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Target: Thermos Funtainers Only $9.60

10:19 PM MST
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If you’re looking for a nice deal on a Thermos for back to school, check out this email and picture below from Hip2Save reader, Sarah, regarding her find on Thermos Funtainers at Target…

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.58.30 PM

You may have mentioned this deal and I just didn’t see it, but I was so excited when I was able to get it! Thermos Funtainers are on sale for $12 and there is a 20% Lunchkits Cartwheel Offer — which makes them $9.60! Incredible!! (Plus 5% more when I used my Target debit.) My kids LOVE these and their drinks stay cold all day at school. :)

(Thanks, Sarah!)

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  • Tracey says:

    I don’t think all the funtainers were on sale for $12, at least my target had only the angry birds and skylanders for $12 but the spiderman and ninja turtles were $14.99.

  • Molly says:

    Didn’t check boy themes but for girls, only Hello Kitty and Sophia were $12 here. However, bought my big girl one of the solid color larger ones and the cartwheel worked. Not fantastic but I’m so tired of her Camelback spewing water everywhere.

  • Hwarher says:

    These cups are amazing! We are in Arizona and they keep I’ve for over 12 hours! If left in the car they are good for like 8!

  • Tara says:

    Are these leakproof? Easy to clean?

    • Bridget says:

      Yes and yes very easy.

    • Peever says:

      The old Funtainer design was leakproof, but I’ve gotten 2 of the newer style ones with the handles and both of them leak when laid flat in a lunchbox, which is a big bummer.

      • Margaret Anderson says:

        We had similar problems with the new style…the button to open the lid is easily popped open by other items in the lunch box. Resulting in a drenched lunch, lunchbox and backpack.

        I wish that they would go back to the old style!

    • Valerie says:

      YES!! And they stay very cold throughout the day so they are still cold when my kids have lunch at school. They make another container to keep foods hot or warm that works great. I put pasta in it for my kids and it’s still warm at lunch.

    • Kim says:

      Leak proof while the lid is closed. If your 19 month old holds it upside down with the kid open in the stroller, your baby and stroller will be soaked :). Lesson learned. They are out favorite cups for 3+ years. They keep water cold all day, even in GA heat.

  • Katherine says:

    We just purchased the drink & food containers & use them daily for lunch. I feel happy with both but do feel like I spent too much money on them @ $15 a piece. I hope my son likes Spiderman for many years to come.

    • Chris says:

      If these are the kind with a straw and you son is anything like mine, he will chew the straw – even if he likes Spiderman for many years to come, you may have to buy a new straw!

      • Corinne says:

        Chris, where do you buy the replacement straws? It seems like my daughter doesn’t just chew them – I think she eats them!

        • Nish says:

          You can call the company directly at 1-800-831-9242. They will sell you up to 5 for $1 each, and it’s $3 shipping. So I paid $8 for 5 replacement straws. I just got mine this week and they work perfect, same as the old ones. They will ask for the series number, which is on your cap, under the plastic piece (probably something like F401, or something close to that).

  • Adsgigi says:

    I do love these. The only problem I have is if they are dropped the lid WILL crack and then will not close for a tight seal. We have had at least 6 broken lids

    • Priscilla says:

      A number of years ago my daughter dropped a bottle like this on the floor and the top part cracked and so I sent an email on their website and they sent me a new cap for free.

  • semiextremecouponer says:

    I got the Barbie and Transformers ones from Target. They rang up at $14.99 and took off 20% Cartwheel. However, the manager adjusted the price down. Not sure why some are ringing higher than others when the tag below them stated they were on sale for $12.
    We have a couple others and love them! They still have ice in them from filling in the morning to after school! No leaks, no problems even when laying flat in lunch boxes.

  • Nish says:

    For those interested in replacement straws, I started looking on Amazon and eBay and they were so expensive. Then I found out that you can call the number directly for the company, which is 1-800-831-9242. I did it last week. They will sell you up to 5 for $1 each, and it’s $3 shipping. So I paid $8 for 5 replacement straws. So worth it because our straws all cracked but the bottles last forever!

    • Valerie says:

      Thank you!! We need some bad!

      • Sp says:

        Just now got back from my local target in Atlanta Ga and found only the angry birds and sofia thermos for 12$ but the store manager said he can price match it for all the other thermos bottle too. Plus 20 % cartwheel. Good deal happie shopping

  • Patty says:

    Has anyone had a problem with these leaking? I had the old style that never leaked. Two years ago I spent a lot of money on two for my kids and it was a disaster. Leaked everywhere before lunch. Lids were shut. I thought it was a fluke and tried it again making sure everything was sealed. Same thing. I loved these!! Has Thermos fixed the issue?

    • Abby says:

      I’ve had them leak on occasion, and I *think* one way to avoid it is make sure the cap is open before you screw the lid down, then securely snap shut. I think the small amount of pressure that builds from the air trapped in the straw warps the silicone disk inside and causes some to leak. This of course in addition to the darn thing popping open unexpectedly. Also, dont overtighten, also warps that seal.

    • Peever says:

      I’ve had the same problem. I wish they would go back to the old style.

  • Patty says:

    Bummer Peever! I am tired of sending juice boxes or small milk cartons.

  • APS says:

    In Austin, this deal ended the 16th. However, the $12 tags were still up so they let me pick one and honored the deal. Plus used cartwheel and my target card. We love these and use them everyday in my kids lunches!

  • jessica says:

    Darn..not on sale at ours!!

  • CJ says:

    Really bummed I missed this deal as we have two that have disappeared (I suspect daddy forgot them at the park). We love them though & in a year of preschool never had one leak in the lunchbox. I was so impressed with them keeping ice water cold & coughed up $20 for an adult sized one (which is also awesome).

  • Crystal says:

    Last year I was stoked and found them for $2 on clearance at toys r us!!

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