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Whole Foods: Two FREE Zevia 6-Packs

3:41 PM MST
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My hubby just popped into Whole Foods and spotted an awesome sale on Zevia 6-packs. They are currently on sale 2/$5 (reg. $5.99 each!) through 12/31. Note that sales and prices can vary by region. If you do spot this same sale, check out the *HOT* deal you can score:

Zevia 6-packs 2/$5 (through 12/31) – may vary by region
Use two $2/1 Zevia 6-pack coupons found here or here
(or use the $1/1 Zevia coupon found here)
Plus, use the $1/1 Zevia 6-pack Whole Foods store coupon found here
OR found in the Whole Deal Coupon booklet in-store
Final cost as low as two completely FREE 6-packs! :D

*Note – The Whole Foods coupon policy states that a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon can be combined on one item AND that when the value of the coupon exceeds the value of the product no cash back is given, so you will just get the item FREE (no overage).

(Thanks for the heads up on this sale, Freebies for a Cause!)

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  • Jennifer says:

    At Whole Foods, if the price is 2/$5 do you have to buy 2 or is it $2.50 each?

  • Ben says:

    Unfortunately not on sale in Chicago

  • Ashley says:

    HAHA! If my hubby popped into a grocery store he would be paying full price! He doesn’t like to deal with the coupons. That’s why I don’t send him unless I absolutely need to!

  • Shanna says:

    Awesome! These are great to throw in my son’s lunches!

  • type1dmom says:

    I am kind of sad about this. Our local flyer says they are on sale for $4.49 each, not 2/$5. Of course I realized this after I printed all the coupons. Still a decent deal as I can get 2/$4 or 1/$1.50 if I combine a manufacturer and the store coupon. I have been wanting to try these for my daughter who has type 1 diabetes. We try to avoid giving her soda, but it’s a nice treat sometimes and this is a slightly healthier alternative to regular diet soda.

  • marc says:

    I love free stuff! Thanks colin!

  • Jenn M says:

    Thanks Collin. In our area of NC, it is 2 for $6. Also, I decided pick up some of those Pamela’s cookies you told us about and my son with a dairy allergy loved them so thank you so much for all you do. Cheers (Zevia can) to you.

  • beth says:

    Is there any way to see a flyer online for my store? Also- anyone know the price in florida? Thanks

  • maja says:

    hi Colin:-) thanks to your hubby for finding deal:-) I got 4 of 6 paks …plus got 10% off on every pak cuz cashier told me that they give 10% if you buy 4 of 6 pack and that is one box. My Whole Foods is very coupon friendly:-)

  • Maggie says:

    I don’t know how much these are at Publix, But they carry them, and my Publix accepts Whole Foods coupons, So that would be inexpensive soda.

  • Rebecca says:

    Use caution drinking/eating anything with Stevia if you have ragweed allergy as it is from a plant from ragweed family. I found out the hard way that I am extremely allergic. Not sure how common this is but I don’t have food allergies and was caught completely off guard by this. Most of the products containg stevia don’t have any caution or info that this is related to ragweed.

  • Susan says:

    Picked up 4 – 6-packs today. They rang up $2.25 (even though the sign said $2.50) They price adjusted to make them FREE!

    Also found Annie’s Organic Rising Crust Pizzas on sale for $4.99 (reg. $10) There are $2/1 coupons hanging right in front of the product = $2.99! They have 4 or 5 different ones. I got 2 Spinach & Mushroom with white sauce. They are located in a front freezer at the store I shop at.

    It is a coupon friendly store with really nice, happy checkers! :)

  • bridget says:

    i just went to my local WF (boston) and they were on sale for $2.50 each, and with the coupons and milk jug return that I got back $6 WF credit. I got 6-6pk dr.zevia for FREE! i love coupons!!!

  • Ann says:

    My store had them on sale 2/$6 so I just used a second store coupon from their flyer and got them free! I had never tried them before. Also used the free Beyond Meat coupon (had an extra that I gave to the college students looking at them – felt like the coupon fairy!), and combined with a couple other coupons I had, I got $25 for free, although I did buy other things w/o coupons. The cashier was nice, but I don’t think they ever get people using coupons at their store! He said I reminded him of the shoppers on the TV show (I’m sure he meant Extreme Couponers) and I took that as a compliment, although my items all fit in 1 basket, so nothing extreme. I had everything in order for him but he was just unfamiliar with coupons, although impressed with what I got for free. Thanks so much for all the great deals! Glad I was able to pay it forward at the store.

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