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Starbucks: 3 Bonus Stars w/ Handcrafted Beverage Espresso Purchase (Select Starbucks Rewards Members)

6:53 AM MST
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Calling all Starbucks Rewards Members! Head over here, sign-in to your Starbucks account, and scroll down until you see the Just For You section. Found within this section may be an offer for 3 Bonus Stars with the purchase of any handcrafted Espresso Beverage through December 17th only. You may have also received this offer via email – with the Subject Line “A perfect pairing: 3 Bonus Stars + any handcrafted espresso drink” from the email address

Note that you must have the offer in your account or have received it via email and you must pay with your registered Starbucks card in order to receive the Bonus Stars.

And just a reminder! Through December 15th, purchase a Starbucks Brewed Coffee Refill Tumbler for $30 at your local Starbucks Store or online here… then bring the tumbler into a participating Starbucks store in January 2014 and you will receive 1 FREE Grande Brewed Coffee everyday throughout the month of January. This deal may not make sense for everyone but for those of you who hit up Starbucks regularly, this may be worth it. Basically if you go to Starbucks 30 times during the month (almost every single day), you are essentially paying $1 per cup of coffee and you are scoring a FREE tumbler – which is a great deal for Starbucks coffee! This would also make a great gift for the Starbucks lover in your life! Click here for more information.

(Thanks, Amanda!)

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  • Kristie says:

    I got my $10 gift card today for getting 10 stars today.

  • Christine says:

    I got a 50% off expresso:)

  • Jan says:

    I didn’t get the stars offer, but I got a 50% off any Espresso drink offer.

  • Adrienne B. says:

    I got 50% off brewed coffee drink. I assume that excludes espresso drink?

  • irene says:

    I got $1 off brewed coffee. Better for me since that’s what I prefer! Other than dash bonuses, what does all the stars get you? If you collect too many stars, won’t the email offers get worse?

  • Jaelindsey says:

    I received a code for free oatmeal!

  • Alicia says:

    woohoo I received 5.00 from my star dash and 1.00 off brewed coffee

  • NattieDannie says:

    I got $1 off brewed. Nice to receive something, just wish it had been the 50% off espresso beverage. I’ve not had my favorite gingerbread latte this year! Looking for a reason to treat myself 😉

  • dawn says:

    I like how I have not gotten any of these great deals and I go to Starbucks daily….hum??????

  • Donna says:

    Hello – I go to Starbucks everyday :) Yes, I’m addicted!! I have a gold card, however, I don’t even see a Just For You section on my home page. I never get any of the deals, wonder why?

  • Corina says:

    I received my $10 egift card yesterday and the email stated above. 3 stars for a beverage! Yay!

  • Christina says:

    I’m at Starbucks almost daily w a registered card and never get any offers. I don’t been see a “just for u section” in my account. What am I not doing?!

    • Laura says:

      Check your settings in your account. I had the same problem for a long time. I’ve also heard that Starbucks is selective to the emails they send out.

  • Jennifer says:

    I only got one star on mine :/

  • Corry says:

    I had this offer last week, and it expired Dec 10 for me. I also had an offer to get 12 stars by Dec 31 to get upgraded to gold – with the bonus espresso stars, I was there in no time!

  • Dbldbl says:

    Wow! Was mad it wasn’t a %-off or $-off promo mail
but I got the 3-star offer in my mail!

  • renata says:

    I cannot locate the “Just for You” section. Is this only available for Gold level (I am currently at Green)?

    • Corry says:

      Offers are personalized, but it’s not just for gold members. Login to your account on the website. If you have offers at the moment, you’ll see a ‘just for you’ section as you scroll down there on the main page after you logged in.

  • samantha g. says:

    I did receive this email from Starbucks last night. However, I am not seeing the “Just for You” section that you have mentioned either. I am a Gold card member. Please help!

  • Brooke says:

    I never get deals either and have all items checked in my settings to get deals and promotions. :(

  • kelly says:

    I am having trouble finding where to look . Scroll down for “my offers” . How do you get there? Thanks

  • Kay J says:

    My email only gives me 1 bonus star but I’ll take it!

