Old Navy Weekly: Coupons Still Available!

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I wasn’t able to stay up last night. At about 12:30 a.m. I just couldn’t take it anymore and went to bed. It sounds like from the 400+ comments on the Old Navy post that it was once again, one crazy Old Navy night! Were any of you able to get the $50 off $100 or $75 off $100 coupons? Was it worth staying up?!?

Alright, for those of you that didn’t make it last night, here are some locations of the Old Navy coupons that are still left on OldNavyWeekly.com:

$10 off a $50 purchase
Click the coupon counter at the top of the screen.

$10 off a Men’s shirt and pants
Click on the BBQ grill.

$2 off any white item
Click on the boys white collard shirt. He is standing between 2 girls.

$10 off 2 Girls Dresses
Click on the clip that is placed in the girls red hair.

These coupons that are left aren’ t so bad, especially if you can find clearance items. The $10 off 2 girls dresses coupon should be easy to use. I have seen dresses on clearance for under $5, so possibly 2 FREE dresses after the coupon! Also the $2 off any white item is great too! I may pick up a cute little white onsie for a baby shower gift and I bet you I can find one on clearance for around $2-$3!

Let me know if you guys find any other coupons that are still available!?!
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Comments 51

  1. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I only got the $10 off of $50.

  2. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was able to get the $50 off of $100…the $75 was so close, I almost tasted it. LOL Better luck next week, I guess. I just wanted to say how great your site is and I would have never known the possibilites out there to save my family money if it wasn’t for all that you do!

    Thanks so very MUCH!!

  3. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Went to sleep around 10PM EST. Set my alarm for 2AM and was able to get $50 off $100. 🙂 Not too bad.

  4. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got a 15% off coupons in the video. The sunglasses on the one model. I thought there was something else around the earings of the one modelquin, but I never saw it again.

  5. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was able to get a $50 off $100 about 2:30 am cst. When I add that to the $25 check from Mt Dew and the coupons …..I would say thanks to you I have had a pretty profitable week. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME TO SAVE AND MAKE MONEY …WHILE HAVING FUN DOING IT, TOO.

  6. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was able to find the $50 off $100 around 3:30 EST. I was so tired & so close to getting the $75 off $100!

  7. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was able to snag a $50 off $100. The $75 off went so quickly – it was crazy. I’ll try again next week. btw, I love your site 🙂 Oh, and last week several of the coupons did not apply to clearance priced items, so read the fine print before you head out hoping to snag some freebies.

  8. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Someone please let me know if this is true. I read on another website that you can email the coupon to others. Has anyone heard this? If so I would greatly appreciate a coupon. My email address is chilson76@hotmail.com


  9. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    One benefit of my husband losing his aircraft job is he was able to stay up last night and get $50 off $100 and it doesn’t say can’t be used on clearance items so woohoo!

  10. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I stayed up all night and then finally called it quits. Last week i saved about $37 with the 50% off one item. ( i used it 4 times and then one 40% off). im glad that i atleast got something ( the ten of 50) so thanks for waking up early and finding it for us 🙂

  11. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Coupons states it cannot be used on clearance items.

  12. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got the $50 off $100. It was so worth the late night.

  13. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I just so happen to get up at 2:45 EST, so I thought I would check. The site was easy to get on and there were 900 something of the 75 off 100 and it actually seemed to last a while but I just couldn’t figure out where it was. And then my reflexes were not fast enough to catch the hummingbird that came out every 3 minutes to get the 50 off 100. I’ll try next week I guess but last night was nice b/c I had off work today. I should have searched blogs that stated where they were before the coupons ran out, duh. lol I read you had to vote in a certain order to get the 75 off 100. I def. clicked around but must of not been the right order 🙁

  14. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was able to get the $50 off $100 purchase. Went to bed at 1:30 Pacific Time and am only up now because of my 2 year old. Thank you so much for having such a great blog with wonderful readers who help each other out, with out those helpful comments I probably would never have noticed the hummingbird. I read my coupon closely and I don’t see anything about no clearance items. I don’t think it could be e-mailed because each coupon has a specific bar code that would cancel all other copies if it was e-mailed or copied. Also I think there was a 15% off purchase on the scarf of the woman with purple shirt in the video.

  15. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got a $50/100 too, and was so close to getting the $75 once we all realized how to get it. I’m pretty sure that you cannot use these coupons on clearance merchandise though – at least that’s what I remember reading in the fine print on all the others. I guess I’ll have to check this most recent one.

