Old Navy Weekly: Coupon Locations & Recap!

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Old Navy Weekly will once again be resetting the coupons throughout the week. Here is a recap of the coupon locations, so you’ll be prepared when they do reset!

$60 off $100
Use the yellow bucket to scoop water out of the far right panel and into middle panel. Do this until the middle panel fills all the way up.

$45 off $100
Move the spray can from the lady in the purple dress and bring it over to the lady in the purple Bikini in the upper middle left panel. It will then start to spray her with a fake tan. Do this twice.

$20 off $100
Hang the orange striped bag in the lower hand of the lady with the purple dress.

$15 off $75
Watch the video and click on the $1 flip flop sign that comes up 9 seconds in to the video.

$10 off $50
Put Christopher’s head back on his body.

$5 off $50
Click the lotion in the girl with the green bathing suits hand.

Good Luck!!!

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  1. dh

    Good morning! I’m new at this and understand how to find the coupons but when does the site normally do a “re-load” of coupons…is it totally sporadic or is there a time line to this madness….thanks.

  2. Trish

    Well I haven’t had much luck in being able to do any of the other things (catch a rolling coconut), but these are MUCH easier and I just did all of them.

  3. Anonymous

    So, Trish…did you get all of the coupons or did you just do the actions? When do the coupons reload?

  4. Anonymous

    The last few weeks it seems they have reset the coupons around noon on Fridays.

  5. Anonymous

    Old Navy reset I think because there were no 20$ coupons and now there are. All the good ones are gone though.

  6. Anonymous

    they reset around 9 am. mst and it was the same as last night. it froze. i just happened to check the site and it had been reset, but when i did the bucket thing, it froze. i refreshed and they were gone. i was so mad…

  7. LeAnne

    It just reset. I just happened to catch it. I got a $45 off $100 but now the page is froze so I bet I lose it. ๐Ÿ™

  8. Kristi

    I just got a $45 off, but I am not even sure if they had the $60 off, they go so fast!!!

  9. Anonymous

    I just got $45 off too. The counter said that there were $60 off coupons left and I did the bucket and got “Scandal”! I was sitting here refreshing, so the $60 coupons were seriously gone in seconds! Amazing!

  10. Anonymous

    I hate ON!!

  11. Anonymous

    that is so not fair… i had it too. i hate ON too. lol.

  12. Anonymous

    le anne, let us know if you get it.

  13. T

    I have pretty much given up on ON.

    I have no chance of getting the big coupons after they reset on Thursday.

    I too had the $45 last night and it froze on me.

  14. Noreen

    I had the 45 last night and it froze…called ON corp. and of course “their was nothing they could do”…got the 60 today and it froze too. I was able to refresh and get the 45 so i guess I’ll have to be happy with that ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Anonymous

    I’m unfamiliar with the resets after Thursday. Someone said they reset at Noon Eastern? So they had reset at that time like everyone thought?

    And..do they reset again before the night is over? If so..about what time? I’m Pacific.

  16. Anonymous

    I’m not sure but I think they have been resetting Thursday night and then again Friday and Saturday late morning-noonish (central time).

  17. LeAnne

    Well, I called corporate with no luck. They said this is a new thing they are working on and have to work out some issues. She said to try to refresh the page and click “retrieve coupon” at the bottom of the page and enter the email address. (I tried this before calling with no luck.) It says their is no record matching the address. In that case, she said try again next time, there are no replacement coupons. It sounds like this is happening often on the $45 and $60 off coupons(reading posts on this blog and another one). How convenient for them. I’m thinking this is a big waste of my time.

  18. ViaMaria

    I just checked ebay and “toad” has quite a few again. It’s tempting to buy the $60 off $100, but not if he is obtaining those using shady practices. It is discouraging especially since I can actually do what is necessary without good hand eye coordination.

  19. Joe Money

    When they reset today ,all the good one just vavished.
    Getting harder and harder to get it.Last night I got a $45 and I was over joy! then site froze up.
    Oh Well~
    The game was kind of fun.

  20. Joe Money

    I mean to said Vanished.

  21. Anonymous

    Maybe he found another way again to snatch them away from everyone .

    It used to be fun when they had them on Thursday nights. At least then we had a good 10 minutes or a little less to figure it out and bouncing back and forth from Hip2 and ONW. Thought the time could of been earlier.

    Now..its just not fun at all. We all sit here all excited every Thursday with the hopes that “this time I will be faster and smarter and I’m going to get that dang coupon!” only to watch it reset and empty in a matter of about 15 seconds. What kind of chance or “fun” is that?!

    I have been on here for weeks as we all have and I have never landed a big coupon though I tell myself each week that this is my time. To think that I can possibly land a big coupon in 15 seconds or less every week is nuts. There is no way..esp now that we have to compete with a “Toad” and a freezing site. Might as well cut that down to about 5 seconds with these obstacles to deal with.

    I can say I’ll be back tomorrow early morning waiting and waiting for that reset to appear and disappear while I fill that bucket up 4 times as quick as I can…but I know that I still won’t land the big one. They will be gone before I even pour the second round of water.

    I hope it changes somewhat next week. But I guess the only thing they will change is the savings amounts..but we’ll still have to deal with the 15 seconds…”Toad” and possibly the freezing again.

  22. Anonymous

    When do the coupons usually reload?

  23. Anonymous

    I don’t know if they will reload today again, but I’ve heard of Friday morning, and Saturday morning. Not sure about Sunday or Monday morning.

    I keep missing it…because I blinked lol.

  24. Kristi

    Coupons Reset!!!

  25. Anonymous

    gone in like 20 seconds..this is soo dumb..i liked it better when they released them all at the same time

  26. Arin

    It would be great if they hid the higher coupons sporadically with the small ones-so like every time a smaller one like “10% off” is hit 5 times-the next time it would give a “$60 off” coupon or something like that.

  27. Shelly!

    Kristi – what time zone are you in? Just trying to figure out when they are resetting ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  28. Kristi

    Shelly, I am in Mountain Standard time Zone, so it was around 11:30 when the coupons reset on Monday, 1:30 EST… I looked back at some of the past weeks comments to try and figure out when ON reset their coupons. This is what I came up with:
    For the first week they started reseting throughout the week,
    April 30th:
    Friday at 10am MST/12pm EST
    Tuesday around 1am MST/3am EST

    May 7th:
    Saturday 10am MST/12pm EST
    Monday 10am MST/12pm EST

    May 14th:
    Friday 10am MST/12pm EST
    Saturday 4:20pm MST/6:20pm EST
    Monday 2:45pm MST/ 4:45pm EST

    May 21st:
    Friday 10am MST/ 12pm EST
    Monday 11:30am MST/ 1:30pm EST

    I dont know if there are any other times the coupons restet, this is just going by people who have left comments saying they reset. Hopefully that will help us all this week in trying to figure out when we need to sit by the computer like we have nothing better to do, lol

  29. Kristi

    Also, I have a $45 off $100 coupon I am not going to use if anyone wants it, post your email on here and I will send it to you…

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