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Target: Coke Product 12-Packs as Low as $2 Each + My Coke Rewards Members Earn Double Points

7:59 PM MST
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Don’t forget! If you’re a My Coke Rewards Member, you can double points on select Diet Coke 12-pack codes entered through March 3rd! Remember, you can use your My Coke Rewards points to snag rewards such as gift cards, coupons, magazine subscriptions, and more…

PLUS – be sure to take advantage of the awesome sale on coke products this week at Target! Through 3/1, Coca-Cola 12-pack products are on sale for as low as 5/$10 in some regions (just $2 per 12-pack!), or 5/$11 (this is the price in Boise) or 5/$12. All of these prices are awesome stock up prices for soda… AND then score double points on your Diet Coke 12-pack purchases! Sweet!

And, if you haven’t had time to watch my weekly shopping video (where I highlight this awesome soda deal and many other bargains at Target!), be sure to watch below:

If you can’t see the video, go here.

If you’d like to see details on all of the deals I scored, check out this post (and scroll down).

(Thanks, Patsy!)

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  • Daisy says:

    I just told my dad about this amazing deal and apparently he already got me some earlier today XD

  • C says:

    We don’t have a target, but there is one 25 miles from here, we price matched at wal-mart.

  • Marie S. says:

    My store had them 5/$11. Most of the 12 packs also had $1/2 peelies on them making them just 5/$9, so keep an eye out for those peelies on the 12 packs :)

  • sarah says:

    There was no ad in my grams sunday paper now i cant match it cause im not driving a hour to get them either….and im almost out of soda!!!!!!!

    • David says:

      Our Walmart allows us to print off the ad we want to match and will match the price as long as it has the store name, the item and the price along with the date the ad is good. Check with your Walmart.

      • sarah says:

        o they have to have the ad, then they still might make up some crazy excuse like we don’t ad match soda. They told me that with baby formula last time really?

    • spi_cy13 says:

      Bring in an online printed version of the ad or show it on your cell phone. Check and see if your Walmart allows price matching in that manner first.

  • Maxine says:

    Can you price match at walmart?

    • spi_cy13 says:

      Yes, you can price match the drinks at Walmart. Walmart’s policy doesn’t require the customer to bring the ad for the price match, but I bring it anyway, whether it’s from the Sunday newspaper, printed online, or on my cell phone.

  • Karen says:

    5 FOR $12 in Central Valley CA. Still a great deal though. Soda, especially the 12 packs, are so expensive normally!

    • Jen says:

      Same in Denver, CO area as well. Still a great deal!

    • spi_cy13 says:

      5 12pks for $11 here in Nashville, TN with a limit of 10 12pks. I was surprised with the limit; most of the time, Target in my area never has a limit! Nevertheless, I can’t complain about the price. Pair this deal with the 3 free 12 pks of Coke products coupon I received from MyCokeRewards sometime last year…success! :D

  • Tracey says:

    I love this deal. I’m in Valdosta, Ga and there 5 for $10 so I picked up 5 and am going back tomorrow to get more. We are always having friends, neighbors and family over so this way ill be stocked up when they want a soda.

  • Lindsay says:

    I love your videos!! you are so fun! Great deals!!

  • Lorissa says:

    I was in Target yesterday and they were setting these up in the back by the seasonals. The guy did say that you had to buy 5 to get the $10 price.

  • Stephanie says:

    Our coke products were 5 for $10 and dr pepper was 5 for $5 with the coupons on them! Great week to stock up at Target!

  • Kristi says:

    There is a cartwheel offer for 5%off Coke, Diet Coke & Coke Zero that you can use with this sale as well. Perfect for my Diet Coke addiction!

  • marlene says:

    .mine were 2.99 which makes them 4 for 12 but there was a sign with 5 for 12 i had two coupons for free 12 pack and they only let me use one and then the coupon didnt even work so i paid .89 cents for the one they let me use my coupon and 3.89 for the other 12 pack. weird cashiers dont want to help couponers anymore and i didnt even have anything else

  • Tilla Ham says:

    I was going to give up coke for lent, but god must not want me to because he wouldn’t have had this sale right before to tempt me. I’m stocked up for the summer…or at least one really bad week

  • Brenda says:

    My kids hated the Goldfish mac n cheese. They ate 1 bite and wouldn’t touch it again.

  • Cameron says:

    5 for $10 in Louisville, KY (limit of 20 per guest), plus Cartwheel’s 5% off. :)

  • Liz says:

    You guys were lucky enough to add it from Cart wheel. They were limited apparently and I didn’t get a chance to add it :(

  • Janine says:

    I just bought five for $10 and used two of my free 12 pk coupons from My Coke Rewards. They took off the full $4.99 value on each of the coupon so I only had to pay .02 plus the deposit for five 12 packs of Coke!

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