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Frugal Ramblings

15 Tips to Save at the Movies

1:55 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.
Nov 04, 2015 @ 1:55 PM MST
15 Tips to Save at the Movies

15 Hip ways to save at the movies

If you love going to the movies as much as I do but dread the expensive admission prices and concession costs, here are fifteen “HIP” tips to help you save BIG on movie entertainment…

1.) Save $2-$4 Per Ticket at Warehouse Clubs

Costco Movie Deals[6]

If you have a Costco or Sam’s Club membership, you can save a few dollars per movie ticket when purchased in-store or online. For example, sells a 4-pack of Cinemark Theatres Platinum Supersaver Movie E-Tickets (valid for ANY movie at ANY time) for $33.99 delivered, which makes the price of each ticket just $8.50. Considering that you can use these tickets to see an Adult Evening movie which costs around $10-$12/each at the Cinemark box office (will vary by region), you’re saving an average of $2-$4 per ticket and the E-Tickets have no expiration date!

2.) Head to the Movies on Discount Days or for Early Showings

Save at the Movies

If your movie theater offers a “discount day” for purchasing tickets on a select day, consider watching a flick on that particular day. For example, a participating Cinemark location in Portland offers Discount Day tickets for just $5.50 each on Tuesdays and the price is valid all day…and you can even purchase the tickets a few days or weeks in advance on their website. That seems like a pretty sweet deal considering the cost of an evening ticket sells for $10.40 on other days!

They also offer discounts on Senior Day (Monday), Early Bird tickets (first matinee showtime of the day), Military and Student discounts, as well as various family packages. And, if you’re able to head to the movies in the early morning or afternoon, you’ll be able to save with Early Bird or Matinee prices. Just catch a movie before noon to snag the early bird special.

Regal Cinemas also offers Value Days where you can enjoy discounted movie ticket prices on new release movies with a valid Regal Crown Club membership (excludes holidays and opening days for new movies)! The discount and day(s) will vary by region but start as low as $4.59.

3.) Sign Up for Loyalty Programs

Regal Loyalty Club

Sign up for the Free Regal Crown Club and you’ll be offered discounts at the concession stand and earn points toward Free tickets, popcorn and soda (awarded for every 50 points earned). Plus, members can get candy for $2 every Monday and a small popcorn for $2 every Tuesday.

Or, become a member of AMC Stubs Rewards program for $12 per year (that’s just $1 per month!) and you’ll get a $10 AMC Stubs Reward for every $100 you spend, online ticket fees waived, Free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks, and more.

4.) Scout out the Daily Deal sites

Movie Deals on Groupon

A few times a year, Groupon offers discounted vouchers for Fandango movie tickets. The discount is usually a percentage off the ticket price or a flat rate price for two tickets to a specific movie. Just keep in mind that convenience fees still often apply, but the voucher often can be applied towards this fee.

5.) Find a Discount or Dollar Movie Theater

Dollar Theaters

Instead of seeing movies when they are first released, consider finding a Discount or Dollar Movie Theater in your area (such as Starplex Cinemas) where you’ll be able to score deeply discounted movie tickets. You may also be able to score inexpensive concessions.

6.) Watch for Promotions

Fandango Promotions

Fandango often offers discounts whenever you pay with VISA Checkout and use an applicable promo code (such as this recent Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion, this $14 off 3 movie tickets promotion, and this $10 off 2 movie tickets promotion). Although Fandango tacks on a convenience fee, you can still save a few bucks when purchasing tickets during a promotion.

7.) Sign up for Mobile or Email Coupons

Cinemark Promotions

Sign up for Cinemark’s Weekly Email, and enjoy FREE Weekly Concession coupons along with Featured Films, Events, Contests and Special Offers. Then just redeem on your smart phone or by printing your coupon. You can also download the FREE Cinemark Theatres app for iPhone and Android that allows you to purchase movie tickets, find showtimes, and use CineMode to earn rewards for being courteous during the show.

Also, be sure to follow your favorite movie theater via Facebook or Twitter as you can occasionally find coupons for Concessions or possibly other special offers!

8.) Save with MoviePass


If you see 2-3 movies per week, consider signing up for a subscription to MoviePass, a monthly service that provides unlimited access to movie screenings in your area with no blackout dates – and is available for all major movies and all major theaters (with over 3,700 theaters and more than 33,000 screens)! The cost is just $30-$35 per month based on your location.

