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  View changes → Discounted Gift Cards for Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, CVS & More (+ Additional 5% Off Through Tomorrow Only)

1:51 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure. offers up discounted gift cards for restaurants, retail stores and more (perfect to help you save even more at the register since you can combine store coupons, sales and cash back sites with these discounted gift cards)!

Even sweeter, new and existing customers can snag an extra 5% off sitewide with the promo code HAPPY1YEAR at checkout (expires tomorrow, February 7th, at 11:59PM CST!). This is a one-time use code and cannot be combined with other coupon codes.

Note that there are no fees to buy these discounted gift cards (they don’t charge sales tax, shipping costs or processing fees!). Physical gift cards will be mailed through USPS (and arrive between 3-14 days) and E-gift cards become available in your account within 1-2 business days.

Check out some of the deals that you may be able to snag (note that the inventory changes all the time so if you see something you like, then snatch it up!)…

Victoria’s Secret Gift Card: up to 11% off
Use code HAPPY1YEAR to save an additional 5%
Final Cost – Get as much as 16% off!

CVS Gift Card: up to 8% off
Use code HAPPY1YEAR to save an additional 5%
Final Cost – Get as much as 13% off!

Toys R Us Gift Card: up to 6% off
Use code HAPPY1YEAR to save an additional 5%
Final Cost – Get as much as 11% off!

Starbucks Gift Card: up to 15% off
Use code HAPPY1YEAR to save an additional 5%
Final Cost – Get as much as 20% off!

The Raise Guarantee: As is a marketplace, we act as the intermediary between our buyers and sellers to facilitate every transaction and to ensure a secure exchange. Sellers are held responsible for listing gift cards at the value, price and discount they choose, and all gift card balances are fully insured and covered by our 100% money back guarantee. In the case that a gift card has a value other than what was shown at the point of sale, Raise will cover the buyer’s transaction for up to 60 days from the date of purchase. Should an issue arise, we will work with our members directly to help resolve the matter. We want all of our members to buy and sell gift cards with confidence on our marketplace.

In addition to buying discounted gift cards, you can head over to to sell unused gift cards for cash (a great way to earn some extra spending money!).

(To read more about earning money by selling your unused gift cards on, click the link below “Read More / Post Your Comments”.)

You can sell physical gift cards, E-gift cards and merchandise credit with a minimum of $20 on the card; the cards may be partially used and do not need to have an even balance.

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

* Gather up all your un-used and unwanted gift cards

* Head over here and create a account

* Visit the Sell Gift Cards page.

* Enter the required info (Gift Card Retailer, Serial Number, PIN Number etc.). Keep in mind that all gift card serial numbers and pins are kept private at all times. You’ll also need to note the gift card balance and your selling price (depending on the brand, gift cards sell the fastest when discounted 3% to 30%). You can always choose to adjust the price if your card is not selling.

* For each gift card sale, does take a flat 15% commission of the gift card sale price. They also charge an extra $1 per physical gift card sale and no extra fee for an electronic (e-gift card) sale. You are only charged a fee when your gift card sells; if your gift card does not sell, you will not be charged.

* If you are selling a physical gift card, covers all shipping fees and provides prepaid shipping labels for letters and parcels (they just ask that you ship your gift card letters and parcels within 3 business days).

* You can select to be paid by Check Payments or PayPal.

Special Note: verifies every seller and approves each sale on their site. You can verify your account through the seller verification tab on the My Account page or when you list your gift card. There is a $1 pre-authorization credit card charge for validating each account. All authorizations will be reimbursed between 24-72 hours

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  • adrimom says:

    Do they carry Disney gift cards? I don’t want to “join” to find out. Thanks!

  • Rachel says:

    You can also go through ebates and get an additional 1% back. Not much but hey every little bit counts!

  • Christina says:

    Disney cards appear to be sold out.

  • 4lilgirls says:

    Thank you! I just got a $58 CVS card for $50. Score! That saves me the tax+ when I get my deals there.

  • says:

    Don’t forget to go thru Ebates for 1% cash back:)

  • Jenifer says:

    Would love it if someone would use my link:

    I use Raise to help make my starbucks habit easier on the budget. Usually you can get cards for about 10% off.

  • May says:

    Please be careful.
    I bought 2 Old Navy’s gift card and mine was a stolen card.
    I tried to get hold of the customer service but we could never get hold of them.
    It was always busy then we even left the message but they didn’t call us back.
    We talked to the Old Navy’s customer service and they told me those were stolen gift cards so they stopped my card before I could use them all.
    We finally got hold of somebody working for buying card department and asked for refund but I never use this company anymore.

    • Raise Member Support says:

      Hi May,

      Thanks for reaching out and I am so sorry to have heard this happen to you. Please send us an email at and I will make sure to help you right away from this past issue.

      Thank you,
      Raise Member Support

    • Jamie says:

      I see that Raise has responded to your issue, but I wanted to say that I had an issue and they promptly responded to my email I received a refund the same day. I was impressed with their customer service!!

  • HeatherMM says:

    Good thing to note that actually takes a 15% commission now when you sell your gift cards through them…. not 10%. Also They take $1.00 for every physical gift card and egift cards are free.

  • Kelli says:

    I love Raise. I use them all of the time. Just like other sites, their inventory changes all the time. Just keep checking back if you are looking for something specific.

