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  View changes → 60 Double Rolls Charmin Basic Bath Tissue Only $21.97 Shipped = Only 18¢ Per Single Roll (Available Again!)

3:20 PM MST
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If you missed out on this deal when I posted it here, you are in luck as it’s back in stock! Head on over to where you can score 20 double rolls Charmin Basic Bath Tissue Rolls (which are highly rated by the way!) for only $8.99 – regularly $12.99! Even sweeter, add 3 of these packages to your cart and you can use the code 90218 to save $5 off a $25 order, making your total just $21.97 for 60 double rolls.  That makes each single roll just $0.18!

Note, that you can also use the code 51502 to save $25 off a Restaurant Supplies order of $75 or more (this code worked for me!). So if you ordered 9 packs and applied the code 51502, you’d pay $55.91 for 180 double rolls and it would equal out to $0.16 per single roll! Sweet!

Plus, if you are a Staples Rewards Member (if you’re not yet a member, head on over here to sign up for free!), you will snag an additional 5% cash back + FREE shipping (no minimum!). Gotta love shopping from the comfort of your own home! :D

(Thanks, Ann!)

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  • LG says:

    keep in mind this is for 1-ply!

  • Wanda says:

    I was thinking the same thing – -not sure if I wanted to jump on board for that

  • Kristen says:

    Even though it’s one-ply I think it’s totally fine toilet paper (much better than the Scott one-ply, IMO).
    However, calculated by the square foot, even buying 9 packages for $55.91 does not beat Costco’s Kirkland brand :)

    • gaby says:

      I actually prefer the scott 1000 (1ply) that you mention. 1 roll lasts longer than 1 roll of all of those other brands even their extra soft version.

    • Kristen says:

      At Costco, I get the Kirkland brand (2-ply) … 1593.7 square feet for $14.99, last I checked. That works out to under 1 penny per square foot ($0.0094/sq ft).
      This deal is close, but not better. $0.011/sq ft if you buy 3 packages, $0.00992/sq ft if you buy 9 packs. So obviously the 9 packs is better, but still about $0.82 more than the equivalent amount from Costco.

      I know some people prefer to buy online so they don’t have to trek to the store, which I totally get! But I like the Kirkland brand, and am at Costco frequently anyway, so I never buy unless I can get a better deal than Costco (which is very rare). Though for people who don’t have a Costco membership, I’ve heard $0.01/sq ft is a good target price.

    • tpv says:

      I wondered how Kirkland stacked up. I usually buy this. Do you know the price and square feet? I do not have a pack to look.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Kristen, I’m starting to buy TP based on sq footage and not rolls. I do NOT have a Costco or Sams membership. What TP deals would you recommend based on square footage? I’ve been keeping track of a few TP deals that Collin posts but don’t have enough data to discern which is the best deal. Could you give me any advice on this? I would greatly appreciate it!

      • David says:

        I do not have a Costco or Sam’s membership either so I watch for Sam’s shop without a membership weekends (at least 2 time, sometimes 3 times a year) and stock up then. I use to buy tp based on the cost per roll, but since they make the rolls shorter and with less paper per roll (double/triple rolls are not truly double/triple if you look at the number of sheets or sq ft) I borrowed a friend’s formula for tp by the sq ft.
        I never pay more than $.015 per square foot for 2 ply. I don’t buy 1 ply. I prefer to pay $.01 per square foot. So on a 334 square foot package, $3.34 would be my stock up price and $5.01 would be my highest price.

        • Kristen says:

          Yes, for an easy calculation I’d go with David’s method! Find the square footage of the entire package (sometimes easier said than done with online deals), then move the decimal point two places to the left. Pretend that’s the price, and the closer it is to the actual price, the better the deal. If it’s ever higher than the price, stock up for sure ;)

  • CW says:

    Another warning… I left this story last night on the other tp deal. When I once bought this through Staples for my brother in Indiana, they left 6 of them at his front door *without* putting it in a box/case. So just be aware it could show up at your door literally showing the whole neighborhood you bought large amounts of tp. Lol. Someone else commented this happened to them too, it wasn’t just me. If you dont mind all of your neighbors seeing your stacked toilet paper at your front door, go for it. ha ha ha!

  • mary says:

    P.S. Ebates 2% cash back delivered to my front door. Even tho toilet tissue is a 1 ply, I think its still a good purchase. Thank you Colin.

  • Andrea says:

    Shop at home 5% cash back. I’ve had them drop it off without putting it in a box and I don’t care what people think! Everyone uses tp…………….lol

  • LovinMyCoupons says:

    I had mine delivered that way too! I was more worried about it dissapearing off my porch than what people thought cuz I had it delivered/.

  • shannon says:

    I don’t really care for this toilet paper. It’s very thin. I think I”d prefer Quilted Northern or Angel Soft. I’ll be passing on this deal

  • brandice says:

    Worst toilet paper ever

  • Ashley says:

    Out of stock already :(

  • Rett says:

    Last time I ordered from Staples, I had a call from a man saying he had a delivery for me but my address was not showing up in GPS would I give him directions. Half awake due to just having a baby, I asked “who do you work for”. He rattled off some company I had NEVER heard of. None the less I gave him directions. Long story short, I got freaked out and he arrived in a old painted over Uhaul, no uniform. I hollered at him through the kitchen window to leave it on the front porch so my Pit wouldn’t eat him. “Yes Ma’am !!!”

  • Kv says:

    Any good Angel Soft deals?

  • Kat says:

    Out of stock :(

  • Jenn says:

    This is our typical brand of tp – it gets the job done – not too thin or hard.

  • Libby Huebner-Bieszk says:

    I was surprised to get it the very next. Considering I was on my last roll it was a nice surprise. Yes, it come to the door not in a box, but I think we all know everyone uses toilet paper. I do however but the Costco brand TP usually. I really do like that one a lot. When I run out of this one I will be back to that. Thanks again for sharing awesome deals like this! :)

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