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Amazon: Silhouette Portrait Electronic Cutting Tool, $10 Download Card + More – Only $109.99 Shipped

6:44 AM MST
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Hop on over to to snatch up the Silhouette Portrait Electronic Cutting Tool for the lowest price it’s been of $109.99 shipped. In addition, you’ll also receive a Power Cable, USB Cable, 8-Inch Cutting Mat, Digital Cutting Files (50 exclusive cutting designs), $10 Download Card (for more digital designs from the Silhouette Online Store), Software CD, and Basic Instruction Guide. If you’re on the fence, be sure to read through all the awesome reviews.

(Thanks, What Rose Knows!)

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  • tam childers says:

    Oh man I really want one, but buying something for myself when you’re a stay at home mum and hubby earns all the money puts me in a quandary. Sometimes I wish I had my own income for a splurge now and then, anyone else feel like that, or just me :)

    • kat kat a. says:

      That’s awesome you are able to be a s@hm! But I can totally understand your dilemma.

    • Maddy says:

      I’ve been wanting one of this too! Just like you I’m stay home mom and I feel the same ! I wish I have my own money so I can splurge ! I always needs his permission to buy something!

      • Judi says:

        Have you every tried any of the online survey’s like epoll’s or swagbucks to earn extra money or gift cards? That’s what I do to buy the little extra things, it takes a little bit of time to save them up, but they do add up.

        • Emily says:

          I agree with the surveys and using something like Upromise. It has taken awhile but I’ve made more than $800 doing my normal shopping through Upromise. I also am a pinecone panelist and I just added up that I made $60 in the last year from that. Not much there, but every bit helps!

          The other thing you may want to consider is taking on another child and babysitting from your home. My babysitter was a stay-at-home mom to her two kids and she took on my brother and I. We were the same ages as her kids and we stayed there until we aged out of babysitting. They’re family to us now and I’m sure it wasn’t easy to add more kids to the mix, but it gave her extra income and she priced herself cheaper than daycare and fed us whatever lunch and snacks she made for her kids.

    • Renee says:

      I have a cameo that I love (it is just the bigger one than this) that I use the sell crafts on ETSY. People love the vinyl cutouts for walls, cars, etc. You would just need to sell a couple for this to pay for itself and then you can have a bit of extra income for yourself every month!

    • Rae says:

      Same here. Even though hubby tells me I dont need to ask all the time I still do. I just dont feel right unless I ask.

    • Katy says:

      Me too. I stay at home, and although I take care of the money, and I could possibly get it, I feel GUILTY. That money could go towards vacation, clothes, etc. Plus, I have no clue what I’d do with it! But I want one! lol

      • Tara says:

        I’m a SAHM, too. In our family’s budget my husband and I both have a little “fun money” (like $20-30month) that we can use for whatever we want. Whether it’s saving for something big, or just feeling freedom to hit the Target clearance now and then, it helps me feel like it’s ok to use that $ on whatever I want.

      • Emily says:

        Maybe you and your friends can share one of the machines? If you’re making your kid’s birthday party invites, then you get to use the machine that month, and so on. It could work and it would give you excuses to have girls craft days!

  • Elisa says:

    This is an investment, think about all the stuff you can make.

  • Jessica says:

    Anyone have this one? Aren’t there different types of silhouettes? If I buy this one, I just want to make sure I can do pretty much anything with it.

    • Jessica says:

      or…Is the Cameo better?

    • Caitlin says:

      I have this one and it works great. The only major difference between the Portrait and Cameo is the size of the machine and the size of the projects it can cut. Unless you are planning to cut very large projects, such as banners, etc, this one would be fine for you!

  • Kimberly says:

    yeah! You can totally earn money with it! you can design SOO much stuff and sell it. that’s what my sister does and I hope to do, soon. I’m so sorry about you all’s situation, though, but awesome that you all can be sahm’s

  • Ginger says:

    I have the cameo. I believe the only difference is that the cameo is 12″ wide and the portrait is 9″ wide. So the cameo can cut 12×12 papers and the portrait can cut 8.5×11 papers. I love, love my machine. I used it to make personalized Christmas gifts. It was great! I spent a fraction of what I would’ve paid at the store for a cute personalized gift. And I just started using the glass etching kit….now I can etch glass to personalize a $10 photo frame into a great gift. It’s an investment, for sure, but for this sahm, it’s a creative outlet for me and I’ll never have to buy another scrapbooking tool again… This does it all!

  • Mel says:

    Does anyone know if this one does letters/words? I see lots of patterns, but I don’t see any letters. I know there are several different machines available don’t want to order the wrong thing. I would get more use out of the letters. TIA for any help anyone can offer!

    • Ana says:

      Yes, you can do letters and numbers!! You can do whatever you want on it and the software is fantastic :) I have the cameo-the only difference is it does wider paper. This machine is awesome!! Look at their blog and check out all the cool things they make! I’m a SAHM and this is the best splurge I have EVER done!

    • Caitlin says:

      This one can cut ANYTHING. You can cut any font you have installed on your computer. You can also cut your own images.

    • Tracey says:

      Any font on your computer can be used with the silhouette. No cartridges needed. You can buy fonts to use (if you want), but any you already have import directly into the silhouette program (with no cost/fee). I have the portrait and haven’t even tapped into all that it can do yet. It is fun!

  • Jen says:

    Anyone have any thoughts on this over the Cricut? I got the Cricut Expression for my daughter for Christmas from Costco and haven’t been very happy with it. I’m considering taking it back and getting a Silhouette. Any thoughts? Can you cut any image from a computer. Right now we’re just using cartidges.

