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  • visitor3 says:

    Thanks, so useful!

  • Kelly says:

    Got mine. Thanks!

  • Happymama says:

    These diapers are amazing! I don’t have a membership but got an in-store sample last year and the quality is really good! Also, the absorbance is very good. They are similar to Huggies, but maybe a bit softer. That is saying something because Huggies is my fav.

  • Marion says:

    Thank you!!😉

  • nel says:

    Love these samples. Great to donate to a church nursery or keep around the house for visitors even if you don’t have a little one!

  • Ali says:

    Thanks, I wanted to try these diapers, but didn’t want to commit to a jumbo box! I also signed up for the tooth paste and shampoo/conditioner samples that are also available. I found these by doing a key word search for “sample” on

  • marlene says:

    i love these diapers i cant find any better. tried up&up didnt like huggies are made too cheaply now and dont like pampers.i bought a box last night 33.00 for 132 size 6 what i need to do is potty train my 2 yr old have baby #3 due in may and i will continue to buy costco diapera for baby also

  • Anne Marie says:

    Thanks! This is a great sample – can’t beat free, good quality diapers!

  • Mommabear says:

    When you click on costco’s link to get a diaper sample, it takes you to a sample request form on a different website (shoppersampling). If you go to their homepage (, it look like they’ve been hacked! I’m very weary since the Target breach. I wish i knew before I submitted my info on their form… :(

  • mari says:

    I would like to try ur dipper for my baby plz I love krikland signature in everything and I just know that is dippers too so plz if u can send me a sample

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