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Target Cartwheel Savings Offers: Sign In Via Email Now (Not Just for Facebook Users Any Longer!)

12:57 PM MST
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Target Cartwheel

Here’s some great news for all you Target shoppers who prefer not to use Facebook! You can now access Target Cartwheel by logging in with either Facebook or with a valid email address! To learn more about Cartwheel and how it works head over here.

Target Cartwheel

And don’t forget! Today only, 11/20, you can add a Cartwheel offer valid for 40% off Winter Boots for the Family. The offer includes boots from Circo, Merona, Mad Love, and Xhilaration in toddler, kids’, women’s and men’s sizes. Check out this post for more information.

(Thanks, Barbara)

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  • Tiffany says:

    This does not include clearance items, I went today and the clearance items are excluded.

    • Jessica says:

      Tiffany, all Cartwheel offers say that they exclude clearance but I haven’t found one yet that actually does. I just bought a sweater today and used Cartwheel. It very clearly said it excluded clearance. However, I was still able to use it and saved another $2. I would give it a try. If you get up there and it doesn’t work, just have them take it off of your purchase…or try it at Guest Services. Good luck!

    • mel says:

      did you buy a clearance pair and the CW not take off? Just asking b/c I bought my niece some Circo clearance shirts a few days ago and CW said excludes clearance, but it still took off each item.

  • Jj says:

    So happy they added this option since I choose not to be on Facebook. Thanks for the heads up!

  • shannon P says:

    Is there a way to use cartwheel on internet orders?

  • traci smith says:

    ty , now i would like to ask everyone if they know if there is a coupon for the movie , TURBO? i know its not part of this conversation but thaught i would ask, ty

  • Sumyya says:

    This offer did not work in the Virginia location for boots on regular price. :(

    • gohogsgoinar says:

      Which boots did you buy? I saw there were some restrictions but am going to try for some my stepdaughter really wants.

    • Erin says:

      Worked for me in Va today. You know, if you have a “nice” Target and your Cartwheel doesn’t deduct, they can price adjust for you. I got a tree last week any my Cartwheel didn’t come off, so they checked the exclusions on the Cartwheel and then adjusted the price for me. I did this right at the register.

    • karie says:

      Hi! I bought some cute Cherokee winter boots for my daughter today and the cartwheel didn’t work for some reason. I like to print the cartwheels out, so I took the printout up to customer service and they gave me back almost $13. I am going to be sure to watch all future cartwheel offers carefully to make sure they come off of my total. :)

    • Samantha says:

      Mine didn’t work either, even though I bought one of the pairs pictured in the Cartwheel. I brought it to Guest Services and they refunded the difference, no problem!

    • Ani says:

      Mine worked tonight. I bought my 2 year old some Hello Kitty snow boots. Saved $10.80. Sad that it wasn’t cooperating for everyone!!!

  • Heather says:

    Yea now people that do not do facebook can get discounts

  • Erin says:

    If only my local Target was Cartwheel friendly, that give me so much grief about it I stopped using it…:(

    • mel says:

      I don’t understand why cashiers are so grumpy about it? Mine are always so happy when I whip out my phone for them to scan, and to see the discounts come off! I’d not let them deter you, keep at it, eventually they will come around!

    • m says:

      Always go to a young guy. They don’t have any problems taking tons of coupons or cartwheel and target mobile. I only check out with them, today I had 18 coupons and cartwheel & target mobile and there was a huge line, my cashier was awesome and didn’t hassel me and complimented how much I saved

      • Emily says:

        Haha, unfortunately it’s true most of the time. Last time the lady wanted me to pay taxes for the stuff I was getting for so cheap. She was trying to calculate it all to add to my total. I just patiently waited, but she gave up. They take it so personal. Last year I had to work at Target during the Christmas season. I was happy to be in charge, and I noticed that fellow couponers came to me often. Of course not all older ladies are like that, just some.

      • Melissa says:

        re: Always go to a young guy.
        I agree. They are the best and the quickest. Too many older women clerks I have experienced at Target look at me suspiciously and scrutinize each coupon, even demanding that I show them the items which they have already bagged to prove that I purchased the correct item on the coupon. And I have learned never to hand over all the coupons. I give them quickly, but one at a time. Otherwise I will leave discovering that not all of my coupons which I spent time printing and cutting and organizing will have been scanned.

    • Moria says:

      I also always have cashiers that are excited about all the money I save. Heck, a couple weeks ago there was one cashier that was asking each customer if they’ve heard about cartwheel yet? My Targets want people to use it!

