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Advance Auto Parts: $50 Off $100 Online Purchase w/ Code WD12 (First 1,000 Customers!) + More

6:48 AM MST
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This popular promotion is back! Advance Auto Parts is currently offering up $50 off online $100 purchase with the promo code WD12 at checkout – only available for the first 1,000 uses! After the first 1,000 uses, the same promo code will give $40 off $100 orders for the next 1,000 customers and then will reduce to 30% off your entire order for the next 2,000 customers at checkout. Plus, shipping is free on $100+ orders after the discount is applied.

*Excludes gift cards, Hot Items and special offers including, but not limited to, Buy One–Get One, 2-For-1, and Oil Change Specials. Excludes select items and categories: air chucks, couplers and blow guns, air compressors, air hammers, commercial tools and equipment, electrical tools and testers, engine hoists/stands, floor jacks, generators, Hot Items, hydraulic fluid and motor oil.

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  • momrocks says:

    Thanks for this!! The hubby is handy with car and truck repair so he purchased parts he needed!!:)

  • Kimberly says:

    Thank you so much Colin! We REALLY need to have the exhaust system on our 2nd car overhauled and have been holding off because the part is almost $100 and that just isn’t in our budget right now. I added the main part we needed plus another smaller part to get my order to $100 and paid only $55 including tax for both! I am SO happy right now. Your site helps our family so much-I don’t think I could continue to afford to stay home with our kids if it wasn’t for all the great deals you post. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all you do. When the haters get to you remember all the good you do for people like me.

    • Jennifer A says:

      Amen to that! I’m a single mom and proud to say that I work full time (and do eBay on the side) to solely support myself and my son. We’ve been without heat in our car all winter because I couldn’t afford the heater core and other components needed to fix it. This post was my saving grace! (Although now that winter is nearly over it’s not as vital, but still needed to get done!) :-)

  • Jess says:

    The Guys at work finally understood my hip2save addiction when I called them in for this one. Thanks!!

  • Robin says:

    New brakes for my van! $50 off still working.

  • Gretchen says:

    WooHoo!!! $50 off. This helps sooooo much!

  • Kate says:

    Thanks for this! Hubbys alternator just went out yesterday and we were stressing about the cost of it! I was able to get the $50 off so it helped out a ton!

  • Lora says:

    Thank you so much…right on time!!!! Needed new battery for my SUV..your the best

  • mabel says:

    You saved me again Collin thank you! I really needed a new battery for my car and with the $50 off I could finally afford it!

  • sabrina says:

    code down to 30% off

  • Katherine says:

    Thanks Colin! Just got floor mats, wiper blades, and an oil filter for $50 off-thanks for he great deal!

  • Karatemom91 says:

    $50 off still working :) Cargo organizer, 2 UK cargo mats & UK floor mats :)

  • Noah says:

    Thank you so much Collin. We needed a part that was close to $100 and you just saved us $50. You’re awesome.

  • tracy says:

    Thanks a ton! Missed this last time.. I was able to get brakes front and rear wiper blades 2 front and 1 rear for my suv and a set for my moms car… so brakes all around and 5 wiper blades all for $57 before taxes!

  • Kim says:

    My husband owns a shop but my car isn’t worth the $450 his parts dealer wanted for my part… Although the part I just ordered isn’t as great quality it was only $200 after the code and will last the 18 months I need it before I get my new car!

  • Meme says:

    Thank you soooo much Collin!!!!!! Was able to get $40 off $100…I really really appreciate it. God bless you!!!

  • STEANNE says:


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