There are a few catches to the service, such as you can’t see more than a movie a day, you can’t see the same movie twice, and you can’t see any 3D movies. However, if you see a couple of movies every week, you’re bringing the cost down to under $5 per movie, which is an awesome price! If you’re on the fence about MoviePass, you can sign up for a FREE two-week trial to see if it works for you.

9.) Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

Discounted Movie Gift Cards sells discounted gift cards to hundreds of businesses, including all of the major movie theaters. Also,,, or Amazon often offer up discounted movie theater gift card deals. Also, select grocery store chains (such as Kroger or Safeway) offer various gift card discounts whenever you purchase the gift cards at their store or load eCoupons to your loyalty card.

10.) Redeem credit-card perks

Credit Card Rewards

Call your credit card company to see what promotions are available. As an idea, Chase Freedom and Citibank Rewards offer Regal gift cards available for purchase with your rewards points. Also, certain credit cards offer bonus points for purchases at “entertainment” vendors, which often includes movie theaters.

11.) Watch for Free Movie Ticket Offers on Products

Movie Ticket promotions

You can often find FREE movie ticket promotions advertised on products all over your local grocery store – on select movies, food products, and more…so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these promotions whenever you shop.

Fandango promotions

Also, Costco, Best Buy (in-stores and online), Walmart, Amazon, and Target often have promotions or peelie offers that advertise FREE Fandango or Movie Cash whenever you purchase those specially marked or advertised movies!

12.) Buy Your Tickets in Bulk

Movie Tickets in bulk

Purchase your tickets one or two at a time and you’ll pay full price. Purchase them 25 or more at a time, and you’ll pay a lot less. Get the details on bulk ordering for AMC, Cinemark, or Regal on their websites.

13.) Cash in Your Rewards Points


Disney Movie Rewards, Pampers Gifts to Grow, and MyCokeRewards are just a few of the programs that allow you to cash in your rewards points for free movie tickets or concessions. Check through the rewards catalog of every rewards program you belong to, and you should find opportunities to earn free movie tickets.

14.) Get Free Advance Screening Tickets

Advance Movie Screenings

Gofobo (go here for a recent promotion) and Universal Screenings (go here for a previous example) often offer up FREE advanced movie screening passes for select cities – no purchase required. You may be asked to create an account or log in with your existing account in order to reserve your passes. Also, keep in mind that these passes are claimed quickly and are on a first come, first serve basis. You may also be able to check out Advance Screenings for other offers in your area.

15.) Enter Various Sweepstakes


Feeling lucky? Be sure to enter all of the great instant win games and sweepstakes that are posted on a regular basis on Hip2Save. For example, in this recent roundup, you could enter a couple sweepstakes for a chance to win Fandango gift cards, Hollywood Movie Money Certificates, and more.

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READER QUESTION: Siblings and Holiday Gifts

10:52 AM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.
Nov 04, 2015 @ 10:52 AM MST
READER QUESTION: Siblings and Holiday Gifts

Hip2Save READER QUESTION: Siblings and Holiday Gifts

I received this email from Hip2Save reader, Jill, and thought that it would make for a good discussion…

I have 2 daughters – my oldest is 12 and my youngest is 4. The age difference in my daughters is never tough, they just love each other to pieces—but at Christmas time, it causes me a ton of stress.

My eldest gifts are 3 times the cost of the youngest—I try to spend the same on each girl, but if I do that…the youngest one will have 3 times the number of presents to open compared to my 12 year old. I know my oldest daughter understands, but it still hurts me to think that she has fewer presents under the tree. In the past, I have gone over budget on the oldest daughter to get the number of presents close to equal. Or I buy “filler” gifts to close the gap.

Here’s what I have so far this year – I have bought the oldest 7 items this year and the youngest 9 items. But I have spent $120 on the 7 items for the oldest, while only spending $51 on the items for the youngest (all great deals from Hip2Save, of course).

Any advice on how to keep Christmas meaningful with presents that are important to my girls but also keeping it fair?

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TOP 12 Black Friday Shopping Tips

9:31 AM MST
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Nov 03, 2015 @ 9:31 AM MST
TOP 12 Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday

Wow! The time is getting close. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and will be here before we know it! Black Friday shopping tends to be most successful when you are prepared – so check out my Shopping Tips below IF you plan to brave the stores and all the craziness that comes with Black Friday shopping.

