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Teacher Appreciation Week Freebies & Deals

1:30 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Calling all you special teachers! In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, several businesses are showing their gratitude by offering up some great freebies and special offers! Check them out…

Chipotle Mexican Grill

On Tuesday, May 6th, from 4PM-close, Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants are offering up Buy 1 get 1 FREE Burritos, Bowls, Salads, or Orders of Tacos for teachers! Just be sure to bring along your school faculty ID. Limit one free menu item per customer. For in-restaurant orders only; offer not valid for online, mobile, fax, Burritos by the Box, or catering orders.

New York & Company

Through May 7th, New York & Company is giving all nurses and teachers 30% off any in-store or online purchase (note that you must show a valid form of ID to receive the discount like a badge, paystub, business card etc.). To redeem online use the code 1810 at checkout. Check out the New York & Company Facebook page for more information.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Participating Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory stores are offering up a FREE Classic Caramel Apple. Just be sure to bring your school faculty ID. Be sure to call your local store ahead of time to verify participation and to verify the date, as it varies by location. Limit one per customer.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

On Tuesday, May 6th, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is offering teachers any regular size drink for $1! Simply present your faculty ID, valid at participating locations. Be sure to call ahead to verify. For more info, go here.

A.C. Moore

On Tuesday May 6th, teachers can score $10 off your total regular and sale price purchase of $40 or more (including Sale Items!)! Keep in mind that this coupon is not valid on special orders or at select stores. Head on over here to check out the ad scan.


Select Chick-fil-A restaurants may be offering up various food freebies with valid school ID. Contact your local restaurant to verify participation and for more details.

Office Depot

Office Depot is currently running a “Teachers Change Lives. So Can You” campaign. This is a digital campaign to help raise awareness and funds for classroom supplies for teachers. As a thank you to these educators, Office Depot has partnered with, a national organization dedicated to collecting and distributing funds to teachers, who in many cases use their own money to purchase classroom supplies to ensure each student has the tools to succeed.

Do you know of any other freebies or special offers for teachers?! If so, please share them with us below!

(Thanks, Brandice, Mrs. Waller, Meg, Freebie Finding Mom, Penniless Teacher, Mission to Save and Couponing with Rachel!)

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  • swati says:

    Yay!! Thanks collin :)

  • Amy says:

    I Love and respect each and every teacher for what they do! I sure know I could not do it!! They deserve all this and more! it’s also nurses week, any list of freebies for them?

  • VictoriaF says:

    Do parents usually thank with gifts other school staff members in addition to teachers during this week? For example, school bus drivers. Thank you.

    • VictoriaF says:

      Thank you for your answers, Pinky and JA! :)

    • Candi says:

      Classified employee week is earlier in the year. :)

    • Pinky says:

      Most schools do “staff appreciation” this week. So PTO’s will include everyone. Never feel obligated but if you have a favorite bus driver it is never a bad idea to have your child write a card or do a small thank you, candy bar etc., but don’t feel like you have to get something for everyone. I was a “specials” teacher and sometimes had kids do a small thank you. I try to have my daughter pick out the specials teachers that she really has a bond to or who have reached out to her. However, don’t feel obligated to get everyone something that could get pricy.

    • JA says:

      I give a gift to our elementary bus driver, because she rocks! Our middle school bus driver is mean and crazy and not there half the time, so I will not be giving him anything. He would probably yell at me if I tried anyway. We have an Activities teacher who we will a gift to also.

    • Celeste says:

      We also include the office people, librarian and other elective teachers, lunch ladies, and the janitor. They all help the teachers in keeping our children in a safe learning environment. I end up snagging bags of good candy after Easter and putting it in a plain Easter basket and taking it to the office for ($10 like 15 candy bags and a basket). They all love that they are remembered. And have thanked me over and over-weeks after I brought it in they still thank me for remembering them.

  • alvarezemma says:

    are homeschool moms included? We r teachers!!!!

