10 off $10 Swiffer product purchase coupon. Well, the coupon ended up being too good to be true and was a misprint on Staples part as it was only deducting $3 and not $10. However, they have now updated the Coupon page with a $3 off your Swiffer product purchase of $3 or more coupon! So not as good as the $10 one, but still should make for a nice deal…

Note that Swiffer product selection varies from store to store, so keep that in mind before heading out.

* Check out the rest of the Staples Weekly Deals Here.

(Thanks, Fiorella!)

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  • Carmen says:

    It’s actually $3.00 of $10.00 now.

  • Aly says:

    My coupon is coming out “$3 off a $10” purchase.

  • SiSi says:

    mine too:(

  • Helen says:

    So, I’m guessing they don’t honor the $10 off $10 or $3 off $3 versions?

  • Trinity says:

    I just printed mine and it still says 10 off 10. I wonder if the manager will honor the 10.00 off…

  • kim says:

    I don’t think Staple knows what they are doing !!! It was a wast of my time and my baby time :)

  • beth says:


    They are honestly a hot mess. Be aware of their online deals too. Their customer service can be a joke bc they never know anything thats going on. I went through the frustration of ordering something online and trying to get it straightened out after they cancel part of my order was so horrible.

    In store though, they are great. Its just the corporate and customer service division that’s out of touch in my opinion.

  • Chris says:

    I put items on reserve for store pick-up this morning before I knew it was an error… Staples seems to totally not have it together. I am not even bothering to go pick them up. Sounds like they are not going to honor the error.

  • Sheeka Joy says:

    i took my happy butt over to Staples and the thing just ring up. the manager called the hotline and was told it was a misprint. i had already gotten swiffer starter kit on my first order. SWEET!

  • Jo says:

    The staples I went to was almost cleared out of their swiffer products. The manager knew about the coupon misprint but still kindly honored it. I got the last 2 products on the shelves. Thanks!!!

  • Bill says:

    Went when they opened yesterday and it did only take 3.00 off. The girl talked to the manager and they just reduced my two items by 5.00 each. Paid just .61 cents for the two refills.

  • Jackie says:

    Went today. My Swiffer mop broke so I bought a new one…was on clearance for $17.00. Got to the register and it only took $3 off. The girl was unfamiliar with the coupon and the error. She called a mgr who said it was an error and the website was not honoring. I’m guessing he told her that she could honor it if I questioned it bc after she told me they weren’t honoring it, I questioned her and she said “well if you want we can, do you want us to honor this?” (DUH) so I got a new Swiffer mop for $7!!!

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