My top 12 Black Friday shopping tips:

(1) Be prepared. Before you head out to the store, check out the Black Friday ads and outline exactly what you would like to purchase. And to be extra prepared, you can even research the layout of your store, so you’ll know exactly where to head to grab the items on your list.

(2) Be ready to stand in line for quite a long time. Wear comfy shoes and appropriate outerwear and consider leaving the kiddos at home (if this is not possible, bring toys or other items to keep them entertained while shopping). And don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated and fed. If you are planning to shop late at night or very early in the morning, research which restaurants will be open so you can plan to refuel!

(3) Know your store’s hours – some stores are opening on Thanksgiving night while others are waiting until the wee hours of Friday morning and some are even opting to stay closed on Black Friday! Stay tuned as I will be posting store-specific information in the coming days and weeks!

(4) Familiarize yourself with each store’s price matching and/or coupon policy. Keep in mind that many stores have created special price matching policies specific for Black Friday.

(5) Make a list! This will keep you focused and will definitely help to prevent you from being tempted to purchase additional items that are not on the list.

(6) Remember to ask yourself whether the great deal you see is actually a great deal for you. You may also want to research online prices versus in-store prices, as you can often snag better deals online even when you factor in shipping costs. Plus, think about the time and gas saved when shopping online! Love that!

(7) Keep those receipts! After the adrenaline rush is over, you may realize that you got caught up in the Black Friday craziness and purchased items that you really do not want. As long as you have the receipt, you should be able to return them and get a full refund.

(8) Go with your mom, sister, grandmother,friend etc. Plan ahead and plan to split up so you can snag items for each other. It’s the only way I’ve figured out to help you be in two places at once! If you don’t want to go to separate stores, you can each start out on separate ends of the same store and meet in the middle after you’ve snatched up as many of the things on your (and each other’s) lists as you could along the way.

(9) Gas up the night before so you don’t waste precious sleep OR shopping time at the pump. Also, map out your route based on store opening times to minimize backtracking and missing out on doorbuster items you’re planning to purchase.

(10) Don’t give up! If the item you are looking for is not on the shelf or display, check the front of the store where other shoppers may have left items they weren’t sure about before checking out. Or, check with your cashier to see if someone happened to change their mind at the register and leave the item you were looking for there.

(11) Be friendly to other customers and store associates. You will be amazed at how people will help each other, even in the craziness, if they are approached with kindness. One Hip2Save reader always takes candy with her when she shops and hands it out to those who have to work on Black Friday.

Amazon Prime Never Asks Me to Put on Pants

(12 ) And my favorite tip of all… skip Black Friday and wait for Cyber Monday instead! There is nothing better than snagging *HOT* deals from the comfort of your own home in your favorite PJ’s! :D

Head over here to check out Black Friday Ad scans, Deals, and Sale Previews.

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Watch My Live Video From Tonight…

6:18 PM MST
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Oct 29, 2015 @ 6:18 PM MST
Watch My Live Video From Tonight…

Hip2Save on Periscope

I just did a live Periscope this evening, so if you’re interested in watching dorky me talk entirely too fast about fashion and jewelry deals, be sure to check it out ;) (you can replay the video for the next 24 hours). I ramble about my favorite places and sites to shop on for clothing and jewelry… and even show how I organize my scarves with a cheap over-the-door shoe organizer.

If you’ve never heard of Periscope, it’s a completely FREE app that allows you to watch live videos! Just search for the Periscope app in the app store, download it, and then search for me (@hip2save) and click to follow. You can then opt to be notified every time I go live! Periscope is super simple to use. You literally can just click to watch me live and aren’t required to do anything else (unless you want to).

I am going to try to be more consistent about doing live scopes. In these live videos, I will be dishin’ about my favorite deals of the day/week, possibly talking about other frugal topics, and may even share personal stuff. I hope you’ll join me.

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Watch Me Live Dishin’ About Deals…

10:53 AM MST
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Oct 28, 2015 @ 10:53 AM MST
Watch Me Live Dishin’ About Deals…

Collin on Periscope

So I’m excited to announce that I am now on Periscope. I have done a few scopes sporadically over the last couple of weeks just to get the hang of it – still learning, though. :)

Are you on Periscope? If not, it’s a completely FREE app that allows you to watch live videos! Just search for the Periscope app in the app store, download it, and then search for me (@hip2save) and click to follow. You can then opt to be notified every time I go live! Periscope is super simple to use. You literally can just click to watch me live and aren’t required to do anything else (unless you want to).

