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Target: Johnson’s Baby Products as Low as $0.03

6:06 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Target shoppers! Check out these great Johnson’s baby product deals:

Johnson’s Baby Powder 9 oz $1.97
Use the $1/1 Johnson’s Baby or Desitin Toiletry Item Target Baby Mobile Coupon (text BABY4 to 827438)
Plus, use the 20% Off Johnson’s Baby Powder Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.19)
And, use the $0.75/1 Johnson’s Baby Powder Product coupon found here
Final cost $0.03!

Johnson’s No More Tangles Products $3.49
Use the $1/1 Johnson’s Baby or Desitin Toiletry Item Target Mobile Coupon (text BABY4 to 827438)
Plus, use the 25% Off Johnson’s No More Tangles Cartwheel Savings Offer (will deduct $0.62)
And, use the $1/1 Johnson’s No More Tangles Product coupon found here
Or use the $0.75/1 Johnson’s No More Tangles Hair Care Product coupon found here (Facebook)
Final cost as low as $0.87!

Johnson’s Hand & Face Wipes $2.49
Use the $1/1 Johnson’s Baby or Desitin Toiletry Item Target Mobile Coupon (text BABY4 to 827438)
Final cost $1.49!

(Thanks, Totally Target!)

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  • Christi says:

    Baby powder is awesome to keep in your pool bag to get sand off. I know not many people use baby powder anymore so thought I’d throw that idea out there ;)

  • Rachael says:

    If the Cartwheel is 20% off of Baby Powder wouldn’t it take off $.39 not $.19?

  • Monty says:

    I couldn’t get the mobile coupon to download to my phone, even after signing up for the baby alerts. Is it still active?

  • Kim says:

    Does anyone know how many times you can use the target baby Mobil coupon in ine transaction? Like if I want to buy a couple no more tangle shampoos and a couple hand and face wipes?

  • Gina says:

    When I try to text to 827438 it says invalid?

  • Gina says:

    Got it to text but it says 20% off online purchase?

    • S says:

      I was wondering you weren’t going to use this code, I have a baby due in 2 1/2 weeks on September 2 and have some things left on my registry to get, if you would give me the code. I received a 10% off but a 20% off sounds much better!! :) every penny counts! You can send the code to my email,

  • Crystal says:

    Thanks Collin I have $1.00 off one coupons I got in the mailer thx :-)

  • andrea says:

    I got a text for 10% off online. How do I get the in store % off

    • JenniferS says:

      Cartwheel gives you % discounts in store. Another way to save among the many other ways to shop at Target in store. You can sign up through Facebook or email, there’s also an app for your smartphone if you have one. Hope this helps you out.

  • rach says:

    speaking of johnson’s coupons….have they had any dollar off of a product (get a free buddy soap) coupons lately?? (collin this is from your early days) :)

  • S says:

    How do I get the target mobile coupon? I sent the text and signed up, received a 10% off but no coupons :(

  • Y says:

    When I send the text, it says I’ve received 20% off ONLINE orders. How can I get it for in stores?

  • Heather says:

    I can’t get the mobile coupon either :(

  • lauren says:

    FYI – Johnson’s is an awful brand to use on your little ones. All because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s safe. Spend a little more and feel good about what you’re using on your kiddos! :)

  • TeresaAnn says:

    Is it just me or are these Target mobile text hard on some mobile services maybe? I just dint know.
    Ive signed up over and over but when I text these offers, i get a text to sign up..again…only this time was to sign up for baby alerted..then a text that I will receive up to 6 messages a month…then nothing…so I sent again and it finally sent me some code for just 10% off online baby order

    • TeresaAnn says:

      Ok…my thoughts…the 10% is for signing up for baby alerts…the baby coupons are to follow but maybe some get them sooner than others. When it asks when you want your messages and you have an option of 9am-10am..etc..etc up to 12 noon, then it asks in what timezone, try and do it for whatever time is closer to receiving if possible.

      Maybe if I choose 12 noon Pacific at 11am I MAY have got them at noon? But I choose 8am so they might come through tomorrow morning…maybe…I

      Maybe someday I will get the hang of mobile text coupons

  • Michelle says:

    TeresaAnn, I signed up for the Baby coupons yesterday & have not received a text with the coupons.

    • TeresaAnn says:

      As of 12 noon Pacific…no coupons. I text again and it keeps repeating “sign up for baby alerts.” I’m lost as to what’s wrong. Ive signed up via text link for coupons…on the target site….nothing works. I know my phone gets these codes because I have received the coupons by text before but after about 2 successful replies they no longer come through and repeat sign ups.

  • lobeemom says:

    There is a $2/any 2 Newborn Skin care essentials products on their website!

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