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  View changes → Chef-Designed Recipes Delivered to Your Doorstep (New Members Get 30% Off with 30OFF)

1:07 PM MST
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Plated Package Contents Hip2Save

So I was excited when I came upon (thanks to reader, Sarah, for emailing about it!). I think the concept is really cool… BUT before going any further, please keep in mind that this is definitely not a *HOT* deal or even a huge money-saver. However, what this site does do is save you time. I also think you may get a big confidence boost when it comes to cooking and well, just being in the kitchen in general. OK, so maybe this won’t build your confidence if you’re already a pro in the kitchen, but if you are like me and burn things, forget water is boiling, add the wrong ingredients to recipes, get lazy and don’t measure (ya, I do that on occasion), then you are definitely going to get a confidence boost! :D offers chef-designed recipes delivered right to your doorstep so that you can prepare a healthy and delicious dinner for your family without having to leave your home! Each recipe comes in a 100% recyclable, biodegradable box filled with ALL of the ingredients that you need packed fresh and pre-portioned to cut back on waste. You’ll receive everything from the cut meat and chopped produce right down to details such as a teaspoon of turmeric or a quarter cup of coconut oil. Once your box arrives, just transfer the contents of the box to the refrigerator and your ingredients will remain fresh for the next 4-5 days!

Even better, new members can use the promo code PLATEDNOW at checkout to get 4 Plates for FREE plus 1 Month of Membership for FREE – all you have to pay is shipping costs of $20 can use the promo code 30OFF to get 30% off (note that you do need a minimum of 4 plates for each delivery date). Just head here, click on the Get Started button, select the recipe(s) you want to try, add 4 plates to your cart (note that you can add 4 plates of the same recipe or choose 2 plates from 2 different recipes), enter the promo code 30OFF at checkout, and you’ll pay $42 delivered! And keep in mind that they have gluten-free options, vegetarian options etc.

I ordered a meal for the family with this code AND it was amazing! We selected the Pork and Pineapple Stir-Fry with Napa and Purple Cabbage and were all pleasantly surprised by how delicious everything was. And I actually enjoyed preparing this in the kitchen (possibly because I didn’t have to do all that much! ;) ).

I also ordered a meal for our ‘HIP’ Modern Martha, Lina (Pomegranate Lamb Kebabs with Cucumber Mint Raita and Smashes Potatoes). Fancy, right? :) I was very curious to see what she thought of this concept before posting. Since she loves to cook and is great at it (unlike me!), I wanted to make sure that she thought it was worth the expense etc. So with that being said, check out her feedback AND fantastic pictures… Lam Kebabs Review Hip2SaveWe loved our meal! It was such a fun, unique, gourmet quality dinner to make at home and it tasted great! It’s so exciting to cook with beautiful fresh herbs and shallots :) . Everything came delivered fresh, chilled, labeled, and premeasured in an insulated box. We especially enjoyed the pomegranate glaze with the lamb and the cucumber raita was so fresh and delicious. I’ll definitely be making the easy smashed potatoes again! 

Cooking a meal Hip2SaveI love that this is a meal I would never thought of before, and I didn’t have to do the meal planning or grocery shopping. I followed the easy instructions and it turned out exactly as it said. The only thing I did differently was cook the meat longer until the inside was fully cooked, which took mine longer. Overall, our experience was enjoyable!

Dijon & molasses glazed pomegranate lamb kabobs with a cucumber mint raita and smashed potatoes Hip2Save

And guess what? I just talked to Lina the other day and she let me know that she has actually ordered 2 more meals from Plated! :) So what are YOU waiting for? Order here and let us know what you think.

Note about the Monthly Membership: If you use the code PLATEDNOW as mentioned above (no longer available), you will be automatically signed up for a Monthly Membership. Each Thursday, will create an order for you unless you have either placed an order, requested a skip, or opted-out of automatic deliveries. They will choose recipes for you and charge the card they have on file, but you may change or cancel your order any time before Sunday at noon. If you would like to skip a week or turn the Automatic Deliveries OFF (super easy to do in just a matter of seconds!), just check out your membership page in your account. Also note that a monthly fee of $10 will be charged on a recurring basis for inclusion in their membership program; however, there is no minimum commitment period and your membership can be cancelled at any time!

