Old Navy Weekly: Coupons Reset Soon?!

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Old Navy Weekly is supposedly updating the coupons as I type! I’m not sure exactly what this means… but hopefully the high value coupons will be reset soon!

Lets help one another out in the comment section and keep everyone posted with any interesting Old Navy news!

Stay tuned…

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  1. N.

    I am more worried about the rude comments being left here. I do not want Hip to end Old Navy blogging as its the only place where the readers try to help each other out .

  2. Anonymous

    My husband just lost his job and we recently adopted 4 orphans from Romania. Our house is condemned due to the termite, mold and rat infestation. My 3 children from previous affairs are about to enter Middle School, High School and college and want to look like they fit in. I am trying to find full time work at the smoke shop and would like to make a good impression. I’m actually at the library typing this as we don’t have internet at home. The mice have chewed all the wires in my house. If anyone has an extra coupon, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous

    Why would you adopt 4 kids from Romania when you can’t provide a safe and clean home for the 3 kids you have? That sounds like a BS story! I agree with the fact that this is not a place for begging for coupons.

  4. LilKim

    Anon above is being facetious

  5. Anonymous

    Their are programs for people who can use assistance in that situation.I don’t know what state you are in,but I would start with my human resource office and local churches.

  6. Carla

    Where is the love, see what these crazy ON coupons do to us. We are turning on each other…

    That said the 4 orphans story did make me laugh because how long did it take to come up with that… Mice chewing through the wires…Classic!

  7. Anonymous

    Well, I was told that some people sell these coupons on ebay, so I think if we’re going to share, we should at least know the people instead of all these Anons asking for them!!

    I know I’m an anon, but I’m not asking! lol

  8. Anonymous

    Question…Can you use the coupons online or does it have to be at the store?

  9. TheyJustLookExpensive

    its funny how the later it gets the nicer everyone gets

  10. TheyJustLookExpensive

    coupons can only be used in the stores

  11. Anonymous

    I wonder when they will reset?

  12. Anonymous

    we ALL need the coupons that is why we wait up til the crack of dawn to get them. lol

  13. Anonymous

    a lot of the same people are on every week trying to get coupons… don’t they have enough clothes by now? why do they need more coupons?

  14. LilKim

    alot of the same people still haven’t gotten a coupon….at least that’s the case here

  15. Katrina

    As of 12:03 (michigan) it still has not reset..GOining to bed ๐Ÿ™ GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!!!

  16. jess

    Same her LilKim! Just cause I’m on every week doesn’t mean that I’ve managed to get a high dollar coupon every week, keeping my fingers crossed for this week though! BTW, thanks Hip for letting us smack talk eachother and for all you do t help us out!

  17. Leslie

    OMG see waht happens when you have to study for exams!!! At least I didn’t miss the reset? Is anyone else thinking tomorrow night? Just really needed to snag a great coupon to cloth the children!!

    Thanks for any heads up you can give me. Stay up the last time until 0330 am, doze off until 5(still no reset)then fell asleep on the coach with lap top on my lap. Woke up at 0810 and big coupons were gone!

  18. Anonymous

    To all the people posting your e-mail address when asking for a coupon – that is a great way to get spammed! You should never post your e-mail address in any public forum, as they are often harvested by spammers for e-mail addresses.

  19. Anonymous

    I agree about the begging. Please stop. The way I look at it, the people who are really trying to get the coupons must really need/want them and probably aren’t giving them up. I, for sure, wouldn’t spend the time trying to get something I won’t even use. Plus, check ebay. Coupons are on there every week.

  20. TrishaLynn

    I have two of the 50off 100 coupons from this week that will expire today I would realy hate to these go to waste so because i wont be able to go today which really sucks because its the first time that i was able to score one of the high values and watch i probally will never again lol but anyway if you are able to go and want one let me know

  21. Anonymous


    I could use one of those 50 percent coupons for Old Navy today. Could you please send me one at: clevelandlpd7@comcast.net

    Thank you!

  22. Trisha Lynn

    Sandra it is on its way have fun shopping!! I still have one more

  23. LilKim

    LOL! Isn’t it ironic that right after someone says of course no one will give away their coupons…. someone is trying to give away a coupon in the next post. I love this site because everyone is so nice to each other!

  24. TrishaLynn

    I am sososo sososo sorry marie the my second coupon was in my husbands email and he deleted it because i had printed it off already but if you have a fax machine i could fax it odd i know but if you wanted it if you do you could email me haydensmommy05@hotmail.com

  25. N.

    I highly doubt though that someone would give away a 75 dollar coupon here. Why would they ?

    If I had won the 75 coupon, I would give it to my family, not randomn people on the internet.

    And the people in the past that claim they have coupons, it could be a lie. Just my thought guys.

  26. Anonymous

    see? begging DOES work. hehehe..

  27. TrishaLynn

    For me I dont have any family that can use them at the last minute and I relly like the idea that I can give it to someone that is on here every week trying just as hard as i do honestly I never hardly write in but just from reading the comments and seeing the same people every week everyone starts to feel like afamily we are the old navy family and we all talk once a week like most long distance families LOL

  28. Anonymous


    Thank you very much for the coupon! Its going to be a nice surprise for my daughter when she finishes her last day of school today.


  29. Anonymous

    got it…thanks again TrishaLynn…you made my day!!

  30. J.D.

    TRISHALYNN if you are able to get a 75 dollar coupon, would you like to throw it my way ? LOL

  31. TrishaLynn

    You guys are very welcome and JD if I got the 75 off I think I would walk the 30 miles to Old Navy to use it I have yet to get one of those and have been doing this ever since hip2save has first posted about it

  32. ILona

    What time did this end up loading? I still dont’ see the page refreshed?

  33. Anonymous

    ILOna it can refresh at anytime. There is no one specific given time. If there was then all of us could actually have a life instead of staring at the page and keep hitting the F5 key.. LOL

  34. ILOna

    I know at work yesterday, I wouldn’t leave my desk…today same thing. Last night my husband thought I was nuts…but you never know…right place at the right time…

  35. Trish


    I have tried week after week and I’m not going to lose sleep over it this week but I think it will reset tonight.

    That said I do have one of the $20 off $100 coupons I’m not going to use, if you want it email me.

    The first person gets it trish (underscore) gillette (at) hotmail.com

  36. Leslie

    Ok r we hoping reset is no later than midnight EST.

  37. Trish

    what was the ‘media’ website??

  38. N.

    The media site no longer works. I guess ON found out that people were using that to retrieve coupons since that site was refreshing earlier.

  39. Krystyne

    this is some sick twisted MAN’s Idea….A woman would NEVER make us lose sleep, wait, hunt….possibly neglect our children while waiting at a computer for a COUPON! lol

  40. Amanda

    i also have a 20/100 coupon im not going to use.. whoever emails me first can have it.


  41. Carla

    Between 8 and midnight tonight!

  42. Carla

    Who wants a live unmoderated Chat?

    Where we can keep it clean but still have fun.

  43. Mykkyya

    what timezone Carla?

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