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  View changes → Pumpkin Spice K-Cups Only 39¢ Each

12:06 PM MST
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If you’re a fan of Pumpkin Spice coffee (one of my faves! :D ) and own a Keurig Brewer, here’s a sweet deal you can score! Currently, has Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice 18-ct pack K-Cups on sale for $7.99 each. Plus, you can sweeten this sale even further with the $10 off $50+ promo code that’s available – just enter 45721251 at checkout.

Deal Scenario:
Add 6 18-count boxes of K-Cups $7.99 each
Add 2 PaperMate Ball Point Pens 12-count $1.99 each (add whatever you’d like – just get your total over $50!)
Total = $51.92
Use the $10 off $50 promo code 45721251
Final Cost = $41.92 (+ tax) + FREE shipping for spending over $20! It’s like snagging 108 K-Cups for only $0.39 each AND getting 2 packs of pens FREE!

(Thanks, Darla!)

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  • Ashley says:

    pumpkin spice is my FAVORITE but I don’t think I need to order 6 boxes

    • Darla says:

      I thought the same thing but remember soon this flavor will be gone until fall and then pay more money for it. Darn you pumpkin!

  • Brittany says:

    I *just* bought 2 boxes of 24 count Marley Real Cups from my Office Depot for $4.00 box. If any one is headed to their local stores, you might want to keep you eyes open for something similar. Mine also had a few boxes of Green Mountain Fair Trade (18 count), Gevalia, and a few others.

  • Dolly says:

    If you ordered 7 boxes of them, didn’t get the pens and used the $10/$50 coupon, it would make each cup only .36 :)

  • Monique Rizzo says:

    I just got back from Office Depot. I got 6 12pack boxes of B2P pens for $1.00 each! And 9 packs of post it notes for $1.00 (these packs were originally marked 12.99 each!) I also got a post it flag pen for $1.00 and a 3 pack of scissors (nice ones) for $2.00. Great deals!

  • Steffers says:

    I found 10 boxes at $0.99 each at Nob Hill and bought them all. It’s not my personal favorite that would be French toast, but my family and friends love it!

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