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  View changes → FREE Arctic Naturals Omega & Love Your Heart Products (After Rebate)

2:27 PM MST
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Wow! Here’s an easy way to snag 4 completely FREE Arctic Naturals Omega supplements after this rebate from Just click on the specific products below and add the item(s) to your cart. Even sweeter, you can score FREE shipping on $25 order – no code needed! Plus, you can receive one rebate per product purchased, which means you can basically snag 4 completely FREE products shipped to your door after the rebates! So if you don’t have a Walgreens nearby or don’t feel like heading to the store, this is the way to go!

Keep in mind that this rebate is valid for online purchases only and purchases must be made between 1/26-2/22. Also, if you’re a regular Walgreens shopper, you can even opt to receive a Walgreens Rebate Card and you’ll snag an additional 10% bonus! Awesome – can’t beat FREE money! :D

Here’s a list of the FREE after rebate products:

Arctic Naturals Total Omega Full Spectrum Support for Joint Skin and Heart Health Supplement Softgels Lemon $14.99
Submit for the $15 mail-in rebate found here
Final cost FREE!

Arctic Naturals Ultra Omega-3 Ultra Concentrated EPA/DHA for Advanced Support Supplement Softgels Lemon $15 (reg. $22.99!)
Submit for the $15 mail-in rebate found here
Final cost FREE!

Arctic Naturals Daily Omega-3 Purified Fish Oil Supplement Softgels Lemon $15 (reg. $15.49!)
Submit for the $15 mail-in rebate found here
Final cost FREE!

Arctic Naturals Krill OMEGA-3 Pure Krill & Natural Fish Oil, Softgels Lemon $15 (reg. $19.99!)
Submit for the $15 mail-in rebate found here
Final cost FREE!

* Remember, if you purchase at least $25 worth of these supplements, you’ll score FREE shipping. Also, I would suggest printing the rebate form now. That way you will have the form on hand when you receive your products in the mail, and then you’ll easily be able to submit for the mail-in rebate.

You can also score this Love Your Heart Advanced Cardiovascular Support Dietary Supplement completely FREE after this rebate from This product is on sale for only $20 (regularly $35.99!) AND you can score FREE shipping on your $25 order – no code needed!

You may also want to consider adding one of the Arctic Naturals Supplements mentioned above to your cart to get your total up to $25 to score free shipping. Then submit for both rebates! :)

*Go through to get an additional 5% cash back, making for an even sweeter deal!

(Thanks, The Binder Ladies!)

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  • Laurie says:

    I did this rebate when they had it a couple of years ago and it took more than a YEAR for me to get it all straightened out. They did not want to send the rebate for EACH of the products. I bought 3 different ones and they only sent the rebate for one. It was very frustrating, not sure I want to go thru that again.

  • Jess says:

    Does this mean you fill out one form, with 4 UPCs from the different products listed, and get 4 $15 rebates? Or will you just get 1 rebate per form…so better to just purchase 1 item? Thanks,my Dad is battling dementia, so the Krill fish oil is something we all want!

  • Lori Stevens says:

    Can you purchase the Arctic Naturals and Love your heart together (1 of each) or do they need to be on separate orders?

  • Lisa says:

    I have done this twice and have never had a problem getting the rebate for each item purchased.

  • Diana says:

    I have done this same rebate offer for the last 2 years, gotten all 4 of the items and always received the full rebate amount, making them free. Glad they’re offering again!

  • Pam says:

    According to Rose at Walgreens rebate center (1-855-417-4256) if the form does NOT say “limit to 1 per household” and does say “limit 1 rebate PER PRODUCT”, then you can buy one of each of the four Arctic Naturals products and send them all in on the same rebate form since there are 4 lines for UPC’s and each link goes to the same rebate offer (#14-83592). I already ordered mine, and included the “Love Your Heart Supplement” since you can send in a COPY of the packing slip to each of the two rebate addresses.
    I had no trouble when I did this before (just the usual 8 – 10 weeks that turns into 12 – 14 weeks).

