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Walmart: One Reader’s Holiday Clearance Finds…

10:07 AM MST
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Hip2Save reader, Heather, emailed about the Walmart clearance bargains she spotted:

Hi! I visited my local Walmart in Greenville, NC tonight and was surprised to see a TON of Christmas clearance items still left, and it was all currently marked at 75% off! Although I didn’t purchase any Christmas décor items, I did buy a handful of gift sets. The best thing about these gift sets is that they do not have any kind of Christmas theme on the boxes… so they will make GREAT gifts for birthday parties this year when paired with other items. :)

Another HIP tip that I’ve learned from you (thanks to your video!) is to look for wrapping paper that could be used year-round… so I got some great Disney Princess wrapping paper for only 75 cents per 70 sq ft roll! Score!

Attached are photos of some of the items that were at my local Walmart that were marked at 75% off. Also are photos of the gift sets I purchased ($1.22 EACH!) to show that they are not Christmas themed.

Note – Walmart clearance can be SUPER regional, so please keep in mind that you my not be able to find the same clearance items that Heather was able to find.

What Holiday clearance bargains have you spotted at your local Walmart? Let us know!

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  • Analee says:

    Perfume gift sets like vera wang, davidoff 3 items in 1 box for 5 bucks . And holiday cookies stouffers brand for 25cents a piece. Scored a ton! Thanks for all the tips Collin!

  • Mommyto4 says:

    Tampa Bay area had similar deals. I was really excited to get the gift sets for 1.22!

  • CJ says:

    I went to cvs and picked up some things and got some clearance Christmas candy… Had some additional ECBs and stopped at another cvs. The first store had m&ms for 1.07 and the 2nd store had them at .43 a bag not sure if it went to 90% or what but the signs still said 75%

  • brandice says:

    Never find these good deals in Atlanta or Decatur Ga

  • Missy says:

    Be sure to check the regular aisles too! I found Hefty plates for .62 cents, Bubble 3pk mailers for .74, kleenex hand towels and ziploc x mas themed bags on clearance. Just make sure to walk through the store and price check!

  • Amie says:

    Yup! Already got mine the first morning they went to 75 off!! A few krogers were at 90 and got lots of toys at 90 percent off!

  • Cassandra says:

    There was nothing left where I live.

  • Gina says:

    I was able to pick 8 gift sets between $1.22 to $2.72 for the basket ones.. Just in time. Mom is hosting a babyshower and she was worried about the prize gifts for those Who’s participatw in the fun activities :)

  • ReyccaD says:

    I found the Renuzit cone air freshener scents like Sugar Plum and Frosted Berry, the holiday scents marked on clearance and they rang up at just .23 and the red and green solo cups, they were marked at 2.50 but rang up at just .62!

  • Paula C. says:

    Does anyone happen to know when target’s toy clearence drops again? I’m holding out for the 50% or 75% off. Thanks so much for any advice. :-)

  • Ashley says:

    My local Walmart has Christmas themed items (like Oreos and the snicker-doodle Chex muddy buddies) but won’t sell them for anything but the regular price. They say that it’s not their decision but rather up to the brand to tell them to mark it down. Frustrating.

  • Katelyn says:

    My Walmart had the Monster High Gift Sets for $1.22 a piece :) my little sister loves them!

  • K says:

    got the gift sets at my local walmart all $1.22-$4.97! they also had bod man 3pk sprays for only $1.22! they are my husbands favorite so i was stoked! And they had the hefty plates for $0.62 and i had $1.00/2 coupons making each pk only $0.12!

  • Mel says:

    My store went 75% off on Friday and I was able to get lots of great deals but I haven’t been so lucky at other stores. I hit the Target 90% off yest and there was still TONS left but I have to be careful not to buy thing just because they are cheap. 2 ladies who got there first were just dropping everything in their cart – not sure if they were really buying everything or just making sure they had it n their cart and then deciding. I tried to get several things on the shelf and one of the ladies kept telling me it was hers???? I gave up looking cause I just wanted to get away : )

    • Angi says:

      I laughed at this because something similar happened to me. A lady was blocking the aisle with her cart and when you went to move she moved to. and blocked the shelf. I said excuse me and she ignored me, so I moved her cart. I was going to say something, but decided to keep calm. It was just a bit odd and rude.

    • Casey says:

      I do wonder, do people become obsessed just because it is cheap or because they need/want it? I find myself wanting to go out and grab everything that is cheap but then realize, I don’t need anymore crap! Haha

  • tracy says:

    My cashier at Rite Aid in Kentucky said that Christmas clearance would go from 50 to 75% on Monday, Jan 6.

  • Emonte says:

    I went to Walmart and picked up some great deals. Nerd nail polish set for $1.22, plane bath sets for $3.72, and Disney bath sets/ monster university shaving kits for $2.72! Great finds! Also nail file sets for 25 cents! I’m stocking up my gift stash!

  • Megan says:

    My Walmart had a ton of glade scents marked down. I had coupons on top of it. I got glade candles for $0.24 each, glade room spray $0.19, and 3pk plug ins for $0.62! I also found axe gift set marked to $2.00 and I still had the $2.00 coupons for them. I got 2 free axe gift sets!!

  • Maria says:

    CVS is offering 90% off Xmas, stockings at 0.79

  • ella says:

    My CVS had 90% off today but not much left, just cards, some decorations and similar items.

  • Rae says:

    Clearence doesnt go far around me it gets to 50% and its like calling hogs to the trough… if your late you get the scraps. I did get a 101ct cookie cutters for $10(50% off) which I figured was a great deal. I found them a few days later at $5 but I didnt any more. Also in the rubble of the 75% clearence was a Cars toothbrush and paste for 1.22 and thats about all I got.

  • KS says:

    Toys R Us has there clearance at 90% off and candy 75% off. Got a bunch of paper for .20-.30 cents along with 5 packs of ornament for .20 cents. :)

  • Nate says:

    Some of the items that were posted at 90% off we’re ringing up at regular price in Target, NV…like the Remington iron curler $29.99. 😟

  • michelle says:

    Thats one tidy walmart clearance section. Ours is totally trashed in el paso. Lol

  • Irene says:

    walked in to walmart today and to my surprise…..all christmas items were being marked down to 95% off!!!! yes you read right… 95% off!…I nearly fainted lol. I bought 50 4 pack rolls of wrapping paper for 10cents ea. $5 bucks for 50 packages for 4!!!! The 8 pack rolls were ringing up at $0.79. stockings were $0.19 lots of knick knacks for Cents!!! best deals ever!

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