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BabiesRUs: *HOT* $5 and Under Clearance Sale on Clothing & Shoes = Snow Suits Only $5?!

9:06 PM MST
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Through February 17th, BabiesRUs is offering up a pretty sweet clearance sale! ALL clearance clothing, shoes & accessories are priced at ONLY $5 or less! Hip2Save reader, Erica, actually emailed me about this sale earlier and was able to score some *HOT* deals! Check out her email and picture below…

I just got an email this morning that all of the clearance clothes, shoes, and accessories at Babies R Us are $5 and under. I decided to head over to see if I could find anything good, and I hit the jackpot! I was lucky enough to find some Pacific Trail two piece snow suits that were originally $69.99 and were marked down to $5! I picked two up for my kids for next winter because you can’t beat a $5 snow suit! If for some reason they don’t end up fitting, I figure I can donate them to a coat drive.

(Thanks, Erica!)

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  • Alicia summe says:

    I wonder ifs the same stuff that’s been out there

    • Erica says:

      I went to the same store when the $4 sale was going on. There were a few things I noticed that were still there but most of the stuff was new. There were fewer shoes (and I don’t know if this deal works on the converse, pedi ped or other brand name shoes like the $4 one did) but there were two packed racks each for boys and girls.

      If you have a close babies r us or toys r us (with baby section) it might not hurt to drop in.

  • Sam says:

    BRU store wiped out Humble, TX as of 3 pm this afternoon.

  • Rita says:

    Anyone got lucky in bay area?

  • Haseena says:

    This deal gets even better if you have a baby gear item to trade in with BRU for 25% off another item and a $100 coupon book that contains a 50% off coupon of your Clerance purchase, so every $5 item becomes $2.50.

  • Gwenn says:

    I got lucky with the $4 sale because I just happened to stop by, will definitely check this sale out, thanks! I didn’t get the email from Toys R Us, did everyone get it? I got the last one about a say and a half after it was known by many.

  • Happymama says:

    Erica, that is such a wonderful thing your doing! You go girl! Couponing would be the only way to give back. You just reminded me to bring items to the church my son is playing basketball today. Thanks Erica!

  • Monica says:

    Will the 25% off work on a car seat on sale?

    • babs7881 says:

      For the trade-in event? No, it is off regular priced car seats. If the sale price is less than 25% you might could get them to charge you regular price and give you the 25%.

  • Dani says:

    I made out like a bandit last month when all of their clearance items were $4 plus 25% off. Got over $450 worth of clothing for $65. When I back a few days later, there wasn’t much left. Can’t imagine what’s left now.

    • Sam says:

      Yea I scored too with that sale and I doubt there’s much left now! Not sure it’s worth it to go in since I pretty much finished LO’s wardrobe and don’t need anything else.

    • Erica says:

      There were tons of different things that weren’t there during the $4 sale. I think they are clearing out ALL winter styles since they just had spring clothes on the regular racks.

  • Erin says:

    Long shot, but if anyone has the 15% regular price merchandise at Toys r Us or Babies r Us coupon that they’d be willing to trade, I’d be grateful. This coupon comes as a peelie on the TRU ad/catalog that comes in the mail. I used mine last week and now grandma is looking at a high end item for my son’s bday. :(

  • Erika says:

    My bru honors competitors coupons like bed bath and beyond and buy buy baby

  • maria says:

    does anyone know if they carry up to size 5T or 6 in snow pants

    • Alicia Summe says:

      I went to two stores and they had nothing in T sizes

    • Erica says:

      The one bru I went to only had up to 18 months. I called two others and one only had 6 months and the other had up to 24 months. I would suggest calling since the toddler sized clothes were hard to come by as it was.

