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Target: *HOT* Possible Nintendo 3DS XL Zelda Game System Bundle $149.99 (In-Store Only)

12:21 PM MST
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Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 11.33.19 AM

Check out the email and photo above I received from reader, Morgan:

The Zelda 3DS XL is $149.99 at Target, in store only. It is usually $219.99 and cheapest it has been before was $199.99.

Keep in mind that I am not sure if this is a super regional deal and only available at certain locations since it’s such a HUGE price cut, so you may want to call your local Target before heading out.

Be sure to let us know if you are able to score this *HOT* buy!

UPDATE: I just realized that the Nintendo 3DS XL Gaming Systems are advertised in the weekly ad for $149.99 too, which is a great price as that means you are getting $50 off the regular cost of $199.99! PLUS – it may be that the bundle packs are also included in this sale (like the Zelda bundle appears to be!), so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

(Thanks, Morgan!)

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  • Chelsey says:

    So could I take this photo to Best Buy and have some of my money refunded since they have the price match guarantee?

    • Buckeye Momma says:

      Not unless you’ve purchased the item within the past 15 days. Best Buy’s price match/return policy is the worst!

      • Aleshia says:

        I don’t know about that! They are always helpful when I need to price match something. I had no problems getting my top of the line blue ray for 99$ at best buy after they price matched amazon

        • Andrew Fox says:

          $99 is not a top of the line blu-ray, top of the line is around $400-500 mark

        • Buckeye Momma says:

          Regardless, a 15 day return policy is ridiculous for a major retailer. Especially since most retailers have a 90 day return policy. There’s something very wrong when you go into a Best Buy with the DS in the sealed box and Best Buy bag with a receipt and they refuse to price match/refund an item outside of a 15 day window. Where’s the customer service in that? Good luck. Glad your experience was better then mine. But beware if you’re past the 15 day window.

          • Aleshia says:

            Okay, here is the thing. I know it is only a 15 day return policy, but I also think it depends per store. I think it depends how strict or how helpful a manager is willing to be. I purchased a carpet cleaner (300$) at best buy last year, which they price matched with no issues. About 2 months after purchasing and only 2 uses it broke. The brissels at the bottom stopped spinning. My husband and I read the manual and it said that it might be because of the filter. When we tried to get to the bottom filter we realized that we couldn’t. It ended up being a defect. I took it back to best buy even though you aren’t supposed to. The manual says to please contact the company, but I took it back to best buy. They had no issues exchanging my product. I think all stores are like that. It depends the location, the mangers, the policy, etc. Some people love their local Targets and some people hate them.

    • holkan says:

      There’s a special clause on the bestbuy price match for the holiday season: They will match any price from other local retailerts/online stores until the 24th, even if you’ve already purchased your item

    • Hank says:

      Just had best buy price match this morning. Took both a photo at my local target and a video (just in case) to prove the advertised price. I bought my Zelda 3ds XL bundle on Nov. 23, and best buy price matched the 149.99 no questions asked.

      • Sheri says:

        Did you have to prove that Target had them in stock to price match at Best Buy?

        • Hank says:

          Luckily I did not, but was preapred to return for a full refund and grab a regualr 3DS XL at target for $150. However, I realize for those who wanted the special edition model that does not help. Apparently it varies by store. If you have multiple Best Buys near you try them all. Best of luck!

          • Sheri says:

            Thanks. I did go to another Best Buy and he was going to refund the difference but wanted the actual DS so he could void my original purchase and then re-ring it for the new price. So I have to actually bring in the DS again with me tomorrow for him to do this. He said he needed the serial number to do this. I cannot believe they just cannot credit back the difference. What a huge ordeal.

  • Morgan Knauss says:

    Found this in Mobile, AL :)

  • Violet says:

    We have that sale here near Chicago, so we are definitely picking one up today (possibly not the Zelda bundle though…)! It would be a plus if we could find the Zelda one, but even the regular non-bundled 3DS XLs are a huge deal at $150 a piece! If you can find a Zelda limited edition gold, you should definitely pick it up at that price! If you are a non-gamer purchasing for a gamer, make sure to get the 3DS XL (make sure it says XL at the end), that is the big papa.

  • Megan B. says:

    If anyone still has their $10 off $100 coupon (it expires today) that went out in november(I think).. that would make it an even better deal. I still have mine. I’m trying to convince my husband that we need to go!

  • Stephanie says:

    Sold out at every store near me :(

  • Laura says:

    The Mario and Luigi special edition bundle is also included in this deal! Picked mine up this morning :)

    • tilla ham says:

      darn that’s the one I tried to get on black Friday, they had it out, I picked it up, they took it out of my hands at the front register and said it wasn’t included and they weren’t allowed to sell it. I bought a red, pink, and blue…one for each of my girls…and since a friend used her employee discount, 5% redcard discount, and 5% pharmacy discount I was able to get all 3 (149.99) and a 99.99 Nikon for 487.00 pretty great deal

    • Kristi says:

      They took away the Mario one because it wasn’t officially released by nintendo until after Black Friday. So, target was not supposed to sell it until after the release date but some target associates accidentally put them out…

  • Amie says:

    Thank you!! I just got a price adjustment from my purchase on 11/26!!!! Awesome almost $75 refund!