  • alvarezemma says:

    Are homeschool mommies included in these deals??

    • Kristen says:

      It depends on the store and their policies, but most will include homeschool parents if you can show proof…do you have a waiver from the state/school district?

  • Seth says:

    Don’t for get about all the nurses too! Thank you teachers and nurses who deserve more credit, pay and respect!

  • The Lady Prefers To Save says:

    This is awesome! My husband, an educator, he dislikes the practice of greeting cards, but has a box in his home office, where he keeps every note parents have sent over the years. Handwritten notes, little words of encouragement, mean more to other than you could ever know! Just a thought!

    • luz says:

      You’re right. I’m a teacher and a thank you note it’s always welcome.

      • The Lady Prefers To Save says:

        I’ve found him looking through them even in Summer. He takes great pride in his ability to educate others! Teachers are America’s heroes!

      • Gina says:

        I’ve been teaching 15 years and have saved every note my students or their parents have written to me. I go back and read them sometimes on those “rough” days! Those notes and photos of my “kids” mean so much to me!

  • Lindak says:

    And the school librarian who usually teaches every student in an elementary school at one time or another.

  • Amber says:

    20% off at Loft for teachers, faculty and staff

  • Cynthia says:


  • Valued C says:

    My wife and I love our PTSO (we teach at the same school)! Today, they hired 2 baristas from a local coffee place and made sure were had unlimited coffee drinks for most of the morning! They are grilling out for us on Wednesday and are throwing us a dinner Friday night! Thank you to all of the supportive parents/ guardians of students everywhere!

  • Amanda says:

    I am a teacher. Bus drivers, librarians office personal, administrators, and custodians each get a week. A few weeks ago was administrative assistant week where we thanked our secretaries.

  • Adrian says:


  • katie says:

    Indeed I’m sure she did not get her education from a teacher. She has nothing to appreciate about teachers. Lol

  • Mel says:

    I have to agree. I have a 4 yr old who is a handful all on her own. Her class has about 15-20 kids and 3 teachers. They’re all very pleasant and my daughter has learned so much. I wouldn’t care how much they would never be enough for all that they do. They teach our children AND keep them safe! That to me is worth a card and a gift of appreciation. Parents are responsible to provide care for their child/children but we all celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day just because it’s nice to be appreciated.

    • nicole says:

      I have such a similar situation with my four year old as well and you hit the nail on the head for me! When it comes down to it, teachers take care of the most important thing in your life – your children. Who cares about the salaries…all I care is that my child is well taken care of, safe, and taught well. If I had more to give them I would just for the fact that they do so much for my son every day!

      • Mel says:

        Preach Nicole! Any day my daughter comes home safe and incident free I’m appreciative! Since my daughter was in daycare I always showed my appreciation on holidays and as much as I could. And now my daughter is at an age where I can teach her to appreciate the nice things people do for her. We spent the afternoon making thank you cards and I am putting gift cards in the cards to say “thank you”.

  • alyssa says:

    Teaching…the only job where you steal from home to bring to work. I buy snacks, pencils, even backpacks. I bought a student a belt, if it ever came to it, I would defend them with my life. I love my students, it’s very rewarding to help kids all day. I work in a low income district. We don’t get any gifts and don’t need gifts, but I buy Christmas gifts for my students. I pick up freebies thanks to Colin and save them. Enjoy the day fellow teacher’s!

    • JA says:

      My son’s first grade teacher bought a girl in the class a winter coat because she needed one. She also called our home to say that her son, who was moving out of the house, had a ton of books that he no longer wanted, and she couldn’t think of anyone else she would rather have them than my son. Her and her husband brought them over during summer vacation. I could tell you many other stories about how great our teachers and staff are. Anyone who thinks teachers have it easy should volunteer just one day in a classroom. Everytime I do, I think, “I don’t know how they do it!”