I am going to try to be more consistent about doing live scopes. In these live videos, I will be dishin’ about my favorite deals of the day/week, possibly talking about other frugal topics, and may even share personal stuff. I hope you’ll join me.

Stay tuned as I may be doing a live video later today…

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BIG Drugstore News: Walgreens to Purchase Rite Aid (Good or Bad for Couponers? Comment Below!)

1:12 PM MST
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Oct 27, 2015 @ 1:12 PM MST
BIG Drugstore News: Walgreens to Purchase Rite Aid (Good or Bad for Couponers? Comment Below!)

Hip2Save WalgreensBig news for all you drugstore shoppers! According to multiple sources including The Wall Street Journal, Walgreens is in talks to purchase Rite Aid – a deal that will marry the second largest and third large drugstore chains in the United States. These stores combined will include over 12,000 drugstores in the U.S. (CVS has almost 8,000 drugstores in the U.S).

What do you think about this potential marriage of drugstores? Good or bad for couponers?

Hip2Save BIG Drugstore News: Walgreens to Purchase Rite Aid(Thanks, Lily!)

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REI: Closing on Black Friday So Employees AND Customers Can Enjoy The Great Outdoors

9:20 AM MST
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Oct 27, 2015 @ 9:20 AM MST
REI: Closing on Black Friday So Employees AND Customers Can Enjoy The Great Outdoors

REI: Closing on Black Friday So Employees Can Enjoy The Great OutdoorsJust yesterday, REI announced that all 143 REI stores across the country will be closed this Black Friday, November 27th

Instead of reporting to work, we’re paying our employees to do what we love most—be outside. We’re passionate about bringing you great gear, but we’re even more passionate about the experiences it unlocks for all of us. Perhaps John Muir said it best back in 1901: “thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home.” We think Black Friday is the perfect day to remind people of this essential truth. While the rest of the world is fighting it out in the aisles, we hope to see you in the great outdoors.

I found this announcement to be really refreshing – how about you? Do you wish more stores would take this stance or do you enjoy the Black Friday shopping craziness?

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15 Items TO BUY at Dollar Tree and 10 items NOT TO BUY at Dollar Tree

1:50 PM MST
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Oct 22, 2015 @ 1:50 PM MST
15 Items TO BUY at Dollar Tree and 10 items NOT TO BUY at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

If you have a Dollar Tree nearby and are looking to get the most bang for your buck, you may be wondering what deals are really great buys and what things you should avoid wasting your money on. To become a savvy Dollar Tree shopper, be sure to check out this list of things to buy or NOT to buy at your local Dollar Tree – where everything is priced at just $1 each (keep in mind that product inventory can vary greatly from store to store).

15 Things TO BUY at Dollar Tree:

1.) Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Why pay $3 or $4 for a single greeting card when you can purchase an American Greetings card for just $1 each at the Dollar Tree (or possibly less if a coupon is available!)?! Consider stocking up on cards for upcoming events while you’re there.

2.) Party Supplies

Party Supplies

Shop for parties and special occasions at the Dollar Tree! You can snag a huge selection of various party supplies, wrapping paper, gift bags, tableware, and more for just $1 each, which is a huge discount compared to other retail stores that sell items for 4-5x the cost.

Dollar Tree Helium Balloons

If you’re needing to decorate for a party, head to Dollar Tree where you can snag various Helium Balloons for just $1 each. Plus, you can select the empty balloons that you’d like and they’ll even fill them with FREE Helium after checkout so they’re full of air and ready to go!

3.) Bread

Dollar Tree Bread

Select stores offer name-brand packages of bread, bagels, and more for just $1 per loaf that normally sell for $2.50-$3 each at the grocery store. Keep in mind that these items may be nearing their expiration date within a few days or a week, so consider freezing or storing in the refrigerator.

4.) Best-Selling Books & Coloring Books


You may be able to find best-selling books (by authors such as Nicholas Sparks or Janet Evanovich) priced at just $1 each! These books retail sell for over $8+ at your local bookstore, so this is a great deal to snag if you’re needing new reading material.

