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  • karen says:

    I just picked up the 4pk rolls at wegmans for $1.49 after coupon. They are really yummy!

  • Asmith says:

    Thank You
    Just try to make some homemade gluten free buns and was not very successful.

  • Sheri says:

    Thank you! So happy to get such a nice coupon for bread my youngest daughter and I use!

  • dianas says:

    Why is gluten bad?

    • Edwin says:

      Some peoples stomach doesn’t take it well

    • Tilla Ham says:

      gluten isn’t bad, unless you have Celiac disease or a serious gluten intolerance. My 9 year old daughter has celiac disease. In the short term, within minutes of eaten any trace amount of gluten, she gets a migraine, vomits, has skin rashes, diarrhea. In the long term, it’s an autoimmune disease and is linked to diabetes, many kinds of cancer, will destroy your insides, your teeth, your skeletal system, your growth ability. The band wagon fad of gluten free is a catch 22 for her, it makes it wonderful to have so many products available, it makes it deadly dangerous for people to take it lightly, or question the seriousness of her inability to have any gluten. She must avoid soy sauces, johnny’s seasoning salt, chap stick, play doh, certain shampoos and conditioners, salad dressings, marinades, weird things you wouldn’t even consider beyond bread and pasta

      • Heather says:

        Try Eos Lip Balm (it looks like an egg). It’s gluten free with many different flavors. They also make hand lotion as well. I’m 22 and have been gluten free for about 6 months and my mom for about 10 years due to being gluten intolerant. Many people don’t understand it. Glad that there are coupons coming around because GF products are sooo expensive! Wegman’s is a lifesaver!!! They have so many different GF foods.

    • Rachel says:

      I also have two friends with kids diagnosed with ADHD. After seeing a nutritionist, they were told that certain food ingredients make the condition worse. They removed gluten, artificial coloring, and casein (found in dairy) from their diets and now both kids are doing so well, they were able to come off of their medicines. Food for thought! ;)

    • Lynn says:

      Also, some healthier diet plans suggest staying away from Gluten.

  • Joanne says:

    Just a heads up that an ad prints first with the coupon on the bottom (some people print on a 1/2 sheet I know)

    • Guest2 says:

      how can you avoid printing the ad?

      • v says:

        In the “printing preferences” area of my printer, I have a “finishing” tab that I click on and it has a “180” degree option that I use to flip a coupon that I know has an ad printing at the top of the page. After choosing that option, I print the coupon(s) and the ad is placed at the bottom of the print out. I immediately go back and “unclick” the 180 degree option and hit apply. Most coupons with ads put them on the bottom. Only rarely do I come up with coupons with the ad on the top of the page.
        And I always set my printer to “print preview.” Once I start the printout process, I hit the “Stop/X/Cancel” button once the coupon portion has printed. Or just use a short piece of printer paper. The printer detects no paper area is available to print the full page and it automatically stops printing at that point and it releases the paper.
        I also keep my printer on pause mode. Then I individually pause each coupon once it finishes going into “cue”. Helps when I have to use the Cancel button for those rare “ad on top” coupons.

  • irene says:

    What store are these available?

  • axhilli says:

    Can we still have bricks coupons mailed, I’m not sure how to see if that option is still available?

    • Shanshan says:

      On the coupon print page, click on “HELP” at the lower right corner, and it’ll take your info (mailing address) to send you the coupon.

      This particular SCHAR coupon is already gone. So that option won’t work now.

  • se says:

    how could you get it in the mail

  • Shanshan says:

    “Sorry, this coupon program has ended.”

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