      • mel says:

        My experience with a “young guy” was a disaster! I stick to the the gals that I am familiar with and avoid one lady cashier that is so rude, IDK how she’s even in customer service!

      • TravelSuz says:

        My Local Super Target is great when it comes to mobile coupons and Cartwheel. All the cashiers ask if you have Cartwheel and they will give guests advice on Cartwheel and mobile coupons. They also keep all competitor ads at the registers to help you get the best deals. I Love Target!! And Cartwheel and Hip2Save!!

  • Katie Collard says:

    Just got Circo brand light pink ADORABLE boots for my 5 year old! They were $22.99 and cartwheel took $9.20 off (approx) $13.00 boots for our FLorida winter!

  • J says:

    I love Cartwheel! This morning I found OPI nail polish for $4 and cute stemless wineglasses for $1 in the $spot….$3.20 and $.80 after the 20% $spot cartwheel! Can’t beat those prices!! Plus tons of adorable Christmas and stocking stuffer items, I’ve been a Target regular with this cartwheel since you can only use it on 4 items at a time:)

    • Nikki Allen says:

      You can use it on 4 LIKE items per transaction, not 4 items total. I have 12 “spots” unlocked on my Cartwheel and I fill it up with offers, check out, delete those offers and add more and do another checkout with my other cartwheel offers since I can only load 12 offers at a time. It takes time and can be a pain to basically do 2 grocery trips, but with planning it is doable and I end up saving a ton! The more you “save” with your cartwheel, you will “unlock” more spots allowing you to load more offers. I believe everyone starts out with 10. You can use 6 cartwheels per day and each cartwheel is good for 4 like items per transaction.

      • Nikki Allen says:

        And you can do triple stacks: 1 Man q, 1 target q (printable or mobile), and 1 cartwheel. Can you tell I only shop at Target?? Lol

        • J says:

          Oh yeah I do the stacks! I meant 4 $spot items since they all use the same code thing, I use it on way more than just 4 items at a time!!!

  • angie says:

    Went today in Massachusetts and got 3 pairs of boots!! Thanks so much!!!

  • RB says:

    It doesn’t work on “fashion boots” …only winter boots. Does that make sense? It says the brands on the bottom of the CW page. I got some for my daughters today! I also had a Target coupon for $5/$25+ purchase to stack :)

  • Jeanie says:

    The is an unrelated note but check your e-mails for a bath and body works mystery coupon worth either 20%, 30%, or 40% off good for in store and online.

  • Sarah says:

    I went to sign in and realized it logged me in with my email address and Target “shopping” name. I have 17 cartwheel slots on my facebook login and only 10 cartwheel on my email login. :( Does anyone know how I can link the 2, so that I have 17 spots to fill with savings?
    Hope this makes sense!

  • Jessica says:

    Thanks so much for letting us know it is not only for fb users anymore. I dont use fb so I was bummed I couldnt use Cartwheel. Now I’m happy, weeee!

  • Ashley says:

    I went today and bought a super cute pair of Ivory “Snow Boots” that were $34.99..used $5/$25 Boot purchase Coupon, then used Cartwheel, and my Redcard for 5% off! Paid $15.19!!! Thanks, Collin!!

  • Wanda says:

    In what order do we hand the coupon stacks over? Cartwheel first?, then target coupons, and then manufacturer coupons? Or?

    • Jessica says:

      I shop at a few different Targets in my area (one of them being right next to Corporate). They prefer Cartwheel last here. I usually give them all of my paper coupons, then mobile, then Cartwheel. I had a cashier tell me that she has to punch a different button for mobile coupons and Cartwheel. I try to have my mobile and Cartwheel already pulled up on my screen, too, so I’m not waiting for it to load in line. I don’t think it truly matters, though. I just usually tell them I have paper coupons, mobile coupons, and Cartwheel so they know what to expect.

      • mel says:

        Cartwheel has to be scanned last. A big blue prompt comes up on the register asking the cashier if all other coupons have been scanned. If you use CW first, and then other coupons, it locks the register. I have always handed over Manuf cpns 1st, then Target paper q’s, followed by mobile offers, then Cartwheel last.

  • April says:

    I get a blank page when I try to sign up with email. Is it overwhelmed?

    • Wanda says:

      Yes, the site is still under testing. It alerted me when I tried signing on that this is new (the e-mail sign up version) and still in testing mode and may not always be available currently.

  • Patty says:

    Luckily I go to two different Targets and I always have cashiers that are excited for the discounts I received. I too actually had a cashier tell me about Cartwheel before I was using it.

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