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Shutterfly: FREE 8×11 Wall Calendar ($21.99 Value) – Just Pay Shipping (+ Check Inbox for Another Offer)

6:00 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Through November 29th, head on over to Shutterfly where they are offering up a FREE 8×11 Wall Calendar (a $21.99 value!) when you enter the code FREECAL at checkout. Note that you will have to pay shipping which for me was only $5.99. Head over to the Shutterfly Facebook page for more information.

Also, if you are a Pampers Gifts to Grow Member, check your Inbox for another FREE Calendar offer from Shutterfly! The email will have the Subject “Our gift to you: free photo calendar” and will come from the email address so be sure to check your Spam/Trash folders if you don’t see it in your Inbox. If you did indeed receive this email, it will contain a unique code valid for a FREE 8×11 Wall Calendar on (just pay shipping).

(Thanks, Raji and Kimberly!)

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  • amy says:

    I have $20 off holiday cards with free shipping code. They go together.. if anyone would like to trade for something let me know! :)

  • Dee says:

    If anyone has a free calendar code they are not using, I would be ever so grateful to have it!! Please email it to me: hydrangeakiller at

  • Casey says:

    I will piggy back what Dee said…if anyone has the pampers offer and is willing to part with it, I would love to use it… Caseygunn85 at hotmail dot com TIA.

  • Alicia says:

    Has anyone heard of any vistaprint deals this year? Last year they had a bunch of free stuff, just pay shipping. I got lots of calendars, mugs and totes. It was a great deal and I’d love to find it again this year. Please let me know if you hear of them doing something like this this year. Thanks!

  • Lisa says:

    I have been waiting for deals on photo calendars! If anyone has a spare code, I would love to use it. Thank you! lisamphelan at gmail dot com

  • Kristan says:

    I would love to trade the $20 off holiday cards and free shipping codes (I have 2) for a free calendar code or 2. Andrewandkristan (at) thanks!!!

  • Kristen says:

    I would LOVE a calendar code please if you are not using it! Thank you!

  • JanaGad says:

    Does anyone know what shipping runs?

  • eas says:

    :( No code from Gifts to Grow here. I even dug through my spam looking for it. :(

  • Rlene Ricaf says:

    This special offer is good for a 12-month 8×11 wall calendar from our friends at Shutterfly. Make one today and cross it off your list—happy holidays!

    Enter promo code at checkout:
    Ends Dec. 28, 2013

  • Luv says:

    I’ve not received any code from pampers, I also checked my junk folder. Hopefully they are working on sending it.

  • Kathy says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I’m in the process of making a calendar right now!

  • Lynda says:

    I’d love a code if somebody doesn’t want theirs.

  • Sara says:

    I’d also love a code!

  • Annie says:

    Does no one actually read?!? It says clearly at the top that the code for a free calendar is freecal

    • Sara says:

      Annie, everyone is looking for an EXTRA one – the one that was emailed to some pampers members. (Perhaps you should try reading? Or at least being a little kinder!)

      • Annie says:

        Oh I see, so one free item isn’t enough. People need to be greedy and have more free crap. Guess the true meaning of Thanksgiving is upon us all!

        And as far as a deadline of Friday, you really can’t create a calendar by then?

        • Casey says:

          I’m not sure if you have ever made a calendar but it takes a lot of time (its not just about uploading pictures). Between kids, jobs, housework, errands, etc. maybe some people would not be able to make one by Friday, you just never know people’s circumstances. Or maybe they can but would like an additional one to gift to someone.

          Just because you think a calendar is “free crap”, others may not. These are great gift items for grandparents, in my opinion. As far as people being greedy; I could bet, one is asking for an additional code, in the case that someone might not be using the one they were sent (like you, for instance, if you received one, I, along with others would assume you are not using it because it is “free crap”) so you could pay it forward and send to someone else. However, with your attitude, it would probably be one of the ones that is wasted. I hope your day gets better, and that you have a wonderful holiday season!

          • Dee says:

            Yeah Annie, I think YOU are more in need of the Thanksgiving spirit than any of us! I like what Sara said…more peace to you. Casey, that is my life in a nutshell…lack of time (and money) and these are THE best presents for the gparents – they really don’t want anything else.

        • Sara says:

          Annie, I wish for you peace in your life! Blessings!

        • rebecca says:

          I don’t know if you’re trolling here but that’s just totally uncalled for. I pray you find peace in your heart so you can be kinder in spirit to others. I honestly mean that too.

      • Casey says:

        Amen, sister!

    • Casey says:

      Yes, Annie people read, however, with a deadline of Friday, possibly people cannot create a Calendar by then. Hence, why people would prefer the pampers code that expires in December. Guess you didn’t think of that before your comment. Have a great holiday!