  16. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got up around 2:00am and it said, hiding coupons….I was finally able to get in around 3:00am. God must have been helping me..Because I dont even remember how I done it. But within a few seconds…I had the 75/100 and then I saw the bird and got the 50/100 on the second try!!! I am excited!!!

  17. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    so, where was the $75 off $100 after all?

  18. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I had a friend of mine email the 50% off coupon last week and it worked just fine. I asked a girl that worked at Old Navy and she said that the “unique” code they’re referring to is a code that is just unique to that particular sort of coupon. So, if you want you can actually email (forward) your friends the $75 off $100 coupons as well. :o)

  19. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    yeah I want to know where that $75 off was! I searched and searched and could not find it! I was able to catch that little hummingbird and get $50 off but I was really hoping to find that $75 coupon! So where was it after all?

  20. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    if any of you got the 75.00 off one, and it is true that you can forward it to friends and family…and you don’t mind sharing the wealth..I would LOVE a coupon! I stayed up and they went WAY too fast!

    I will love you FOREVER

  21. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    my friend was able to snag one of the $75 coupons…she said she clicked on rating the kids in alphabetical order. By the time I tried that it said scandal. They are getting pretty clever in hiding the coupons. It is fun and frantic searching.

  22. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    If anyone is emailing coupons I would like any, I am new to this and could only get the $10 off of $50 I guess my fingers were not fast enough and I was overwellmed with all there was to click on! My son is growing like a weed and needs shorts for the summer. elisa214@comcast.net

  23. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got the $50 coupon and once someone found the $75 coupon they were gone with in one minute!

  24. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Here’s my email addy also if anyone feels like they want to share the $75 coupon. I’ve never been lucky enough to find it. :o( Molliewog2@yahoo.com

  25. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was able to snag a $50 off coupon. That was WAY fun! Thanks Everyone

  26. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    If it’s true you can email the $75 coupon to others, I would really really appreicate one! My husband is out of work and my three girls all need summer clothes.


  27. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I just went and printed the $10 off 2 girls dresses coupon and it says you can’t share the coupon with friends, it will only work once.

  28. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    In case it’s true that you can email the coupons…and you are feeling generous, I would love, love, LOVE the $75 off coupon! Thanks in advance!

    my email is claudialtaylor@yahoo.com

  29. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    You can email the ones with a bar code, but you had to find it and then email it to your friends last night right after you found it…each bar code is different and can only be used once. The coupons with just the 3 number code can be printed multiple times though.

  30. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    All of the coupons say that you can’t share them with friends…but if you look at the “unique” code they’re all the same.

  31. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    If it is true that you can e-mail the coupon to friends I would really really appreciate the $75.00 off of $100.00 coupon. It would mean alot. Thank you in advance.

  32. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was so close to the 75 too! I followed the hummingbird and somehow got lucky on the third click! I guess I still got skills! lol

    I clicked back to hip2 website to see if anyone else had found the 75. Once someone said vote left to right at a certain rating..i went back like wildfire. I did it but nothing happened. So then I clicked back and she said click on the boy after wards. I did that and nothing. BUT I think no one realized that they clicked in alphabetical order. I didn’t know that and didn’t land the 75 🙁

    BUT! I did get the 50 which I’m happy about! Its good too!

    I’m going to try again next week and see if my luck brings me the big one for once lol.

  33. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got a $50 off of $100. The coupons really didn’t go too fast. I would say the $50 lasted about 40 minutes and the $75 20 minutes. I got in a little past midnight MST, and 12:20 on the computer 75 was out and about 12:40 the 50 went out (But somehow I got in the site in the very beginning and some people couldn’t, because they refreshed) They start to go really fast at the end, probably because someone shares the “how to” with lots of people. The lower coupon codes are the same, but the $50 off has a unique serial number….I know because my husband got one too, on his computer, and the serial number was different…so you can’t share the $50 off or $75 off. Once that code is used it will be invalid. I still would like to know how people got the $75 off…I have heard lots of different ways. It seems like you should still be able to do whatever code and it will say scandal, but it doesn’t. The hummingbird says scandal if you try and click on it now.

    Thanks Hip2save!!!

  34. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was able to snag a few of the $50 (and I did email those to myself to forward to family and friends)…so, I’d suggest to everyone to just email all the good ones to yourself..then, you can forward it!
    BUT, I did snag ONE of the $75ones!! It was totally worth staying up late for. You had to rate them in order of height..tallest to smallest with five stars each. By the time i figured it out, and refreshed, they were all out:(
    But, I’m in Vegas…so, I was only up until midnight or a little after.
    I saw all the action on your blog last night…how fun!
    I do love your blog! You do awesome work!