  • Diana says:

    I don’t know

    Places like this always make me a lil worried these are not legit, just a thought

    • Tilla Ham says:

      I would be very careful as well…someone could have written down the codes on card before selling them and can use them after they are sold. I bought Gymboree one and it had been used before I was ablet o use it

      • Barbi says:

        That happened to me too! I was very embarrassed when I found out at the register that my card had a zero balance. Of course it was Black Friday and I could not get the deals I had picked out. The issue was resolved by Raise, by a refund of my money, but the aggravation and second bad experience has made me think twice about using this site for gift card purchases. My first experience, I purchased a card with a discount code, only to have the order cancelled by Raise, because there was an issue with the gift card I had purchased. So no card and lost discount.

        • Raise Member Support says:

          Hi Barbi,

          Thank you for your honest concern, and I apologize for this issue occurring! Discounted gift cards on Raise are provided by marketplace sellers, and we thoroughly verify each and every gift card at the point of sale. In this situation, we are glad to have our 100% money back guarantee in place, and we are working to provide a better solution to any inconvenience this may cause. If there is anything you need or that we can help with, please reach out to us at or call Raise Member Services at your convenience.

          Thank you again, Barbi and we hope to see you back at!
          Raise Member Support

          • Jami says:

            You should also be able to call the phone number on the back of any gift card and check the balance. Might provide you some peace of mind before you go to use the card.

      • Raise Member Support says:

        Hi Tilla,

        Thank you for reaching out and we are so sorry to have heard this happen! We do have a 60 day policy were you are covered 100% by your purchase. If you have not received a refund, please send us an email at and we will help you right away!

        Thank you,
        Raise Member Support

        • Tilla Ham says:

          thank you:) mine wasn’t purchased at Raise but from another vendor. glad to know you offer a refund policy, however I would still be mortified to be a cash register and not be able to get the items I purchased because my gift card is empty.

  • Amy C says:

    I use whenever I need to reload my Starbucks gift card on my Starbucks account. It’s the only way I have found to save any money on my Starbucks addiction. ;-)
    I’ve never had any problems and I just paid $79.80 for a $100 gift card. I should be able to access the card in just a matter of minutes and then I choose to transfer the entire balance onto one of my existing cards tied to my Starbucks account. It’s really easy and so very nice to save a few dollars.

    Please feel free to use my promo code:

  • Anna says:

    There was a story in the Chicago Tribune newspaper a while ago about a guy who purchased a large giftcard (I think about $2500) from a home improvement store at a discount to do some remodeling. His plans changed, so he decided to sell the giftcard online at a discount, maybe $1000. The buyer wanted to verify the balance before sending the money, so the seller gave him the cardnumber and pin. Sure enough, the buyer wiped out the balance with an online purchase. The seller acknowledged it was his mistake to give the information. While most transactions on this sight may be legit and most sellers may be honest, just remember that even if the giftcard is sold at the advertised value, the seller still has the card number and pin and can use it online.

    • Ketsy says:

      These work great! I use them in combination with JCpenneys online codes all the time. Get uniforms, shoes for ridiculous discount :D I only had one issue and was quickly refunded and the person stayed on the chat to process my new request faster than the 2 day wondow. Customer service was awesome! Love it :D

    • Kidsallgone says:

      But the customer service person just wrote that your purchase is guaranteed for 60 days so I wouldn’t hesitate to use them. I have used this site before for e cards and never had an issue. Seems smart to use them if u are making a big purchase. :-)

  • Holly C. says:

    I have used this company many times and have never had an issue. Saved me a ton of money on my Christmas shopping this past year!

  • Caitlin says:

    Yippee!! I bought a Payless and JCPenney gift card to use with the current coupons. I am on the job hunt and need some good interview clothes, so this couldn’t be more perfect timing! :D

  • Daniel D says:

    I was interested in getting a cvs card but all they list is vouchers. My concern is, what happens if I don’t use the entire amount of the voucher in one transaction? Will I get another voucher for the remaining balance? or can I do as another person posted and transfer that balance onto a cvs gift card?

  • VictoriaF says:

    Raise Member Support, do you have any promo codes for sellers? I remember you had them previously and I got a lower commission charge. Thank you.

    • Raise Member Support says:

      Hi Victoria F,

      Thanks for reaching out! We do not have a promo code for sellers at this time but make sure to check back as there may be one in the future. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at

      Raise Member Support

  • Kaylee says:

    Just tried 5 times to purchase different gift cards. Each time it tells me an item in my cart is no longer available. So I empty and start again and the same thing. It won’t tell me which one. Not worth any more of my time. I have 3 screaming kids now and I am not a happy mommy after this experience!!!!

    • Raise Member Support says:

      Hi Kaylee,

      We are so sorry for this issue that you experienced! Please reach out to us on our live chat or email us at and we will help you right away.

      Thank you,
      Raise Member Support

  • Dorothy says:

    Before you buy gift cards like these, you may want to check out They show you cards available from all the different places that sell them–including Raise–and you can comparison shop by discount. You can also sell on that site as well.

    • Vivian says:

      Thanx for sharing this website. It’s a wonderful resource!
      I just realized how much I could have saved if I had shopped with these gift cards… :(

  • Sarah says:

    I bought Gap gift cards on raise about a year ago & the whole process was seamless!! I highly recommend to anyone on the fence.

  • julie says:
    if someone would use my link that would be great.

  • Suzanne H says:

    I just tried to buy but it keeps reverting back to the payment page. I tried twice but then was worried my card would keep getting billed if I tried again. Not sure if it went through or not!

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