  • Halle says:

    Ladies the code that everyone can use is FREECAL
    it’s in there face book page, put the code in first before you make your calendars, you will see the offer in your special offers.

    • Casey says:

      As I commented above, I believe people are aware of the FREECAl, but maybe they do not have time to make one by the Nov deadline, and the December code would be better for them. For me, I make several for gifts, so having both would be awesome!

  • Megan says:

    Just created my calendar with the correct size and everything, but it told me that the “FREECAL” offer code does not apply to this order. Hmmm. Any ideas?

    • Megan says:

      Called customer service about it and they gave me a new code that works until 12/26/13! So, if you have the same problem, they were very helpful for me! :)

  • Sarah says:

    Same here…I can’t get FreeCal to work.

    • ALLIE says:

      Go to the Help center on the site and click to Chat with someone. That is what I did. They are having trouble getting this coupon code to work for some reason, so she is manually adding it to my account to make the promo work. It’s a bit of a pain, but worth it., I only had to wait about 10min or so. I’m sure they are pretty busy with people having the same problem.

  • HK says:

    If anyone doesn’t need their papers code please msg me, I am blessed with a lot of grand parents to buy for.
    Mrshsk @ gmail dot com

  • ALLIE says:

    Go to the Help center on the site and click to Chat with someone. That is what I did. They are having trouble getting this coupon code to work for some reason, so she is manually adding it to my account to make the promo work. It’s a bit of a pain, but worth it., I only had to wait about 10min or so. I’m sure they are pretty busy with people having the same problem.

  • maria says:

    Lets all be nice to eachother!!

    That said, I dont have a free coupon code, but I did see that if you have 800 points in the pampers codes that you can get a reward of a calendar which should have a late expiration date. Hope this helps someone!

    Happy thanksgiving :)

  • Jessie says:

    I have two Shutterfly codes for $20 towards holiday cards with free shipping that I’m not going to use. Please post once you’ve used them. Happy Holidays!!

    $20 Value for Holiday Cards: BE49-EA0H-VK3X-4UMWGN (use by 12/29)
    Free Shipping: BE52-2EUR-H7JP-FAM87X

    Enter this code to get $20 off holiday cards (use by 12/27):
    Enter this code to get free economy shipping:

  • SK says:

    Please don’t leave mean comments. I read these for helpful tips and when people leave rude comments, well, it kind of puts me in a bad mood. Lets not be mean. Please keep the unhelpful comments to yourself. So on a positive note, Happy Holidays!

    The FREECAL code is now working. And I was able to stack it with a free greeting card code: CARD4U


  • Kristen says:

    I would love an extra code if you are not using yours. thank you –

  • Lauren says:


    Here’s mine, im not using it

    • Sara says:

      Lauren, someone has already used this code. Thanks so much for offering it up! I’m still looking for an extra if anyone else has one to offer!

  • Amy says:

    I think I have 2 $20 off holiday cards that I will not use (I’ll have to double check the number). I also have 2 $20 off $50 with free shipping from Shutterfly that I will not use. I would be willing to give them away if someone wants them. 1 per person. I will send the code to the first to email me. I will nit be able to access Hip2Save for a while, so email would be the best. Send requests to amylovescoupons (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Mary says:

    I know this is a different post, but if anyone is interested, I have 1 Kellogg’s, 1 Similac and 2 Huggies emails for $20 off holiday cards plus free shipping for Shutterfly, which Collin previously posted about. We already created our cards so if anyone would like to trade for a few Coke rewards points, Huggies codes, or Pampers codes, just let me know.

  • Dee says:

    I keep checking and never got the Pampers free calendar code. I have a $20 off Holiday cards that I would be willing to trade. Please email me if you would like to trade a free calendar code for it. Thanks! hydrangeakiller at

  • Danielle says:

    I have a code for a free photo book I’d gladly trade for the pampers calendar code. I never got mine! Email me if interested!

  • Jenny says:

    If anyone has an extra unique code for the calendar you aren’t going to use I would love to have it ;) I have to codes to shutterfly for 10 off a $50 or more purchase with free shipping I’d be willing to trade for it. my email is jj . one . day at gmail dot com, without spaces of course :)

  • Nicole says:

    I got the $20 off cards plus free shipping codes, I entered them into my account and my laptop battery died! When I tried to go back to my account, the codes weren’t applied and when I entered them again, it said they had already been used! :( PLUS I spent a lot of time gathering important dates and photos from my big family, and didn’t realize the freecal code expired last week! I’m having a rough time with shutterfly-anyone have a calendar code they aren’t using? PLEASE! I’d be forever grateful ;)

  • Nena says:

    Please I need a free calendar code!!! Brine expired and I realized after I finish my kids calendar thank you!

  • Rachael Berkebile says:

    Yeah! THANKS

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