  • renata says:

    From reading the comments, it sounds like you would only be able to see the “Just for You” section if there an offer available to you. Otherwise, the “Just for You” section would be empty, so it does not make sense for the website to display it on your account.

  • alicia says:

    If you don’t see the just for you section go to the rewards calendar it also tells you all you rewards you have available.

  • Lizze says:

    I finally got one!! Mine rolled in around 3 am. For a minute, I was wondering why I was missing all of the good deals, while I’m a gold card. Thanks :)

  • Emily says:

    I haven’t gotten my e-reward yet for buying 8 drinks…hoping it is coming soon.

  • samantha g. says:

    Also, I got an email yesterday about earning the $5 egift card for the 10 star dash promo! This made my day as I had thought I was 1 star short on making the 10 star dash!

  • Monica says:

    My husband got a 50% of espresso. I got a collect 25 stars get 30 star bonus. Yes I am addicted. This month I had a 50% of espresso, a 25% off food, free oatmeal, free Christmas pastry and a BOGO food. This is in addition to the earned free drinks.

  • Michelle W says:

    I didn’t get this deal but did get my star dash $10!

  • Carolyn says:

    download the Free sbux app. It’s easy to see all of your deals there when you go in the rewards section. You can pay from there too (they scan your phone), check your balance, etc.

  • stephanie says:

    I have 2 shutterfly codes for anyone that wants to use them. They expire 12/14.

  • carrie says:

    Just wondering if these $30 tumblers ever get cheaper or clearanced before/after xmas?

    • mariel says:

      carrie- last year the tumblers themselves with no free coffee did clearance out to around $11 i believe. its not that great of a mug- no leaks for 6 months with dishwasher use over here.

  • RT says:

    I just purchased a really nice tumbler there for $9.95. It was a sort of gold ombre and it was tucked in a cardboard box under the display of more expensive ones. It was actually a box full of them. I had gone in for the “buy a mug of $9.95 or more and get a free drink of your choice” that was running through Dec. 8th. The barista tried to tell me they didn’t have any tumblers cheaper than $16.95. I spotted the box pulled it out and grabbed TWO $9.95 tumblers for myself and my husband and got the free drink as well. We really like them! They have black lids and like I said sort of fade from dark to light gold.

  • Jennifer M. says:

    I got a 50% off any tea drink after 2pm – exp Dec 17

    I really believe what someone else once posted on here several months ago – if you go to Starbucks lots (even once/day) then you don’t seem to get the offers. I hardly ever go anymore – yes I have a gold card still – and now seem to find these offers that are posted here on Hip 2 Save, before I would be like, huh? how come I am not getting these incentives? well, the incentives are cause you don’t come anymore – that is what I think at least. my 2 cents.

  • Bryttani says:

    Just got the 3 bonus stars for a purchase yesterday, a total of 4 stars shown on my mobile app. Does anyone know if this is a one-time promotion or if it is unlimited through December 17th? I couldn’t find more information about it anywhere…

    • Amayaa82 says:

      Hi Bryttani,
      I was wondering the same thing. I purchased a drink this AM but have only had 1 star show up. Did all of your bonus stars show up at the same time as your drink star?? I may try to swing thru the Starbucks’ drive thru again tomorrow just to see if we can continue to accumulate an extra 3 stars for each expresso thru 12/17/13.

  • Vicki says:

    I got my $10 gift card from the star dash deal AND I got this offer too! Loving all these Starbucks deals!

  • Trish says:

    The 3 latte bonus stars are NOT a one time deal. I received 12 bonus stars so far for buying 3 drinks on different days. I will buy 1 on Mon and 1 on Tues before this promo ends

  • Frances says:

    Anyone here get a message from iphone for a $5 starbucks card when you buy one pound of starbucks christnas blend coffee? I got this message yesterday in iphone app.. going to the store today to see it will work or not..

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