  • vistor says:

    Can you use Walgreens Balance Rewards points and get the rebates?

  • Joe says:

    The Feb book says limit 1 offer? This is on both pages? If it were each item wouldn’t it say 1 offer for each variety or something to that nature? Rhode Island limit is 2? I do not understand how 4 would qualify…unless I am missing something…..

    • visitor says:

      The rebate form for online purchase has “Limit 1 rebate per product” under Our Rebate Policy. Seems like a go for online order.

  • Nicole says:

    Rebates are a great way to “Cash out” RR, I leave them until the end of the month in case I can’t roll my RR. In store the rebates are different, but I’m going to wait to see what RR I need to use up.

  • Grace says:

    Last year, I did this rebate, purchasing one of each of the products. Submitted my rebate on Feb 4th, got the entire rebate amount requested on March 28th. No problems at all, so I will do this again this year! The rebate form states that the refund will arrive in 8 – 10 weeks, so yes it may take 2 1/2 months to get your money back. Also, if you have any questions about this rebate, the phone number on the rebate form for customer questions is 1-855-417-4256. (For the record, I am not a big fan of Walgreens, nor do I shop there on a regular basis. But I can’t pass up free expensive vitamins.)

  • Laura says:

    I did this one of the last times and once I opened the products I realized I was allergic to one of the ingredients listed (which was not listed when I looked at the label online). I tried to return to my local Walgreens and even though I had everything, they were only able to give me store credit. So I had bought all three which made it almost 50$. It was a waste of money for me and frustrating since I should have been able to return t. Be careful! Not to mention I never shop at Walgreens but I had to after!

  • Diana G says:

    in case you don’t use shopathome as much, Upromise also gives 5% for Walgreens! (and 4% at ebates).

  • Mary says:

    I just ordered 2 of the arctic natural omega products and1 of the heart advanced cardiovascular supplements. I went through shopathome so should get 5% back from there and I will submit for the rebate on a Walgreens rebate card and get an extra 10%. I also received 5000 points for the order and shipping was free! This is a free plus a moneymaking deal! Thanks Collin!

  • Mary says:

    I just looked over my receipt for the supplements order and the 5000 points were from AARP.

  • Mimi says:

    You can only get ONE not all four. I saw the clarification on another site.

  • leanne says:

    I submitted a rebate for 3 products because my 4th one got cancelled. It’s saying my rebate is only for $15.

    The answer I got back from Walgreens:
    I am sorry your submission was not approved in the amount you expected. The offer you applied for has a limit of one rebate per household, per product. The Arctic Natural is considered as one product regardless it says Ultra, Total, etc.

    Since the limit permitted has been already approved, the additional one can not be honored.

    I am sorry for any inconvenience this process may have caused you.

    If there is anything else we may assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us again at We are always happy to help!

    Rebates Customer Service

    ……………………………I saved the conservation I had with the Walgreens Rep who told me I would get $15 back for each product, and I am going to send it to them later. I am livid!!!

    • leanne says:

      I went to , told them about the rep who told me I’d get money back for all 3 “different” omega products, told them how ridiculous it was to have 4 lines for 4 different UPCs if they are going to honor only one, apologized because I know it’s not the chat rep’s fault that I was currently talking with, and they said “Thank you for waiting, Leanne. As a one time courtesy we are going to make an exception and validate all the products” …. give it a try if you’re having the same problem I did.

      & from now on..i’m only buying ONE product for each rebate!! learned my lesson.

    • s says:

      Leanne, can you post that chat session here?

    • yellowfan says:

      Hi, Leanne , Same problem here, just wonder how you gonna resend the rebate? Do you have to have any kind of code or case number? I guess I was talking to the wrong person, the Rebate center, the getting me no where. I am thinging may be just return the products to the local WAGS store but I sent the receipt with the rebate. Will WAGS store give me the refund by the WAGS.COM order number? 200% agree with you, next time just buy one, lesson learned.