    • Brittany says:

      Jen, I have a Cameo (cuts larger paper than this Portrait) and the biggest draw for Silhouette machines over any Cricut is the fact that there are NO CARTRIDGES! You can cut any font you have on your computer and there are TONS of free fonts on the Internet to download. You can trace and cut ANYTHING you find online. I can’t say enough good things about these machines! LOVE LOVE LOVE mine.

      • Jen says:

        Thanks for the info! I’m new to the cutting machines. Would you suggest going with the larger Cameo? My daughter is really crafty (me not so much) and I just think down the line I might regret not having the larger machine for her. She’s only 11, but I think we can learn together. She wants to do some vinyl for the walls in her room.

        • Brittany says:

          If you’re wanting to do wall items I would suggest you go for the Cameo because you can do bigger things. I went with the Cameo for the same reason of down the line not wishing I gotten it. I’ve done party decorations, cards, labels…and only scratched the surface of what it can accomplish.

  • Jen says:

    All designs in the store are 50% til March 27th. I love my Silhouette!

  • Sherry says:

    Can you use a pc or iPad ?

  • Victoria says:

    I’ve been wanting one! Thanks for posting! Any tips for a newbie using one of these?

    • Ana says:

      Yes-look through their blog! They do lots of tutorials and videos! You can also ask lots of questions on there :) They do a really good job with videos on YouTube as well as their website.

  • Christina says:

    If you decide to buy this, there is an Ebates 3% rebate for Amazon Arts & Crafts right now! Every little bit helps!

  • joanne says:

    I just don’t get it, sorry, but a stay at home mom is a 24-7 tough job. I’ve been both, I’ve stayed home for years and also at other years worked out of the home. I always thought when you marry, you’re one financially. I can understand if you’re on a strict budget, but needing your husband’s permission to spend any money???? You work hard too and its both your money! You should be able to splurge on yourself now and then without permission!
    I have to admit I spend money on things my husband might consider frivolous, so we implemented a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. We’ve been married for decades and I stay home and our children are grown. Believe me, when our kids were growing up, it was a lot easier to go to work, then stay home!! Full time work at home moms work hard and deserve some extra perks for their part too!
    why can’t some husbands see this and stop controlling “their” money, you’re partners. Just my opinion because I know you have a tough, although rewarding job.

    • Amy says:

      I am a SAHM as well. I do ask permission to splurge but my husband does also. The down side of being a SAHM is that we have less income to work with and so we must stick to a budget. We hold each other accountable. Asking for permission is not because he controls the money but because it is our money and not just mine to spend.

      • joanne says:

        That’s certainly a different case. If you both decide together, its working as a couple. I guess I got concerned because I hear of many husbands that think because they work, they control the money, when a stay at home mom works 24-7, and its tough work and they should be appreciated and treated equally. I’m older now and have 8 grandchildren, and I honestly don’t remember how I did it. Its constant, no breaks, no vacation days. There should be an extra holiday besides mother’s day, stay at home moms day!

        • Rae says:

          lol… Stay at home mom day!! I love it. Before our first was born Hubby said he would give me Saturday Mornings to sleep in and he would be with the kid(s). Four years later I think I could count the times its actually happened. His job has taken many of those weekends. DH and I make decisions on purchases over $50 together. He has told me many times that he trusts to make smart money choices, though I still feel guilty. I think my feeling of guilt comes from my prior working history I was very independant and then we got married and he deployed and I had a hard time finding work in my new location so we have been only on his income since then. When we added kids my needs and wants get put on hold for the most part. My mom has said similar things about SAHM being a darn hard job and one of the hardest because its nonstop(Im the youngest of 12 and she didnt start working again until I was about 2).

  • Steph says:

    And Zulily has Silohuette accessories today :)

  • Analisa says:

    I have the Silhouette Portrait and I LOVE it! There is so much that you can do with it. If you decide to get a machine I recommend having some adhesive backed vinyl on hand. Designing and decorating everything with vinyl can become somewhat addicting. I’ve always loved to craft, but I have less free time with a toddler now. One of the reasons I love my machine so much is that I can open up the software and design my projects anywhere I can use my laptop. Once I get some time to myself, I hook up my laptop to my Silhouette and then create whatever I designed on the computer. Silhouette gives away one free design every week which has helped me build a great image library for free. You can even trace your own images in the software and use any fonts you put on your computer. If anyone has any questions about the Silhouette I’d be happy to share what I know. And to all the other stay at home moms out there, I feel what you’re saying about the guilt that comes with doing something for yourself (even when we do so much for others). I’ve realized that sometimes I have to cut myself a break. When I spend a little bit of time or money doing something for myself it can boost my mood which ends up being good for everyone. Remember, your happiness is just as important as everyone else’s :)

  • Sherry says:

    Thank you Brittney!

  • Emily says:

    Would this be good for wedding invitations and favors? I’m expecting to be engaged soon (I mean, we’re still young-ish but we’ve been together nearly 8 years… so, soon? right??) and I’d like to make my own invitations and favors. I’m planning to get a good color laser printer to print the text on the invites, but I’d like to get something to make the fancy die cuts and lace cuts, etc. Would this be the machine that I’d need for that?? I am crafty but have never used any of the fancy craft machines before.

    I figure, I’d rather spend the money to buy the tools to make fancy invitations than spend the same amout of money to professionally printing the same thing. At least this way I’ll have the tools forever and be able to sell items that I make, print things for friend’s baby showers, etc.

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