Have you already ordered from Share your feedback below.

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  • Kara says:

    shucks….they don’t deliver to my area? :o( Which has a million people….haha

  • Amanda M says:

    Before I go any further one question , so the recipe brings only enough for one plate? so for a family of 5 I would need 5 plates?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip) says:

      Yes, 1 plate is equal to 1 serving/meal.

    • Kristen says:

      Yes, I was searching around a while on the website before I noticed that too ;) So a family of four would cost $48 for one meal, plus the monthly fee?? Yikes. I know Collin did warn us this was not really a huge money-saver, but I could go out to eat for close to that price and not worry about cooking or cleaning up. I thought maybe this could replace “Let’s Dish” or similar companies, where you go and prep a bunch of meals at once, but this is way more expensive. Very cool idea, though.

  • sarah says:

    Thanks glad i emailed u. Im in love with it too! Def makes for one easy night of no guessing supper :)

  • CW says:

    How much is each plate when you are past the promo?

    • Kristen says:

      I think if you are a member, and paying the monthly membership fee, $12/plate. If you’re not a member I think it’s $15/plate.

  • Jessie says:

    I did this $20 offer last month and we were pleased with it. We saved the recipe because it was delicious and something I never would have tried! It was a lot of fun to get the box with everything pre-measured in cute little containers. I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for the service as that’s just not in our budget, but it was fun to try for $20.

    Most important – GREAT customer service! I thought I cancelled my membership, but I had just skipped a delivery, so I got charged the $10 membership fee. I sent an email requesting a credit and got a quick, very nice reply. They credited the $10 back to my card and I was able to cancel online with no issues.

  • Laura says:

    I tried Plated using this promo and it was definitely worth it. As others have noted, the cost deterred me from continuing with the service past the $20 trial. Although the portions say 1 plate = 1 portion, do note that they are BIG. I was able to eat half of one plate for dinner and half for lunch the next day. It was also fun to cook things that I wouldn’t normally cook.

  • tammy says:

    Is this a monthly membership subscription or can we order occasionally (primarily for gifting to someone)? We do the diapers and snack subscriptions but I am not sure we are ready to commit to dinner ones, yet.

    • Tilla Ham says:

      if you want to pay 12 per plate, you pay 10 a month in membership. If you want to pay 15 a plate you can do so without the membership

  • Lola says:

    I was skeptical about using this site but I tried it with the promo code and for $20 this was a great meal. The portions are large and it is so convenient. I don’t always have time to go to the store especially if I am missing just 1 or 2 ingredients for a recipe and I thought this was a great service for someone who doesn’t have much time to go to the store. I would definitely recommend it for $20 however I probably wouldn’t pay more than that. With that being said, I would greatly appreciate if you signed up using my link Thanks so much!

  • Yumiry says:

    Yes my family is big, but try 2 diferent plates for $20.00 is great.

  • Ali says:

    Does anyone know if you can use the “date night” gift card that was in the Yours & Mine KY jelly was was on sale around Valentines day to cover the shipping cost of this trial?

    • Shelly says:

      I was unable to use it to cover the shipping costs. However, when I went to enter my KY code it covered the FULL $60 for the meals and shipping. Not just the $35 it stated on the box. So we got 2 completely free meals for my hubby and myself. :)

      • Ali says:

        Thanks Shelley! I’m going to check it out. I actually got two of the KY sets, so, yahoo to free Plated meals for us!! :-)

    • sarah says:

      Somehow I missed that. Where those at target? I recall ones with deals in them…

  • Tilla Ham says:

    I have a daughter with celiac, a daughter that won’t eat more than 5 different things (ie chicken nuggets, ice cream, pop tarts, mac n cheese, cereal), a daughter that loves all food and desires to have real nice dinners, and a son that only visits us if pizza or cash is involved, and a husband that is picky like the 5 things daughter. I am so excited to try this. I hate cooking, I abhor it more than any other task on this planet. Lately we have been so unhealthy eating out frequently and rarely having a real dinner. I love how many options are gluten free. I plan to order 4 plates of what myself, celiac daughter, and daughter that loves food can eat…and the picky ones can enjoy their cereal:) This is rather spendy but so is eating out and so is poor health. I will try this for one or two meals a week and hopefully build some confidence in the kitchen.