  • chrissyb says:

    calling all stores in south jersey….no one has it:( paid $219 for a red one cause that was the only thing on his list (it was on his list last year as well….) sigh….

    • jatt says:

      hey? i have an extra one, i paid about $220 for mine from best buy, if u want it ill send it to u with the receipt so u can price match it and get it for 149.99 :). or ill price match it and sell it to u for what ever i end up paying. ?? :-/

  • John says:

    Just bought the Mario bundle version at Best Buy for $149.99 price matching Targrt with no problem. I also had $40 in Best Buy reward certs so I got it for $109.99. Plus I earned more reward points for the purchase Thanks so much for the scoop!

  • Violet says:

    We picked up two non-Zelda 3DS XLs for 150 dollars each in Crestwood, IL. Excellent deal! Thanks so much for letting us know Collin! I was seriously waiting for a good price on these.

  • KrystalB says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the Target stores here in Columbus OH have the Mario and Luigi bundle for $149. These arent marked or advertised, but they are ringing up for $149!!!

  • Karla says:

    Just went to get the Zelda 3DS XL and the store associate said that they were out of that one since it was a Black Friday item and it sold out then. It was a while supplies lasted special bundle. Got a black 3DS XL and I am taking the 3DS back to Best Buy since the Target one is bigger and cheaper:)

  • jatt says:

    Going to WalMart and get my zelda Bundle price matched. i also goat $40 dollar gift card when i bough the 3DS XL for $219.99. So ill be paying $109.99 for mine :D

  • Kalynn says:

    Does anyone know why I am not getting the texts for the hot deals? I followed the directions for how to set it up and received the message back about welcoming me to Twitter and then a deal immediately after on Chlorox wipes, but I haven’t received any since?

  • Britt says:

    The reason a lot of Targets are out of stock is because the Zelda bundle is a limited edition and only so many were made. My store sold out of them last week and they have already went discounted. This will end up being the same for the Mario and Luigi dream team bundle! :)

  • DCJava says:

    Just saved me close to $75…this site is AMAZING…!

  • Mrs. Anderson says:

    I was able to get the Gold Zelda bundle at Walmart for $149.99! I wasn’t sure if they were going to or not! Waited in the store for a half hour for mgt. to okay it. But I did walk out very happy!

  • LS says:

    I got mine today at Alameda, California. The Mario bundle was $149, and they had about four of them in stock.! lucky me. thank you for the site!

  • heather says:

    I tried to price match this at Best Buy, and of course had trouble. The manager stated that their policy is “we only price match if a local Target store currently has them in stock”. Since Target was sold out, they would not price match. What kind of policy is that? If Target had them in stock, duhhh, I would go there! So instead I very nicely said I would take my business to Walmart where their price match policy made sense, Had to go to 2 walmart’s but found it! Got the Mario and Luigi dream team Nintendo 3DS XL bundle for $149.99!!!!

    • Michaela says:

      How did you get Walmart to do it? What did you show them? Thanks!

      • R.A says:

        To manager showed a weekly ad and the photo I took of bundle price sign from target.
        also told that bundle is including in sale.

        I went to 2 taget store and 2 walmart store near me today…
        good luck!!!

    • Sheri says:

      I also had the same problem as Heather – Best Buy refused to price match because Target did not have any of the Zelda bundles in stock. How aggravating is it to think you are getting a big refund and not have it go through. Of course I called a few other Target stores and they don’t have it in stock, so I am out of luck on the price match.

  • Michaela says:

    Silly question..How are you price matching? I would love to price match for the Zelda one..but it isn’t in the ad? Or online? So how do you do that? thanks!!

    • Jeanie says:

      I went to Best Buy and the employee called the target store and said they wanted to confirm the price of the Zelda bundle and then they went ahead and changed the price.

  • Danielle says:

    All of the Targets in the Denver area said that the whole district had stopped carrying these. I called Walmart, and they had 2 left. I explained that I could show the picture of the tag, and they said no problem. I pulled up the picture posted here, and showed it with my phone. I was in and out in 5 minutes!! The one bummer is that I have a red card, plus I had an additional 5% off Target Pharmacy Reward, so if Target had it, I could have saved an additional $15. But, I still saved $75, so that is AWESOME!! Thank you so much, Colin!

  • oc says:

    I too went to Walmart last night to see if they could price match. At first they gave me a little bit of problem but they finally gave me the zelda bundle for 149.99! I showed them the target ad and didn’t help bc it didn’t show the bundle. So then I showed them the pic on this post and told them they could call target to verify that even the bundles are on sale. And they just went ahead and did it. Our Walmart had like 8 of them odessa tx :)

  • Sonia says:

    I was able to walk into Walmart and show them Targets and and the pic from here and they gave me no problems

  • Sara says:

    I went to every target in San Diego and none of them had the Zelda version. I drove up to Encinitas and was able to get the Mario bundle. They had 3 left after me and this other lady got ours tonight. My bf is so happy! :)

  • Tommy says:

    I tried calling everywhere in North Jersey. I couldn’t find it… I am ultimately upset..

  • Matt says:

    Walmart in PA priced matched the Zelda bundle for 149 just now, I showed them this post on my phone and I was out the door. Makes me want to get all of them and list on amazon :o

  • Elysse says:

    My local Wal-Mart REFUSED to price match on the LoZ bundle, even with the ad and the pic from this post. Price match guarantee my ass.

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