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Amazon: Up to 40% Off Select BOB Jogging Single or Double Strollers Today Only (Awesome Reviews)

5:47 AM MST
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Today only (or until they sell out!), is offering up to 40% off select BOB Jogging Strollers! Choose from Single Strollers or Double Strollers all of which appear to be priced the lowest they have ever been. If you’re not familiar with BOB Strollers, be sure to read through all the awesome reviews!

From the zoo to the beach, zip through congested areas and around tight corners with the revolutionary swiveling front wheel or lock it in place for increased stability jogging or when the terrain turns tough. Easy fold, lightweight design means this BOB is ready to stow, go or roll wherever life moves you. The state of the art suspension ensures baby will have a smooth ride on the journey. If your little one is not quite ready for the roomy, comfortable seat, the Accessory Adapter feature quickly secures a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or Snack Tray when he’s older.

Check out some comments left by Hip2Save readers on a previous BOB Stroller post…

I love my BOB and so does my daughter! Best stroller out there.

We bought a BOB Revolution new in 2007 for my son. Used it for my daughter too and just sold it last month since she grew out of it. I ran with it, went on hiking trails with it, walked the city sidewalks with it. It folds up nicely. We also had the bug guard and rain guard and we used both. Ran a 10K in the rain and my baby was snug as a bug! All around best baby purchase I ever made! Looked just like new when we sold it. So easy to clean.

I love this stroller!!!!!!!!! My daughter loves this stroller!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST PURCHASE I MADE!!!

(Thanks, Freebie Finding Mom!)

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  • jamie says:

    holy cow that is amazing. We LOVE our BOB (paid full price for it), and it was worth every penny if you are an active person. We bought a cheap one to get us through the airport and things like that, but love love love our stroller. Tempting at that price….

    • Rachel says:

      I was just looking at these on Amazon! What do you mean by cheap one? Are there other styles from this brand? We are looking for something to get the kids (4 and 1) through a flight and trip to WDW. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

      • Trish says:

        I think she means she bought a cheap stroller in a diff brand for going thru the airport.

      • Jamie says:

        Yes, I did mean a different brand like an umbrella stroller. Because these are so expensive, personally I would not risk mine at the airport (even at gate check) but it would be nice in wdw. ;). Good luck!

        • Allison says:

          You can totally rent bobs through kingdom strollers in WDW – we did that and it was well worth it. They deliver it right to your hotel

        • Patti says:

          Have you thought about renting a stroller at Disney? There is a company down there that will deliver a City Mini to your hotel. They are much more comfy than the Disney hard plastic strollers and that way you don’t have to take it on the airplane. We used the company and ordered groceries with them too. So, when we checked in to our hotel the groceries and stroller were waiting. They even come pick it back up at the front desk when you check out.

          • Rachel says:

            Thanks for all of the advice. We really don’t need another stroller so renting one looks like the best option. Thanks for the tips!

  • Michelle says:

    We love our Bob we even took it to Disney with us. The stroller bag for it is heaven sent also. Our son is so comfy in it, it handles great in tight places and it folds and stores quickly. We got ours for a baby shower gift but I know they paid full price. This is an excellent price for this stroller!

  • Kristina says:

    Well, I just bought one. Even though we are not pregnant yet, we are planning on being pregnant in the next few months or so. I figured for the price, I could always resell the stoller for what I paid if for some reason we can’t get pregnant. Super excited about this price, I had $30 in cash back bonus so I only paid $255 shipped after taxes!

  • Anita Myers says:

    go thru ebates for another 3% back too
    and if have Amazon credit card get another 1% back on top

  • Pam w. says:

    I <3 my bob stroller!!!

  • Brandie says:

    Don’t miss out on this deal if you are in the market for a jogging stroller!! I have 2 toddlers and have had our double BOB for almost a year and I love it!! By far the best stroller I have ever used!! I might have to invest in the single at this price!

    • Lisa says:

      LOL, I was just thinking the same thing, but my husband might go crazy if I add another stroller to the house. We have the double and it would be nice to have a single on days when my 4 year old is in school. :)

  • Joelle says:

    I LOVE LOVE my BOB stroller!! It glides along anywhere we go. Our stroller has the front swivel wheel which is great so when going around corners outside or in the mall you don’t have to pick up the wheels to manually move them. It also has a lock so if your running in a straight line it won’t move in a different direction.
    Make sure to get the car seat adapter if your going to use with an infant in a car seat.

  • Sree says:

    Not related to BOB but wondering whether target has strollers on clearance yet. Need a lightweight one for travel. Please suggest some brands that can be checked in and survive rough handling.

    • Vanessa says:

      There are tons of strollers in clearance at my target. I got a Mickey Mouse umbrella stroller for 85% off so I paid $3.74 and a graco ride 2 grow for 30% off so I paid $132. There were others also ranging from $30 to $100

  • Krista says:

    Buy buy baby price matched this for me today and I used the 20% off coupon which took off an additional $53

    • Joy says:

      Were you in store or over the phone?

      • krista says:

        In store. The manager originally said that the 20% off coupon would not work on a price match. But i gave it anyway bc I had another item and it still took it off because it discounts the highest priced item. Manager said “well look at that”.

  • Jessica R. says:

    I LOVE my Bob Duallie with the swivel wheel. Only problem I’ve had was that I used to get a lot of flats. I put the gel tire inserts from a bike shop & that fixed it. Do not store this outside, even under a canopy as the fabric will fade slightly.

  • Sam says:

    Epic deal. I love my bob stroller and would’ve paid double. It’s one of the best baby purchases I’ve made. Don’t miss out on this deal.

  • Erin says:

    The doubles aren’t 40% off anymore :(

  • Kimberly says:

    It went up to $329 :(

  • Erica says:

    Man I had one in my cart waiting to get hubby’s approval but he’s been asleep with a 103 temp. And now its no longer on sale :(

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