      • leanne says:

        I gave them my rebate number or whatever the number was called.. I don’t know if they can do something through the back-end to change the rebate amount.. If they wouldn’t honor it, I was going to go to Walgreens, show them my copy of my receipt , explain why I didn’t have the original.. maybe print out the chat session, and hope they’d return it.. but looks like (Hopefully) i’m not going to have to do that

        • leanne says:

          it still shows $15 in my rebate status, but at “2014-02-25 09:17:39” Marlene said “I just sent the information for processing. Your rebate will be mailed no later than March – 30 – 14 …… keeping my fingers crossed, it better go through.

      • s says:

        There are several references on the rebate form indicating PLURAL products purchased. Seems somebody doesnt want to pay the legitimate rebates

  • s says:

    If I don’t get the full rebate amount on all 4, I’m filing a CC dispute as the merchant is failing to honor their end of the purchase agreement or contract which includes a rebate of $15 for one of each product purchased.

  • Diana says:

    For anyone having trouble, I just on March 12 got this resolved today in less than 5 minutes through the link

    Here’s an excerpt from my chat session (my numbers x’d out) so you can see how to go about resolving if you only get a partial rebate:

    Johnny: Thank you for using rebates chat. My name is Johnny and I will be assisting you today.
    12:20:44 PM EDT : Johnny: Diana, I will be happy to help you with this rebate situation.
    12:20:46 PM EDT : Johnny: Please do not worry.
    12:20:56 PM EDT : Diana: I submitted the Arctic Naturals rebate for 4 products (Krill Omega 3, Daily Omega 3, Ultra Omega 3, and Total Omega Full Spectrum) as I have 2 other years. The rebate form clearly says Limit 1 rebate per product and I was only rebated for 1
    12:21:17 PM EDT : Diana: I talked with a chat-rep before purchasing and they assured me that I could submit for all 4 since it was 1 per product
    12:23:04 PM EDT : Johnny: I am able to verify that you did purchase 4 items.
    12:23:20 PM EDT : Diana: i received my check today (#XXXXXXXX) for only 1 Arctic Naturals rebate and my $20 for ReNew Life (total $35)
    12:24:01 PM EDT : Diana: So I’m still missing $45
    12:24:57 PM EDT : Johnny: Yes that is correct and I am taking care of that for you right now Diana.
    12:25:47 PM EDT : Diana: Thank you
    12:25:57 PM EDT : Johnny: You are welcome.
    12:26:13 PM EDT : Johnny: Diana, here is the tracking number for the $45.00 rebate XXXXXXXXX

  • Kathy Brock says:

    I got majorly screwed on this deal as well, buying all four fish oil products and being told I’d get ONE rebate. Worse yet, they only sent three of the four products. So not only didn’t I get the rebate, but I paid for nothing too. Walgreen’s customer service said this wasn’t one of its rebates, so no help there, although she was able to issue a refund for the item I never received! Horrid.

  • Pam says:

    Even though I called ahead and verified the rebate was good for 4 products at $15 each (see my post above), I only got the one for $15. When I called customer service, the gentleman told me that he could send me the 45 dollars since the “system” did not recognize the 4 products, but he could not include the 10% bonus even though a Walgreens Rebate Card was requested on the original document. I am putting in a complaint to the BBB today, and I would suggest you all do the same as well. It is the principle of the thing, not the $4.50 that has angered me.

  • sunny says:

    I called the number at the bottom of the form, 1-855-417-4256, and after finally speaking to a live operator, I explained that there was a mistake, and I should have received $30 instead of $15, he apologized and put me on hold, then gave a me a tracking number for the additional amount. Granted I haven’t actually seen the additional amount, but it might be worthwhile to try this route, maybe they have finally straightened it out?

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