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Sep 17 2016
2 weeks ago
4:30 PM MDT

How One Reader Saved $120 in Less Than 10 Minutes

Sep 17, 2016 @ 4:30 PM MDT
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Junk Mail OfferSo you know those nondescript white envelopes that flood our mailboxes – the ones that we all consider “junk mail” that come preprinted with our mailing address and typically go right from the mailbox into the shredder or trash can. Well, hold your horses before you toss these away as sometimes this “junk mail” can contain amazing offers and big potential savings for you and your family.

Don’t believe me? Check out this email from reader, Lindsay…

Hi Collin! I opened my mailbox this afternoon and quickly shuffled through the catalogs, bills and junk mail that often come my way. I was just about to toss everything into the recycle bin when I happened to open and read a preprinted letter from my current internet company – and I am so glad I did! As you can see from these pictures, the letter stated the following:

So I literally grabbed my phone, dialed the number, waited on hold for about 5 minutes, talked to a representative for about 2 minutes as she reviewed my current account and she then said “OK! I have reviewed your account and will put in a request immediately for $10 off your monthly bill for the next year!” Umm – seriously! I am so excited that I took the extra 7 minutes out my day to read this letter and to make the call as I just saved my family $120!

How about YOU? Do you have any “junk mail” savings stories to share?
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