Books 2

Also, a great deal to snag for the kiddos is on coloring books. They have a large selection of coloring books and various activity books – all for just $1! These would make great stocking stuffers and additions to birthday gifts…and a great way to keep the kids entertained in the car, at doctor’s visits, or on-the-go!

5.) Reading Glasses

Eye Glasses

Keep your eyes peeled for prescription strength fashion reading glasses for just $1 per pair, which normally sell for several dollars at other stores. Glasses for a buck?! Seems like a bargain to me! :)

6.) Spices

Dollar Tree Spices

Planning to cook or bake or just want to refresh your spice collection? You may be able to find select spices or pepper grinders for just $1 each, which is a great deal compared to the expensive prices at the local grocery store. With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be able to head on over to your local Dollar Tree and snag baking spices on the cheap.


7.) Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Shopping for a little girl or looking for inexpensive stocking stuffers? You can often find packs of hair clips, hair ties, and hair bows priced at just $1 each!

8.) Cosmetics

Brand Name Cosmetics

Keep an eye out for name-brand cosmetics from brands like Maybelline, Milani, Soft Lips, Wet ‘n Wild, and more priced at just a buck! Pair these low prices with manufacturer’s coupons and you may even be able to score Free makeup!

9.) Sunscreen

Dollar Tree Sunscreen

If you’re headed to the beach or pool, stock up on sunscreen for just $1 each at Dollar Tree. You may even be able find smaller bottles of the normally expensive sunscreen brands like Bullfrog (most likely only during seasonal months) for just $1 that sell for much more at the grocery store. And, rumor has it that these bottles work just the same as the normally expensive brands.

10.) Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Tests

Why pay $8-$10 for a pregnancy test when you can find Pregnancy Tests for just $1 each at Dollar Tree!? And, rumor has it that these tests work just the same as other name-brand tests.

11.) Cleaning Supplies

Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies

Select cleaning supplies found at Dollar Tree appear to work just the same as name-brand products. One product I’ve found that works great is a 2-pack of Quick Erasers pictured above (similar to the more expensive Magic Erasers)… and they’re just $1 per 2-count box!

12.) Picture Frames

Dollar Tree Frames

Decorate your house with picture frames from Dollar Tree! Similar picture frames may cost $5 or more at other stores and look just the same. Before purchasing, be sure to check that the hanging bracket or hook is securely attached.

13.) As Seen on TV Products

Bacon Bowl

You may be able to find As Seen on TV products (such as the Perfect Bacon Bowl, Stone Wave Microwave Cooker, or Hot Buns Styling Solution) for just $1 each! These same items sell for up to $10 at other stores. And who doesn’t want a Bacon Bowl for a buck? :)

14.) Drinking Glasses/Mugs

Dollar Tree Mugs

I’ve spotted super cute drinking glasses, travel mugs, and coffee mugs for just $1 each that would also make great gift ideas for teachers or family members. Or, stock up a college dorm room with glassware or dishes for just $1 each.

15.) Decorative Baskets

Seasonal Baskets

Browse around for decorative or storage baskets for just $1 each that may sell for several dollars at other stores. Also, look for seasonal baskets that would be perfect for making gift baskets or using for home decor!

To see the items NOT to buy at the Dollar Tree, click the link below “Read More / Post Your Comments”

Read More / Post Your Comments »

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Beetlejuice Themed Halloween Party

1:37 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.
Oct 21, 2015 @ 1:37 PM MST
Beetlejuice Themed Halloween Party

Beetlejuice Themed Halloween party

Anyone else a fan of the movie Beetlejuice? :) Totally me! I loved this movie growing up and still enjoy watching it. So last Halloween (back in October of 2014),  I hosted a Beetlejuice Themed Halloween Party! It did require a bit of work to get everything decorated, but it was totally worth it in the end and the kiddos had a blast helping with everything too. If you’re planning to host a Halloween Party this year and are lookin’ for some money-saving tips, you’ll definitely want to check out this post.
Beetlejuice Halloween PartyFirst, to get in the decorating spirit, we had the Beetlejuice movie playing in the background AND had it playing during the Halloween party! We then got our creative juices flowing to come up with inexpensive and FREE ways to decorate…

Beetlejuice Party

Beetlejuice Themed Photos: I literally just took the photo canvases and paintings (that were already hung on my walls) and carefully wrapped them with white and black wrapping paper to go with the Beetlejuice colors. I also had my kiddos create Beetlejuice themed artwork!

