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Aeropostale: Possible 70% Off In-Store Clearance (+ Extra 50% Off Online Clearance or FREE Shipping)

4:08 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

As I mentioned yesterday here, there are some sweet clearance deals over at Well, if you are going to be out and about and have an Aeropostale store nearby, check out this email I received from reader, Amy…

I was at Aeropostale and P.S. Aero for kids, and they have all their clearance an extra 70% off the clearance price! Zip hooded sweaters for $3-4 for kids and adults. Also got denim jeggings for $4.50 a pair!

And, just a reminder of the online deals you can score…

Head on over to where they are  offering up a 50% off clearance merchandise when you use the code EXTRA50 at checkout. You can also score FREE shipping when you use the code FREESHIP at checkout, but keep in mind that you can only use 1 code per transaction, so be sure to use the one that will save you the most (shipping is a flat rate of $7).

Here are a couple highlights…

Cami’s $3.99 – $4.99
*After promo code EXTRA50, only $1.99 – $2.50 (OR you can use FREESHIP for FREE Shipping!)

Cable Knit Cardigan $19.35 (reg. $64.50!)
*After promo code EXTRA50, only $9.68 (OR you can use FREESHIP for FREE Shipping!)

Sheer Stripe V-Neck Sweater $17.85 (reg. $59.50!)
*After promo code EXTRA50, only $8.92 (OR you can use FREESHIP for FREE Shipping!)

Marled Cable Sweater $16.35 (reg. $54.50!)
*After promo code EXTRA50, only $8.17 (OR you can use FREESHIP for FREE Shipping!)

+ So Much More!

(Thanks, Amy!)

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  • Ali says:

    I found a few things that I would have ordered with BOTH coupon codes, but since its one or the other I passed. I just cannot stomach the $7 shipping.

  • Lisa says:

    I was in an Aeropostale store yesterday…there indeed was an additional 70% off clearance! Distressed boyfriend jeans marked down to $14.99 rang up at $4.50! I bought 2 pair, would have bought more but most of the sizes were 000 – 2. 2 t-shirts for my guy at $1.50 apiece. Clearance cami for .60 as well as little items in a basket by the register. Tons of great deals, especially if you’re on the smaller side!

  • Amy says:

    Tons of sizes at novi mall mi. Sweaters 3.90, pj bottoms 2.99, etc.

  • megan says:

    did this last night and so did a buddy! between the two of us we got 26 items for $107! Dont forget to check the kids stuff too. The code works for all associated sites

  • Belinda says:

    Triple 000 is a size?!

    • Amber says:

      That’s what I was thinking!

    • Des says:

      It is but only at Aeropostale. My daughter normally wears a 00 but since Aeropostale jeans run big on her, the 000 is perfect. Their tops seem to run small/true to size, but their jeans have always seemed a size or two bigger than what it says.

    • Katie says:

      Yes a five year olds :)

      • Des says:

        Or like my daughter, anemic 16 year olds that can’t gain weight. It’s not nice to make fun of plus sizes, why are people so quick to make jokes about smaller sizes?

        • Amy says:

          I totally agree we cannot say a thing about plus sized and I never would, but snarky comments about small people is equally offensive. I am not trying to poke a bear but it is in extremely poor taste to judge anyone I am small have been so my entire life. I have two kids, I weigh the same as I always have once I was an adult. I am frankly disgusted with people who comment on my size, I eat more than my husband I have a high metabolism. I don’t comment on their size why have free reign on mine?

          • Laura says:

            You’re absolutely right. Making fun of any body type is in very poor taste and rude!
            And for what it’s worth….I think it’s amazing that you still weigh the same after kids! I think most if not all women would rather have a fast metabolism and be slim than not. I know I would! :)

            • Amy says:

              Thank you Laura. I am off my soap box now I guess it gets to me because if I drop weight from being sick, stressed any reason it is very hard to put back on and people don’t look at the other side of the coin.

            • Laura says:

              You’re welcome Amy!
              I really meant what I said. I have 5 kids and would love to be a size 2 again! Unfortunately my metabolism is not what it used to be, lol. I always secretly envy the thin moms! :)

          • nicole says:

            Totally agree! I hate when I see people make comments about people who are larger and will stick up for them…but then people seem to find it okay to make fun of skinny people. It’s really offensive. I have been small my entire life and struggle to gain weight–even while pregnant. It upset me so many times when people asked me if I was starving my baby because I was still petite while pregnant. Snarky comments about someone’s weight–no matter what direction the scale swings–is extremely offensive and in very poor taste.

  • kari says:

    my daughter wears 00. I used the 10 off 40 coupon that is also available and got her a few pairs of jeans and sweatpants for about $3 each. I also scored a winter jacket for my son for $6. I bought enough stuff to get above $40 and get the extra 10 off and I could’ve kept shopping.

  • kari says:

    I just checked and the 10 off 40 coupon is still available to print on their website

  • savin girl says:

    Are their cami’s similar in quality to Express? Just got 2 from Express and LOVE the quality.

  • Stephanie says:

    Does anyone know if you can return online purchases in store?

  • Sue says:

    Yes, you can return them at the store

  • VJ says:

    Cannot get code extra50 to work online for me. It states that I have free shipping ( or can get 2 day shipping through shoprunner ) but the 50%off would be a better deal for me. Anyone with same issues? thanks

  • nicole says:

    Hurry out to the store there are maxi dresses for less than $2, nice polo’s shirt for males that are $1.80, shoes for $3. This sale is ridiculous and if you have the retailmenot app you can pull the $10 of $40 purchase right up on your phone. I got $615 worth of stuff for $31.74.

  • Katey says:

    We went to an outlet store and got school uniform shirts for $0.60 and puff jackets for $1.80!!! Awesome sale!

  • afshan bawany says:

    I shopped online on aeropastal and had to pay 25 dollars shipping instead of 7 dollars making the bill over 150 dollars.

  • Amy says:

    If anyone finds jeggings in destroyed or regular in light or dark denim size 2 reg or short would you pick up for me I will pay shipping etc. none in my area. Email is

  • mic says:

    Anyone else have difficulty using the $10 off $40 coupon on clearance/markdowns? My store had 70% off on several clearance and markdown items. The cashier said I was not allowed to combined the two because it is “already discounted a lot”. The manager pointed since the coupon says “may not be combined with other discounted offers” I couldn’t use the coupon. He said the 70% off is the discounted offer.

  • Kristin says:

    Just got done at the store. Got $1000.00 retail for $55!!! The management has been told not to honor the coupons for whatever reason they can come up with. First she said I couldn’t buy more than 25 items & use the coupon. Then I got it down to 25 items & tried the coupon & it rang up $10 off $50. I said that’s fine just ring it thru. Still thrilled with the deal. But it wad shady what was going on with the coupon & the different stories customers were being told. Cheers to a heck of a sale anyway!!!

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