  35. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got a 75. It was around one and I was voting for the kids and after the last one the coupon came up. I about fell off my chair. It happen fast! What luck! I just printed mine then and there. I wish I would have e-mailed it but who wants to screw it up. I am going out today to use it. I hope it works it almost seems to good to be true!
    Love your site!

  36. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    was the 75 always the same? Someone said left to right ratings of like or something like that. That didn’t work..then another said in alphabetical order..and now tallest to shortest? Could it of changed to spice things up? I hear some landed more than 1 so maybe it was always the same each time.

    I sure hope I get the big one next week. I have yet to win it! maybe the 4th week is a charm?

  37. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Yup, if someone’s feeling generous to share the luck, I would love to have one of the $75 off coupons! My email address is



  38. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I joined the “fun” since hip2save first post about the coupon hunt. Too bad I didn’t get any of the high value coupon. In the past I just don’t have the luck to get into the web. Last night. I can get in, but I still can’t get any. I’m so frustrated. I still want to thank hip2save and all your great readers here. Love your blog!

  39. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Hey everybody!
    I also missed all the good coupons. I just found out about this site. Could anybody e-mail me either the $75.00 off $100.00 or more or the %50.00 off the $100 dollars or more? I need to buy my daughter some new clothes… my e-mail is wblankenship@hotmail.com. I would really appreciate it! And if I get a good one next week I will e-mail it to you!

  40. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    If anyone wants to share a high value coupon with me, too, I’d appreciate it.


    I was able to get free white socks for my little girl today with the $2 off anything white.

    I also convinced the cashier and manager to let me get a free green or pink earth tote with one of those since the lettering is white. LOL.

  41. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got 3 – $50 off 100 they all have a serial number that is different and says can only be used with one scan of it and then its invalid. I got them all from the bird. I was so confused b/c they kept saying switch your coupon after I already printed it – I did not know if I lost it or what. When I tried to check this web site to see any clues in would error out and throw me out – did any one else have this issue? How did you know the bird came every 3 mins? How do you refresh and see just the blog info? It was a late night for me I stopped looking a 3:30 here in Indiana @ 4 am my 6 mo old got up for the day – I am a zombie but I LOVE THIS SITE & had tons of fun! THANKS HIP 2 SAVE!

  42. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    First of all, I am very thankful to Hiptosave, or else I would forgot the weekly coupon hunt.

    I was one of the luckiest this week. My husband and I managed to get 3 $75 off $100 and 3 $50 off $100. That was quick and fun!! The 75 off 100 coupons gone in just a few minutes.

    This week the high value coupon has a unique long code,combination of letters and numbers, (unlike last week only 4 digit code), so it only works once and can’t be shared.

  43. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    If anyone is willing to share I would really appreciate it too!!! I haven’t played this game yet but you can bet I’ll be on next week. If I get any coupons I’ll be happy to share. sherri6berri@yahoo.com

    Thanks so very much!!!

  44. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I set my alarm for 2am last night and waited for the site to load. I was up until 3:30 and ended up with none of the high value coupons. It was so frustrating.

    I’m going to try again next week, hopefully I’ll land one.

    I hope everybody that got a high value coupon is going to use it, if not I’d really appreciate it if you’d be willing to share. I’m a college student and in dire need of summer clothes.


    If i am able to get a high value next week, i’ll send one to you. Thanks!!

  45. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I stayed up till 1 am and clicked right at 12 am to get $75 coupon but was not able to buy one. Can any friend please send me an email at busy_raj@yahoo.com with that coupon. I would really appreciate that. By the way I just want to give you guys a good website to check for deals just in case you don’t know. Go to http://www.searchalldeals.com . I will be eagerly waiting for that $75 coupon. Thank you.

  46. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got the $75 coupon…used it today! It does have a bar scan and states that it cannot be used more than once. I’m still curious, though. Can someone else who also go the $75 coupon take a look at the code on their coupon and see if it is different than this one. Mine starts with PWF…an ends with …BT3. Lets compare and see if they really are unique. Also, has anyone successfully used one twice?

  47. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Mine starts with BG7 and ends with XHG…so they are unique

  48. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Last week was my first at Old Navy site game – Do they always have those good coupons? Is it every week? Thanks

  49. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Yes, everyone week!:)
    They reset the coupons Thursday night at around 3 a.m. EST… I guess more like Friday morning.

  50. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was able to use my $50 off $100 coupon from last week 4/9/09 for clearanced items.

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