Beetlejuice Dollhouse – I borrowed an antique Dollhouse from a friend and used a strip of putting green purchased from Home Depot to make the “grass”.

Spooky Branches – I just took branches that had fallen off trees (didn’t cost me a dime!) and then sprayed them with black spray paint to give a spooky look.

Beetlejuice Snake

Beetlejuice Snake: All you need is a pool noodle, duct tape, a sharpie, and some newspaper! Basically you make stripes from black and white Duct tape, then crunch newspaper into a ball and wrap with white duct tape for the head. Take a red sharpie to make the eyes. Oh and that black chair – totally scored that baby at a thrift store for $14.99!


Beetlejuice Themed Decor: Lots of the fun decorations were purchased at the Dollar Tree for just a buck! This includes the hanging skeleton, the wall decorations, and various other party supplies like plates, napkins etc.

Fun Light-Up Sign: Totally love browsing the aisles at TJMaxx HomeGoods. Last year when I was looking for inexpensive decor items, I came across this light-up EAT sign on clearance for less than $10! Totally thought that was a steal and it’s a great sign because you can use it throughout the year and not just during Halloween.

Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats: One tip, make it REALLY easy and purchase pre-packaged items. For example, I purchased Hostess Cupcakes and just took them out of the packaging, then displayed them on a plate. I added Ghost Peeps to some of the plates to give them a festive look. Easy and cheap!

Pretzel Hugs

I also made these 3-ingredient Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs. This was such a simple recipe (the kiddos helped with these)… BUT be warned, oh so addicting.

Halloween Soda & Cake

Halloween Themed Sodas – Just take 2-liter sodas that you’ve purchased cheap with sales and/or coupons and remove the label. The just purchase Halloween-themed sticker labels and put them on the sodas. These are usually inexpensive. I found mine at the Dollar Tree. You can even purchase on Amazon.

Beetlejuice Themed Cake – If someone offers to bring something to the party, be sure to give them a suggestion! :) This will definitely help save YOU time and money. A friend asked me what she could help with and because I knew that she liked to bake, I suggested a cake. Ummm… she totally surpassed my expectations! She not only made a cake that tasted great, but she also created such an awesome themed cake for the Beetlejuice party. I was so impressed!

Halloween Stairs

Decorating Stairs: I used the same wrapping paper that I had used to wrap the pictures to create Beetlejuice themed stair treads. I also purchased plastic pumpkins from Dollar Tree to decorate the steps.

Beetlejuice Shrunken Head Guy

Shrunken Head Safari Guy – My favorite decoration of all! :) This guy rocks! I took full advantage of the thrift stores in my area to create him. The safari outfit is all thrift store clothing and I just used sheets that I had on hand to stuff the clothing. I even found that little head at a thrift store – I couldn’t believe that a thrift store actually had the perfect shrunken head. I then glued hair to the top that I had cut off from an old doll.

Beetlejuice Themed Costumes

And of course, we couldn’t host the party without dressing up too! My hubby became Beetlejuice – so handsome! ;) And I became Mrs. Argentina (the dead receptionist).

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? :)

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All You Magazine Closing Down After 11 Years (Final Issue To Be December 2015)

2:13 PM MST
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Oct 20, 2015 @ 2:13 PM MST
All You Magazine Closing Down After 11 Years (Final Issue To Be December 2015)

All You Magazine Closing Down After 11 Years (Final Issue To Be December 2015)

Are you a current All You Magazine subscriber? If so, you may be surprised to learn that All You Magazine will be publishing its final issue this December 2015. After 11 years in circulation, this magazine was estimated to be losing about $5 million a year. This may not come as a big surprise to many of you avid couponers who likely found recent issues of All You Magazine to be lacking in quantity and quality of coupons. Click here for more information.

How about YOU? Are you surprised that this magazine is coming to an end?

(Thanks, Freebies for a Cause!)

