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What is Hip2Save?

A coupon and deal savings website, started by Collin Morgan in 2008, to help herself, family, and friends save money and live frugally in a Hip and fun way. The site has grown beyond Collin’s wildest dreams and expectations and has a national audience of supportive readers. Please check out the New Here? section for information on unique features and activities within the website.

As a newcomer to Hip2Save, where do I start?

Read the homepage frequently – new deals are posted throughout the day. Try out deals that are of interest to you – from freebies to in-store deals to online bargains to printable coupons and more! Also, be sure to sign up for the FREE Hip2Save app for IOS, Android and Kindle! Enter your email address in the box below to sign up for Hip2Save’s Daily Email Newsletter (also known as The Daily Dose) to keep up with all the latest deals and to automatically be entered to win the weekly drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift Card or other prizes.

If you are interested in receiving text alert whenever a *HOT* offer arises, be sure to sign up for the FREE Text Message Alerts. Also, be sure to check out the Hip2Save Coupon Database to easily find coupons for your favorite products!

Finally, register to use the Hip List which allows you to keep deals stored on your own list. And consider following Hip2Save on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and/or Instagram.

How can I find an older post or deal?

Use the Search box in top right column or use the Hip2Save Archive drop-down menu, which sorts by date, located in the middle of the right column.

Are the deals posted by Hip2Save legitimate?

Yes, we spend a lot of time checking out deals since there are plenty of scams and questionable offers. We personally test out a deal before posting it and will order a freebie or complete a survey to ensure that the offer is valid.

Why did you delete my comment?

We reserve the right to delete comments that we find offensive or inappropriate. Fortunately, very few comments are removed since Hip2Save readers are just plain awesome!


As a new couponer, how do I begin?

Take a deep breath and then read Coupon Newbie! It’s filled with all the info you should need to start your couponing journey.

What about the couponer who buys up all the items on a shelf?

Read the post “When to Mind Your Own Business” ;)

What does it mean when a coupon states “one per purchase”?

The fine print on coupons can be confusing. The phrase “one per purchase” means that you can use one (and only one) manufacturer coupon for each item purchased. If you want to purchase multiple “like” items, you will need multiple “like” coupons. On some occasions, a coupon or a store will have a quantity requirement which limits how many identical items you can purchase with identical coupons.

What is the difference between “a purchase” and “a transaction”?

A purchase is a single item, and a transaction is your entire order (all purchases/items totaled together at checkout). In other words, one transaction will have one or more purchases or items. A purchase and a transaction are often misunderstood – even by cashiers and store managers. “One per purchase” means one manufacturer coupon per item – not one manufacturer coupon per transaction. You can purchase as many items as you want and pair these items with as many like coupons as you have unless there is a quantity limit stated on the coupon or in the store’s coupon policy. To avoid problems at checkout, read the terms of the coupon carefully and become familiar with the store’s coupon policy. If the cashier is confused, politely ask to speak with the store manager. If this approach doesn’t work, then ask to be connected with the store’s corporate office.

What does “stack” mean?

Stacking coupons means combining two or more coupons for added savings on a single item. For example, a manufacturer coupon can be stacked with a store coupon (from a store’s sales circular or mailer or store website or a store receipt) to get more cents off an item. If the item is on sale, even better! Make sure that both coupons have the same product description and size so that they can be used together for one purchase.

What does BOGO or B1G1 mean exactly?

These coupon terms both mean the same thing: “Buy One, Get One Free.” Keep in mind that a BOGO/B1G1 coupon is applied to two items. Read more about my thoughts on BOGO coupons here.


Where can I find store policy information for CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens, Target, & Walmart?

Right here! :)

How do I know at what price point to purchase an item?

This is a great but tough question to answer because there are so many variables, including the region of the country, the availability of an off-brand or coupon for the item, and the size of the item.

For answers to this question and others, check out this post. And be sure to take a look at these FREE printables:
* Grocery Price Points
* When to Buy Groceries
* HIP’s School Supply Price Points
* Coupon Binder Categories

How should I handle a nasty cashier or impatient customer in line behind me?

From a Hip2Save reader: “I don’t let nasty cashiers or people who are in a rush behind me bother me. When I went shopping on Saturday morning, not many lines were open. I handed the cashier my fistful of coupons and she gave me a look and the nasty lady behind me started saying all sorts of things under her breath. After the cashier was finished ringing me up, I had saved $158 and paid out of pocket $149. I just smiled at the both of them and said out loud to my two-year-old: ‘Look, baby! Mommy just saved $150. Daddy will be so proud!” If a cashier is being particularly unreasonable, speak with the store manager or the customer service department. If you’re still not satisfied, find out the store’s main corporate contact information and follow up by phone or email. The higher up the corporate chain you go, the more your concerns will be heard. If you encounter a customer impatiently waiting in line behind you, you have several options: Ignore the person, suggest that this person move ahead of you if she/he has little to purchase, and/or acknowledge that you are a couponer and that you’ll do your best to make checkout as quick as possible.

For more information, check out this post and video.


How do I start a blog?

A blog is a great way to get creative and share your passion, but it’s also a lot of hard work. It requires plenty of patience and persistence, and it helps if you have supportive family members and friends. Check out this helpful resource here for more information.


In need of a new printer? Where is the best place to buy printer ink? With so many printable coupons these days, how can I save money on printer ink and paper?

Read this detailed post, which is loaded with reader advice on printers, printer ink, printing tips, and more!

Now get back to searching those deals!! :D

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