  • Jenny says:

    It is also nurses week this week maybe some freebies will come out

  • Hannah says:

    Amen! This sounds very familiar… North Carolina?

  • Denise says:

    THANK YOU, TEACHERS!!! My mom is a teacher and I have no idea how she and you other teachers do it. No freebie idea here, but I plan to deliver a dozen doughnuts to my mom and her fellow ‘teacher-mates’ at school tomorrow. It’s economical and I found the cutest little saying: ‘Donut (I’d/what your students) would do without a Teacher like you’. God bless you teachers!

  • CW says:

    No it’s gotta be FL. Lol. Or Ohio, or most other states…

  • jl says:

    Can we all just agree that we need to be appreciative of ALL service-oriented professions ALL the time?? And let’s not forget the professionals that don’t get paid (think volunteer fire/EMS, parents & grandparents, etc)! We should follow Collin’s example and use these “appreciation” days as a reminder to do random acts of kindness to all. You never know how it might bless someone!

  • Kelli says:

    Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.

  • CW says:

    :) thanks Pam and yeah, great idea! I’d say she needs a week in an inner city classroom but most likely wouldn’t survive a day. As someone mentioned, it’s the negativity of people like her that degrade all service professions and we are losing some of the best, most qualified people thanks to her attitude and those like her. I also agree on the aforementioned jealously, she must have not gone into a career she wanted to and/or did not do well in school.

  • jenny says:

    Papa murphys has 50% off any pizza plus free cookie dough. Check your local store for participation.

  • Savedbyateachersgrace says:

    I saw this post earlier today and was saddened by half of the comments on this post. I do have to say that TEACHERS are wonderful. A personal story…when I was in the 4th grade along time ago, my teacher saved my life. I came from a horrible broken home. To many times, I was beaten and abused by the many men in my biological moms life. I’d go to schools with broken blood vessels that popped in my eye from being hit or punched in the face. I’d spend endless nights being whipped by a belt or hit in the face, it was a game. I’d have to eat raw eggs and stand in the corner for hours upon hours naked and afraid while my biological mom stood by and watched or laid on the couch, never once intervening. I had to take scolding hot shower, sleep on the floor, never warm and always cold and I always prayed for a way out. If it wasn’t for my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Ruddum stepping in and saving me that rainy day, I can honestly say I don’t think I’d be here today. She had the courage to stand up and say something wasn’t right. She reported it to the school officials who then reported to the police. She saved my life that day. She didn’t have to speak up for me or take the stand. For the first time in my life I didn’t have be afraid or lonely. I felt love, compassion, safety and finally a way out. I could never forget Mrs. Ruddum and what she did for me. It was a selfless act of love. She was an awesome teacher. For on that rainy day, I was saved by a teacher.

    Remember if you see something, please please say something!

    • Monica says:

      So sorry to hear about your upbringing and hope it’s made you a stronger adult. Your teacher was amazing for recognizing the signs and helping save you. Bless that teacher!

  • jen says:

    Can’t we all just get along! Boo to all the bad attitudes! If people choose to live their lives with so much negativity they must have sad lives. I thank my children’s day care providers/teachers every chance I get. I know how hard they work!

  • Melissa says:

    All Arizona McDonalds are giving teachers a free value meal tomorrow, May 6th.

  • Margaret says:

    I want to thank all that Moms out there that are teaching their children to be respectful of their teachers. I teach at a community college, where many of the students are downright disrespectful. Many students want a good grade without turning in the work. Then they treat me horrible because I don’t reward bad behavior. It is so pleasant when I get a student that wants to learn and listens to my lessons. Those are few are far between, but it is because they had awesome parents that taught them valuable lessons early in life!

  • Talia says:

    That’s great that teachers have an appreciation week, they are awsome and mold our children’s future! I wish it wasn’t the same week as Nurse’s Week though. It also makes us School Nurses overlooked on May 7th which is School Nurse’s Day

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