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Kashi Class Action Settlement: Request Up To $27.50 Check

11:20 AM MST
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Oct 18, 2015 @ 11:20 AM MST
Kashi Class Action Settlement: Request Up To $27.50 Check

Kashi Class Action

Did you purchase Kashi All Natural Products (full list found here on the right hand side under exhibit H) between May 3rd, 2008, and September 4th, 2015? If so, and you do not have receipts, you may qualify for up to a $27.50 check via the Kashi Class Action Settlement. If you have proof of your purchases, there is no limit to your settlement reward. Please note – to qualify for monetary compensation, you must NOT be a California resident and must have purchased for personal or household use.

To submit your claim, head here and complete the form no later than January 19th, 2016. You can also print the claim form here and mail it to Digital Settlement Group, LLC, P.O. Box 1571, West Palm Beach, FL 33402.

Are you wondering what this lawsuit is about? A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit which claimed that the marketing of certain Kashi products as “All Natural” or “100% Natural” or “Nothing Artificial” was not true. Kashi stands by its marketing and denies that it did any thing wrong. If you are a member of the Class in this lawsuit, you may make a claim by mailing or electronically submitting a Claim Form.

And, just a reminder that you have until November 20th, to submit your claim for the StarKist Tuna Class Action Settlement. For more information, head here

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10 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money from Home

1:55 PM MST
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Oct 15, 2015 @ 1:55 PM MST
10 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money from Home

Ways to Make Money from Home

The holidays are approaching! :D If you’re looking for legitimate ways to earn a little extra money from your own home, here are 10 “HIP” ways you can earn money from home…


Sell Your Junk Mail

Do you receive a lot of junk mail in your inbox or mailbox that just goes into the trash? If so, you may want to check out the Small Business Knowledge Center (also known as SBKC and rated A+ with the BBB!) as they will PAY YOU for your junk mail! Plus, if you are a business owner or are self-employed, you will earn bonus points for the materials you send!

As a SBKC Consumer Panelist, you’ll be asked to regularly send them your emails and junk mail related to Insurance, Investments, Banking, Mortgage, Credit Cards, Leisure, and more. Just forward all of your qualifying emails or place your direct junk mail in the postage-paid envelopes they provide and return to them about once a week.

How quickly will you earn money? According to SBKC, “Frequent participants can earn as much as $20 in points every 6 to 10 weeks! Business owners and those who are self-employed can earn rewards even faster.” Head on over here to sign up and for more details.


Search Engines

Whenever you browse using a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), it uses a “complicated” algorithm” to determine the results you see…and you may not always get the results that you’re hoping for. That’s why real humans are needed to look at the results and judge them for quality, relevancy, and usefulness. And, the best part is you can get paid anywhere between $12-$15 per hour just for becoming a search engine evaluator for companies such as Lionbridge, Appen, or Leapforce (keep in mind that you will work as an independent contractor, not an employee).


Grocery Shopping Apps

Did you know that you can earn cash by purchasing products that you are planning to buy anyways (products that you may also be able to score FREE or cheap with coupons!) with various grocery apps?! Below are my favorite money-saving apps that will allow you to earn cash back just for buying products at the grocery store…

* Ibotta – You can unlock offers by completing various tasks, such as learning a fact or watching a short video. Then, search for offers in-store by scanning the barcode of items that are in your shopping cart. After making a purchase, you can submit a rebate by tapping on “redeem” for eligible items purchased. Then scan the product bar code and submit a picture of your receipt.

* Snap by Groupon – Browse through the different offers available and buy items from the Offer List at ANY store – note that some of the offers can be redeemed as many times as you’d like! Each offer’s redemption limit is clearly noted on its details page. Then, just upload a photo of your entire receipt using the app or website within 2 days of purchase. When your account reaches $20, you can request payment under the ‘My Account’ page and select ‘Cash Out’.

* Checkout 51 – Browse through the different offers available and buy items from the Offer List at ANY store. Upload a photo of your entire receipt using the app or website (it is recommended that you upload your receipt immediately after purchase since there are only limited quantities of offers available). When your account reaches $20, you can cash out and they’ll mail you a check. Note that offers go live on Thursdays at 12AM in each time zone and they expire the following Wednesday at 11:59PM in each time zone. You must submit the receipts while the offers are live.

* Shopmium – Click on the Offers tab and browse through all the current offers. If you find a product you’d like to try, click on the product and then click on the pink “Discover This Product” button to find out specific information about which products are eligible and where you can find the product near you. Once you have purchased the eligible items at the store, go back to the offers tab, find the offer and then click the “Request My Rebate” button. You will then be prompted to scan the barcode of the purchased item AND to take a picture of the store receipt.