  • Laura says:

    I went to the Northville, MI location this morning. Very picked over. However, I still found a good amount. I talked with an employee about the trade in coupons and said that if the 50% off clearance coupon was in it then I would get the exersaucer out of my car. They ended up saying they would give me 50% off all clearance (without having to get the exersaucer). They also honored the $5 for all the shoes (even Robeez and Pediped). Stocked up on shoes for my daughter and got some great baby shower gifts all for $2.50 each!

    • Erica says:

      Laura, did they have to modify the price on the pediped shoes? I really wanted to get some for my daughter but I didn’t want to spend $20 on them.

      • Laura says:

        Yes. They had to modify the price. I wanted to get them last sale but didn’t because of the price. I think they are getting a little more desperate to get rid of stuff. But it all depends on what worker you talk with. I talked to a worker in the shoe section and she said they would honor it so I told the cashoer that.

  • Heather says:

    I went to the BRU in pensacola fl and was able to score a bunch of Carters fleece sleepers for $5. Some were on the racks but some were still hanging on walls with full price items. The cashier also scanned a 50% off coupon making them all $2.50. I don’t know anything about the coupon or why she did it. I just asked if i could get more items and she said yes. Worth asking to see if its being offered in your areas.

  • Sjack says:

    Does jackets included ? I saw one with clearance tag $14 n it rang up as $14 too not $5 :(

  • amy says:

    I’m in Utah and price checked some coats. The ones with the snow pants were still $14 or $16, but the coats that DIDN’T have pants were $5. Awesome price for a coat I think. I was able to get my little girl snow boots for next year for $5.

  • Danica says:

    Anyone check BRU in Vegas?

  • Vanessa says:

    Hey everyone, we went to the sale ok Friday but were a little disappointed. The sale last month was better it seemed (when the items were $4 and you could use a 20% off coupon). This sale has a lot of exclusions on name brand items, MLB, NFL and even on the shoes. Last months sale didn’t have exclusions on the stuff like this weekends. Last month I was able to buy Bears onesies as well as Chicago Cubs and Sox gear, and this time they rang up at the clearance price. :( still a good sale though, I was able to score the Burts Bees Baskets for $5! Down from $29. Great baby shower gifts :)

  • Jenifer says:

    I went to buy same snow suits and the lady charged me $16.98! I ended up only buying one..

  • katttro says:

    I went to a babies r us in milwaukee, wi that had signs saying ALL clearance apparel/shoes and didnt list any exceptions. I got my toddler 2 pairs of sketchers and 2 pairs of nikes on clearance for $5 each, but a manager had to be called to adjust the price. A cashier was very unpleasant when I pointed out that all signs said ‘ALL’, but the manager agreed with me immediately mentioning that they ve had the problem with some clearance clothes not ringing up at $5 also. She, however, took down the types of items I purchased, and – i assume – informed the nearby babies r us of the error, because as I went there to check if they had a better selection of clearance clothes, their ‘all’ sign listed exceptions – nikes, puma, skechers…
    And most clearance clothes were for infants, not a good toddler selection at all.

  • whitley says:

    Is this in stores only?

  • Kristy says:

    Here in Indiana I went last night and ALL clearance clothes were $5. When I checked out, the cashier said that clearance clothes were additionally an extra 50% off, so all my items rang up for $2.50!!!

  • Corina says:

    Does anyone have the email from this sale?? I was charged twice for 13.98 and 16.98 for 3 items because the clerk said it was only a 1 day sale and if I can prove that the sale says thru 2/17 then I’ll be refunded. Thanks in advance😄

  • Jaime says:

    This sale was very misleading. I went today and got a dress for my daughter, 2 pairs of shoes for my son, and a pair of pedipeds (that had a clearance sign hanging on the display!) and the dress and pedipeds rang up sticker price. I asked why and she said there were exclusions. I informed her there was a clearance sign directly on the pediped display, so she went back took it off and then gave me the $5 price for them and the dress (the dress was FAO…another brand excluded). So look for the tiny print on the bottom of the sign. But the sale was still going on today 2/18 at my store.

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