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Rare Buy 2 Tyson Batter Dipped Chicken Breast Tenders Bags, Get 1 FREE (Up to $6.89 Value) Coupon + Kroger Deal

11:32 AM MST
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Hurry on over to and use zip code 77477 (TX) where you can print a rare Buy 2 Tyson Batter Dipped Tenders, get 1 Free (up to $6.89) coupon. This coupon should make for a nice deal when paired with a sale, so print while you can!

UPDATE – If you’re a Kroger shopper, select Tyson Frozen Chicken 10.6-32 oz bags are on sale $4.49 each with your Kroger Card, so only $3.99 each whenever you buy 6 participating products through 2/25! Consider buying 6 bags, using 2 of the new coupons and pay a total of only $15.96 – just $2.66 per bag! (Thanks, Brent!)

If you can’t find this coupon, head here and click on the Sign-in link in the upper right corner to log into your account at Next click on your name in the upper right hand corner to show the drop down menu and finally, click on “Your Profile”, set your zip code to 77477 (TX) and click “Submit Changes”. Then click back on this link and the coupon should show up already clipped.

(Thanks, Freebies for a Cause!)

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  • Brent says:

    These are part of the Kroger Daytona Mega Event when you buy 6 items you save $3. These were $3.99 each (after Mega discount) at my local Kroger making 3 bags $2.66 each after this coupon. Regular price is $6.59 each so almost $4 off!

  • Aleshia says:

    I am sorry, but I will not buy from Tyson. They are cruel to their animals and falsify information. The USDA warns against their labeling because they claims to raise without Antibiotics, but they inject them in the egg. They were also caught on camera kicking baby piglets across the air. They abuse the birds, and urinate on the slaughter line. They are plain unhealthy and full off processed stuff. I will not list how they torture the animals here, but you should google it yourself. I eat meat, but I will not buy from a company that treat their animals inhumanly. I refuse to feed their products to my children.

    • Liz says:

      This is so scary..after reading all these instances im seriously thinking of buying organic chicken…the only thing holding me back is the price..

      • amy says:

        Organic doesn’t mean the animal is killed any more humane nor does it mean it isn’t pumped full of antibotics. They are still permitted to use antibotics during the first day of life and when “medically nessassary”

        • k says:

          Sprouts has great chicken prices. On sale for usually $1.99, sometimes lower. Which is the same price as Sam’s club chicken (I think is foster farms). When on sale we stock up or get rain checks, that never exp and quantity is unlimited. Enjoy

      • Janet says:

        Whole foods until the 23rd has chickens for 1.99 a lb

      • mel says:

        I’ve stopped buying junk foods, so what I save not buying that stuff, I am able to buy the organic chicken and grass fed beef.

    • Pamela says:

      Their nuggets are dipped in Veg. oil and turn out greasy even if you bake them. I was very disappointed in the product. Will not buy from them again— especially after reading the above info.

    • Aleshia says:

      Also, Pilgrams Pride and Tyson both label their chicken products as all natural, but both inject their products with broth, water, and salt
      . The USDA is fighting to get them to change.

      • Sal says:

        Even the bones=less chicken breast that I buy at Walmart is heavily injected with water. I’ve been noticing it more and more lately when I cook it.

  • Sal says:

    I’d be all over this if it included the honey battered. The regular batter dipped is nasty IMO

  • Happymama says:

    I bought two at Kroger this week using a .75 coupon (in the paper) that doubled. I think I paid 2.49 each. I use these for when we have other kids over and they are perfect for Sweet and Sour chicken IMO

  • Bridget says:

    My Kroger will not allow free coupons from the internet. Does anyone else have that problem?

  • Barb says:

    I threw two bags of these away just last week. My kids won’t touch them, they taste fake and now from reading how cruel they are to animals and all the chemicals all I can say is blehhh yuck, glad I threw them out. I was feeling guilty throwing a perfectly brand new unopened bag in the gargabe (I bought two, one was opened and my kids didn’t like how they tasted, the other was unopened). Not feeling so bad anymore. I’m sure Lina will post a recipe for kid friendly chicken tenders made with real chicken, I’ll wait, her recipes are the best!!!! :)

  • Kristina says:

    I understand you all have opinions on food quality. If you do not like the food, do not buy it. This post is about getting a deal on chicken that a lot of people seem to like. My first child ate dirt when she was young, she’s still alive. I do not think a little olive oil on chicken will harm my children.

    On a note relevant to the post- :p-I just got this deal at Kroger. My cashier gave me the ‘free’ chicken bag at original cost. So I got 6 bags of chicken for $13.46!

    • Happymama says:

      LOL Kristina! I am grateful for all of Colin’s deals. For those who thew out these bags, don’t forget you can always donate items to a food pantry or local church to those who would be happy to have it.

    • faith says:

      Nothing wrong with someone sharing facts about a company. .. obviously a lot of readers had no idea. Most people have no idea what they are really eating when they eat chicken nuggets, oreos, pasta etc. Knowledge is key!

      • Maria says:

        I actually do see it as wrong as it seems to be the common thing around here the past few months. Collin posts a deal be it for a food item or something else and someone doesn’t like it or think its healthy or think its that great of a deal, etc, etc, etc they have to post about it and it comes off rude. And I think that is what Kristina is trying to say. Don’t like it for you and your family don’t buy it. If this was a health and wellness forum then I can see your argument of sharing facts and letting people know what they are eating but its not. Its a coupon blog!

      • lisa says:

        I agree. I’m clueless and really need to get informed.

  • Jessica says:

    For some reason, my coupon wasn’t working. It looked fine print wise and wasn’t expired, anyone have any tips? I had a Fage coupon do the same thing. This happened awhile back with a SmartOnes coupon too. Very annoying as I wouldn’t buy as much of a product otherwise!

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