* Shrink – Get cash back when you purchase select items at the grocery store AND earn rewards for buying certain items as well. Shrink recommends items based on your preferences (and you earn cash for trying these products!); and if you buy these items multiple times, you can even unlock loyalty rewards! Browse through Shrink’s offers and click the Reserve button to claim the offers you like before they’re gone. After you have purchased the item(s), just snap a picture of your receipt. Once you have reached a total of $20 cash back, you can redeem your cash back via Paypal.

* SavingStar – View offers on your mobile app or online – there are often 100% cash back “surprise” freebies during the month. Then, use your registered card at checkout as you normally do. For receipt-scan stores, take a picture of your receipt and submit through the SavingStar app or website. Note that discounts are not received at checkout but will be posted in your account within 2-22 days depending on the store. In addition to cashing out your earnings using your bank account or PayPal, you can use your earnings to score Starbucks eGift Cards, AMC Theatres eGift Cards and iTunes Gift Codes.


Enjoy sharing your opinion? Although online surveys are not a huge source of revenue, they are easy to do while watching TV, waiting at the airport, and can add up over time. Most companies will pay via check, PayPal, or you can submit for a reward by mail after you’ve accumulated enough points to cash out. My top 5 survey companies are –

* e-Poll (rated A+ with BBB)
* Harris Poll Online (rated A- with BBB)
* Inbox Dollars (rated A+ with BBB)
* Toluna (rated A+ with BBB)
* PineCone Research (rated #2 on Survey Police)


Bing Rewards

If you spend a lot of time browsing the web, you may consider switching from Google or Yahoo to Bing. Like a frequent flyer program that rewards you for flying, Bing Rewards gives you credits for searching the web (while using Bing) as well as taking advantage of special offers. You can then redeem your credits for gift cards at popular retailers and restaurants (such as Starbucks, Amazon, ToysRUs) and/or donate them to a local school through Bing in the Classroom.


Amazon Mechanical Turk

Did you know that you can become a Mechanical Turk for Amazon and earn money from home just for reading articles, completing tasks, and more? After signing up, just search or browse through the Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) and click on the one that interests you. Accept the HIT and follow the instructions. When you’re done, submit your work and after the requester approves your work, money is deposited into your Amazon Payments account.


Interested in starting your own business? Become a company rep for brands such as Amway, Avon, Barefoot Books, Cutco, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Thirty-One Gifts, or Young Living Essential Oils just to name a few. Each company offers different pay schedules, referral systems, and has different training requirements, so be sure to check out the ones you’re interested in.


Sell Used Clothing Online

If you or a family member has a closet filled with outdated clothing, consider packing up a box and selling it online via Start by ordering a free Clean Out Kit, pack it full of styles you’ve loved, and return it to them for free. They will inspect the clothing and determine an amount to pay you. The amount you’re paid depends on the original price, brand and category of each item. You can use their Earnings Estimator to see how much others have earned for similar items.

Another site that allows you to sell your gently-used clothing is Tradesy. Just list any fashion item in good condition, snap a few photos, propose a price, and use the free box and label to ship without leaving your house.


Customer Service from Home

A growing work-from-home opportunity is to answer inbound customer calls for large companies like 1-800 Flowers, J Crew, or Walgreens. How is this possible? These companies (and many others) outsource their customer-service calls to companies that hire U.S.-based virtual agents, such as Alpine Access, ACD Direct, LiveOps, Sutherland Global Services, Arise, Asurion, TeleTech, and many others.

Before considering this type of opportunity, keep in mind that you must have high-speed Internet access, a computer, a landline, and a quiet place to work. You can expect to make an average of $8 and $15 an hour depending on your experience and will work a minimum of 15 to 20 hours per week.


Foap App

Have a knack for photography? If you have a smartphone and often take photos, there’s a new app called Foap that allows you to sell your smartphone photos for CASH. To get started, download the free Foap app (available on Google Play or iTunes App Store), upload your photos, and make them available for purchase on the Foap Market. For each photo you sell you make $5 and you can sell the same photo an unlimited number of times. Now, this isn’t a huge source of income BUT think about it…if your photo sells 10 times, you make $5 each time and will end up with $50 in your pocket. Sweet!

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