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  View changes → Earth Day Nail Polish Trade-In (Thru 4/28)

9:09 AM MST
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UPDATE: To make this deal sweeter, you may choose to donate your polish to a local cause instead of shipping it back. Awesome! :) (Thanks, Rachel! )

Do you have any old, out-of-style, or unwanted nail polishes hanging around your house? If so, you may want to get in on this ZOYA Earth Day promotion! Through 4/28, ZOYA is offering up regular-shade nail polishes for $4.50 each OR PixieDust and special effect toppers for $5 each whenever you send them a minimum of 6 bottles of your non-ZOYA nail polishes (note – shipping is around $6.95)! These polishes normally go for $9, so you’re getting a 50% discount!

Here’s what they recently posted on their site

Now you can join smart, eco-chic women who are changing their world, one gorgeous Zoya Nail Polish bottle at a time! To help kick start your “color cleanse”, the Zoya Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange is BACK for 2014. Not only is ZOYA making it easy to swap out old, unwanted color for the world’s healthiest and longest wearing natural nail polish formula on the market, we will dispose of your old shades in an eco-friendly manner! This offer is only good for 1 week so hurry!

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

(1) Visit and add at least 6 bottles and no more than 24 bottles of polish to your cart (salon accounts minimum 12 maximum 48 bottles). Excludes ALL Summer 2014 Collection shades (Tickled, Bubbly & Summer Magical PixieDust).
(2) Apply the code: ZDAY2014
(3) Your order value will be adjusted to reflect a 50% discount (we use these funds to properly dispose of the old nail polish). For an example of how your order should look, see example here.
(4) Complete check-out, review and submit order. Shipping appears to be around $6.95.
(5) Zoya will ship out your NEW polishes right away. The exchange runs on the honor system, which means offer is not contingent on customer returning polish. See full exchange details here

Once you get your order (Here is where the exchanging happens):

*Once you get your order, ship back the equivalent number of bottles you received to the return address below (ie. If you ordered 6 bottles of Zoya – you would send them 6 NON-ZOYA polishes). Please check with your carrier on the proper way to ship nail polish.

Ship Your Old Nail Polish To:
Art of Beauty, Inc.
c/o Polish Exchange
5060 Taylor Rd, Unit D
Cleveland, Ohio, 44128, USA

*Include a copy of your invoice/order.
*Once they receive your polish, they do the rest – It’s that simple!
*Note – the bottles you send in cannot be Zoya, Qtica or Nocti polishes (but they can be any other brand).

So what are you waiting for? I’ve heard so many great things about ZOYA nail polishes, so this definitely seems like a great way to upgrade your nail polish collection! :)

*Keep in mind that you will need to pay for the cost of shipping your old nail polishes back to ZOYA and you’ll need to check with your carrier on the proper way to ship them back.

(Thanks, Mary!)

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  • Elle Si says:

    This is fabulous! thank you for posting

  • Courtney says:

    I feel like the cost to ship them back negates the discount, and I wouldn’t do the deal without actually sending the polish back.

    • Christine says:

      Yeah I did this five or six years ago and it was a lot in shipping because nail polish is hazardous and heavy. It wasn’t honor system back then either you got to buy as many polishes as you sent in.

    • GFT says:

      Yes, nail polish is considered hazardous by the post office and has to be shipped ground only.

  • rachel says:

    I’ve been wanting to make the switch to this nail polish and this seems like a good time to do it. If it is indeed on the honor system this year, I won’t ship mine back to Zoya.

    Seems like it would be much more environmentally friendly to either pour the remaining polish out to dry on newspaper or to drop off the polish at a community’s hazardous waste collection. Much better than using packaging and transportation resources to send them back.

    • Dee says:

      You do know that people who don’t “honor” the honor system are the reason that special deals get canceled, right? You make us all look bad when you do that.

      • Megan says:

        Rude. Like she posted below, the fine print says you may donate your polish to a local cause. I think the whole point of the offer is to encourage people to dispose of their old nail polish properly. Mailing it back to them to do exactly what your local hazardous waste service could do is a waste of money and resources.

  • rachel says:

    Fine print says you may also choose to donate to polish to your “local cause” instead of shipping it back.

    • allison a says:

      I think Rachel makes a great point. If the promotion is really about the earth then disposing locally is much more earth friendly.

  • gerri says:

    I did this deal before and donated the polish to a local women’s shelter but no one wanted to use “used” nail polish. So the nuns used the polish as paint for some of their arts & crafts projects around the church. It was reused in the end!

  • Mary says:

    I love this deal, glad you can donate to a local cause. You could always donate to a youth program for crafts. Kids love to paint rocks with polish.

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