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My Coke Rewards Members: $3 Off 12-Pack Of Soda Coupon Only 160 Points

8:56 AM MST
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Calling all My Coke Rewards members! While supplies last (which may not be long!), hurry on over here to score a coupon by mail valid for $3 off one 12-pack of soda for only 160 Coke Points (limit 4 redemptions per member). Click here for more information and to snatch up this deal.

(Thanks, Mrl and Krazy Life of Coupons!)

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  • Nicole says:

    Thank you for posting this. My points were going to expire on Thursday so this was great timing. Thanks!

  • tjsmith4806 says:

    How many points do these usually go for?

    • spongemonkey says:

      Answer: 160 pts.

      Here’s the “usual” redemption costs in points:

      1. [Up to] “$3 off” fridge pack = 160pts (Have yet to see a discount on this);
      2. “Free” [up to $4.99] fridge pack = 250 pts
      3. Not counting “Wednesday Deals” that were cancelled: “Free” [up to $4.99] fridge pack in DECEMBER costs 30 pts. Possibly in November, you may get this same deal. Limits sometimes apply.

      Note if coupon specifies “Sparkling”, there are more choices to choose from such as “Sprite”. If coupon doesn’t specify Sparkling, you are more limited with your choices, and it will only be good for Coke, Diet Coke & Coke Zero products.

  • Pam says:

    I was able to get more than 4.

  • cat says:

    doesnt seem like the greatest deal. saving my points for Christmas

  • Joyce says:

    This deal has been available for months…and is better than 250 points for a free 12 pack – because who on their right mind would pay more than $3 on sale for one? : )

    • Moria says:

      I like the free coupons better. I waited until they were on sale at Target for $2. The coupon has a maximum value of $4.99, which the Target registers take off. I made $2.99 per pack!

  • Pinky says:

    I am sorry for lame question how this coke for rewards thing works. Thanks for helping:)

    • michelle says:

      You sign up & enter the codes from purchases of coke products on the Once you have enough points you can redeem them for prizes & sometimes gift cards. The best thing to do is to save points for their December promotion when they have gift cards for stores like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc.

  • Malia says:


  • pat crafton says:

    Coke is my all time favorite product. I drink it ever day. Thanks

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