  • Deb says:

    Well….it sounds good enough, but my main concern is the recurring charges. I’ve had bad experiences with other companies in the past, where you cancel a membership, but then notice you were charged, have to contact them, etc. Can anyone vouch for how the cancellation experience has gone for them?

    • Deb says:

      I should also say that all of the reviews on this company come from bloggers who were obviously given a complimentary trial. They are uniformly positive in what they have to say about the quality of the food, but they got it for free, so I am unable to trust that the customer service will really be good.

    • Jessie says:

      I was able to cancel with no issue. You don’t even have to call, you just do it online. I did make a mistake and skip a delivery instead of fully cancelling (totally my fault). I was charged the $10 membership fee, so I emailed and explained my mistake and they replied with a nice email and gave me the credit. Excellent customer service. I’m just a regular customer – nothing special! :)

  • Luz says:

    It’s just my husband and I- should I order two plates of the same thing if we want to share a meal? Do they just send us more of the ingredients, or two separate boxes of smaller amounts? Sorry, I’m just a little unclear. Would love to try this!

    • Tilla Ham says:

      the way I understand it is each plate has the exact same amount, no smaller or larger amounts. you order two plates of the same thing. one for you, one for him:)

  • sarah says:

    Would love if somebody used my referral link, I notified Colin of this hip deal :) superrrr thanks in advance! Help me or Colin out. Its worth a try for the promo price

  • ihearthip says:

    I am curious – since everything for one plate is in one box, does it make it very difficult to quadruple the recipe?

  • mindy says:

    Sarah, used your link. thanks for sharing.

  • An says:

    So excited about getting my food delivered this Friday!! I used someone’s referral link above. Would be great if someone could use mine. thanks ;)

  • Lolita says:

    Does anyone know if the free shipping from referring two friends applies to this deal? If so, I would love for two people to use mine:

    • sarah says:

      Not sure what you mean….. but you can’t use the platednow code again on the same acct. When somebody uses ur referral you get free shipping and 2 free plates meaning 12 a plate with monthly fee. So 4 plates for $24 with using a referral credit

  • jenney says:

    Just ordered this. I’m very excited to receive it! I’m in such a rut with dinner, this will definitely help that out. If you want to pay it forward and use my link, I’d sure appreciate it :)

  • Jenn says:

    Thanks… i signed my hubby up for this as he is in another state until the end of the school year. And I signed myself up too :) Figured it was worth a try.

  • Keri says:

    I would like to order this for a friend that just had a baby. Is it possible to set this up to give to another person?

  • Janet says:

    Thanks for the tip Collin. I have really been wanting to experiment with Korean cooking and since beef Bimbibop was an option I decided to try it out. So excited to try it out! If someone would like to use my link I would be extremely grateful :-)

  • Rachel says:

    HI! I would love to also enter the referral code lottery by pasting my link :) I used somebody elses to purchase mine!
    thanks in advance!

  • Rita says:

    I just tried to use the coupon code PLATEDNOW and it said coupon is expired.

  • sarah says:

    For adults: has a ky Date Night pack with the ky, a free movie code and 2 free dinners from all for $14.97

  • blackburnbanter says:

    YOU can still get $30 off … use 4f76dd and my referral

  • Theresa says:

    Always a day late and a dollar short. Would have loved to tried this. I hate buying frozen meals but I hate thinking about cooking. When I find what I want I don’t have the right Ingredients. Its 30 miles to the grocery store one way.

  • sarah says: free 10 credit for your dog or cat on petflow

  • Theresa says:

    Missed this deal but signed up for the newsletter, sent me the same deal in an email. Wahoo.

  • sarah says:

    I didn’t think the platednow code was supposed to expire until April???

  • sarah says:

    Did y’all sign up first via a referral then go to checkout?? It wont work if you simply try to checkout without signing up 1st

  • Mel says:

    You can still get this deal! I saw an ad on Facebook and ordered one up! Please use my link then use promo code GETPLATED at checkout.

  • ihearthip says:

    This is a great idea so I just signed up! Thanks for the heads up Collin :) Here is my link if anyone wants to try it

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