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Target: Great Deals on Up & Up Products (Including Hand Soap, Cotton Swabs, Cleaning Products + More!)

4:00 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Here are a few great deals you can score on Up & Up products at Target with the new mobile coupons available…

Up & Up Nail Polish Remover $0.97
Use the $0.50/1 Up & Up Nail Polish Remover Target Mobile Coupon (text UPUP to 827438)
Plus, use the 5% Off Up & Up Nail Polish Remover Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.02)
Final cost $0.45!

Up & Up Children’s Cherry Mucus Relief Cough Liquid 4 oz. $1.12
Use the $0.75/1 Up & Up Cough or Cold/Flu Relief Target Mobile Coupon (text UPUP to 827438)
Plus, use the 20% Off Up & Up Cough/Cold Medicine Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.07)
Final cost $0.30!

Up & Up liquid hand soap $0.89-$0.99
Use the $0.50/1 Up & Up Liquid Hand Soap or Body Wash Target Mobile Coupon (text UPUP to 827438)
Plus, use the 5% Off Up & Up Hand Soap Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.02)
Final cost as low as $0.37!

Buy 2 Up & Up Plastic Cotton Swabs 300 ct $1.49 each
Total = $2.98
Use the $0.75/2 Up & Up Cosmetic Cotton Items Target Mobile Coupon(text UPUP to 827438)
Plus, use the 5% Off Up & Up Cotton Swabs 300-1000 ct Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.11)
Final cost $2.12 total, $1.06 each!

Up & Up All Purpose Cleaner $1.89
Use the $1/1 Up & Up Household Cleaning Item Target Mobile Coupon (text UPUP to 827438)
Plus, use the 5% Off Up & Up All-Purpose Cleaner Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.04)
Final cost $0.85!

Up & Up Ammonia $1.12
Use the $1/1 Up & Up Household Cleaning Item Target Mobile Coupon (text UPUP to 827438)
Final cost $0.12!

(Thanks, Totally Target!)

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  • Brandi says:

    Yay! I plan on using these to get cotton balls and nail polish remover to make Manicures in a Mason Jar for my Mom & Sister next year as stocking stuffers! Google it, it’s very cute!

  • Tia says:

    Most of these were printables last time around. Only 1 use with mobile.

  • jamie says:

    Has anyone here use the up&up cotton swabs before? I recently bought a box of Qtips at costco and realized that they must’ve changed their “formula” or something, because the shafts feel much weaker and not durable at all. So I was wondering if the target brand would be any better?

  • Sunshine girl says:

    Are the mobile coupons regional? I didn’t get the up & up coupons.

    • Melissa says:

      I didn’t get them either.

      • mel says:

        You need to text UPUP to 827438 on your phone. Then you’ll get a reply with a link to your unique bar code with the mobile coupons listed. Pull up that link while in store and the cashier will scan it at check out. If you don’t have a smartphone with internet, you can still retrieve the coupons by typing in the address in the text on your computer, then printing out the page(s).
        Mobile coupons are 1 time use offers per item, but you don’t have to buy everything at once. As you use them, the item will be marked redeemed. But if you print out, just remember to cross them off as you use them.

    • TheSoCalMom says:

      I didn’t get the Up& Up coupons either. Maybe they will come in the new coupons tomorrow.

      • melissa says:

        I got them. Not sure why it’s not working for y’all? You are texting UPUP to the number bc these aren’t the mobile coupons that automatically come every 2 wks.

  • Mariah Washington says:

    Can I stack a Target store coupon with a mobile coupon Target coupon? I have a Store coupon for $1/$3 up&up item can I stack that with the mobile coupon and get $2 off total?

    • kim says:

      i was also wondering the same thing. if you can stack mobile and target paper coupons?? anyone know?

      • Marcia says:

        No you are not allowed to stack a target web coupon and a target mobile coupon as they are both target coupons. Target allows one target coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per item. You are allowed to stack a cartwheel with a target coupon and manufacturer coupon. HTH

    • Pinki says:

      You cannot stack Target mobile and Target paper coupons.

  • Becca says:

    Yes, you can stack and I like the durability of the swabs that have a white shaft

  • rosana says:

    does anyone know if the glade coupon on are target or manufacturer coupon? tia

    • Cacamejl says:

      Rosana, the glade coupons on the target site are manufacturer coupons. If they say “when you buy”, then it’s a manufacturer coupon; otherwise, “with” is a target coupon.

  • Maria says:

    I got the hand soap refill for $2.59, I got two bottles it took a dollar off from the first one and 50cents for the second one, I think is a better deal when you get the big 64oz for only $2.59 compare to 5 bottles of 7oz each for $2.50

  • Harry says:

    If I buy 4 hand soaps will it be 0.37 cents each?

  • Ben says:

    Just did a test with the mobile coupon and it worked with my ipad. What I did was to copy the web address that the mobile coupons were linked to and typed the address into safari on my ipad and had the cashier scan the barcode on my ipad and it worked!!!

  • lala says:

    A little off topic, but i had a question. I purchased a carpet from target a few days ago and just saw a target cartwheel for it today. Can i just take my receipt for a price adjustment or do i have to carry the carpet back with it as well?

  • SF_2010 says:

    Just used the upup coupon and cartwheel on the nail polish remover and it became free? I’m not questioning it…score!

  • Tracy says:

    I just went to my Target (Northern California) and the Up & Up soap was on sale for $0.67, making it $0.17 with the mobile coupon!

  • Amy L says:

    I couldn’t find the all purpose cleaner so boo on that, and the mobile coupon didn’t work on the nail polish remover. I noticed when I got to the car :( I let it go because it was 50 cents and it’s 10 degrees outside and I parked a mile away from the door being 7 1/2 months pregnant I didn’t think it was worth it lol.

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