The HOT Kraft Printable Coupons are Back!

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Are you already missing some of those great Kraft printable coupons?!
Well, guess what? They’re baaaack! Yes, you heard me right!

Thanks to one of my readers, Bekah, for the heads up on this! You can now go on over to and click on the $50 in Kraft Summer Savings Banner courtesy of Publix to print even more Kraft coupons.


Save $1 on Kraft BBQ Sauce
Save $1 on Ritz
Save $1 on Wheat Thins
Save $1 on Kraft Mayo
Save $1 on Kraft Dressing
Save $1 on Kraft Bagel-Fuls
and more!!!

UPDATE: I have not been able to print these coupons yet, so I’m not sure if they can only be used a Publix or if they can be used anywhere that accepts manufacturer coupons.

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  1. Kym

    Are you sure? I can use them somewhere else? They have Publix logo and say redeem only at Publix? I just want to make sure before I go and look dumb lol.

    BTW love the site!

  2. Anonymous

    only able to print once. Also, they say “Redeem at Publix” not “..ONLY..”, I take it more as a suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Anonymous

    These are NOT manufacturer coupons. They say RETAILER COUPON on the top and REDEEM AT PUBLIX on the bottom. DO NOT waste your ink printing these out like I did!!!

  4. Anonymous

    I just used the planters peanut coupon at CVS and had no problem even tho it says Publix!

  5. Anonymous

    These say Retailer Coupon!!! Not Manufacturer coupon! Am I going to be able to use these at other stores! If not that was such a waste of INK!

  6. Anonymous

    that doesn’t make it right…

    I would not use these. CVS or any other retailer besides PUBLIX will not get reimbursed….

  7. Anonymous

    I just used 4 of them at albertsons self check out and the didn’t beep so I don’t care

  8. Anonymous

    Yeah, these are not manufacturer coupons, I just printed one to see. Bummer, wish I was near a Publix!

  9. Anonymous

    I wish someone knew what was going on, or are we just a bunch of greedy idiots?

  10. Anonymous

    Here goes nothing, gonna print the coupons. I hope they work!!!

  11. Katie

    I accidentally printed these without realizing that they are publix coupons and not manufacturer coupons! If someone wants them I would be happy to mail them out! Just e-mail me your info, I’d hate for all that printer ink to have been wasted!

  12. Leah

    Does anyone know if there is a coupon limit per transaction at Walgreens?

    I tried to buy 8 RAGU and 4 Dry Idea, and I used 4 $1/2 RAGU and 4 $1 Dry Idea + the in ad coupon. Then I tried to use 4 $1 RR, and it wouldn’t take it.

  13. Katie

    You can only use one coupon per item, and I think it counted the $1/2 as a coupon for two items so you were over that limit! Walgreens can be really weird with coupons sometimes. I hope that answers your question!

  14. Jennifer

    ugh. I printed them too!

  15. Mandy

    I printed a few of them too – oops! I don’t have a Publix near me so if someone wants the few that I printed just send me an email and I will send them your way. Better to share than to waste, right?
    – Mandy

  16. Anonymous

    The generosity on this site never ceases to amaze me!

  17. Anonymous

    I just used them all at Walmart. Saved $24 all together:)

  18. Leah

    I did the RAGU separately then, and used the $1/2, and then used the 4 $1 RR and it worked. Weird!

  19. Jackie

    I was at wags tonight. I bought 6 pb and 2 Mayo and 1 reusable bag. I had 4 $1/2 mg’s for pb and mayo and 1 wags q for the bag and 5 rr’s.. That’s 9 items and 9 mq’s I tried to give the cashier my $15 worth of rr’s first but he said I had to give him the mq’s first and of course it did not work. He called the manager and he said it was bc he took the mq’s first. We voided the order and started over again. IT WORKED. I just shared this bc it was seing eye proof of the same order but different order of q’s.

  20. Marti

    I live in Southern New Jersey, and am going to try using these at Pathmark. Pathmark accepts other retailer’coupons. This seems like a legitimate and fair solution!

  21. amy99s

    Yes they ARE manuf coupons, read the small print and it tells publix where to redeem the coupons to and get their money (and its the Kraft address). If it was a store coupon, they would not tell Publix to mail them the coupon for redemption. Also the upc codes start with a 5. I have seen other manuf coupons that say retailer at the top, I think whoever made them didn’t understand the difference.

  22. Anonymous

    Collin stated she did not know if they were for stores other than Pubix, so quit complaining. As much as she does for us she does not deserve any snide comments! Take the time to read the whole post instead of being greedy.

  23. christinaprey

    I printed three of these and two say “retailer Coupon” and one says “manufacturer’s coupon”…so look carefully girls!

    Can anyone who printed them all off tell us which ones say manufacturer’s and which say retailers??? I would be so appreciative!

    So far:

    Two Packages of Kraft Singles: Retailer

    Buy 1 oscar meyer meat get $1 off kraft cheese:

    Kraft BBQ sauce:



  24. Anonymous

    She put that AFTER the fact…

    DO NOT USE THESE if you are not going to use them at Publix. This is why Couponers have such a bad rap!!

    If you like Kraft doing all of these coupons… then use them right! They will have to stop if they are loosing out!

  25. Anonymous

    Just clip them without the redeem at publix. Nobody cuts coupons perfectly. That’s all i did. Hahaha!!! WALLY WORLD HERE I COME!

  26. Michelle

    Do you guys realize you’re giving all us couponers a bad name when you do stuff like this???

  27. Anonymous

    You act like they aren’t going to get paid.

  28. Andrea

    Collin works really hard to find these things, and sometimes deals just don’t work the way you want. Her printer was broken last night and she didn’t print them out before she posted. If she went through and verified every step of every deal she posted, half the time she wouldn’t be able to get it up before it’s gone. You’ll survive and the 3 cents you wasted on ink will not break the bank.

    I hate how being able to click Anonymous makes people so mean.

  29. Anonymous

    You can use these at Walmart. Walmart will get their money. They don’t have to be only redeemed at Publix.

  30. MamaMataUSMC

    From my understand and experience with Publix. These are not Publix coupons. They are Manu Q. Publix store coupons use a LU# not a bar code, they will not let you stack these with other coupons there for they are a Manu Qs from Kraft taht can be used anywhere that accepts IP Qs.

  31. Reiko

    I have a feeling they are going to pull these coupons soon and tell stores not to accept them anymore…these coupons are meant to be used only at Publix, otherwise Kraft Foods main site would have them available again for use at all stores…just my opinion.

  32. Ida

    Collin, one of the reasons i really like your blog is because you try to stay honest, you never put together deals with expired coupons or tell us to trick anyone or any company or organisation. Thank you for all the hard work.

  33. Not Anonymous

    What a bunch of crybabies. Use, no dont use. WTF?

  34. Anonymous

    WOW such bitter people today.

  35. fran

    To Any Anonymous who is willing to answer this question: Why do you always use Anon. when you can be using your name? Do your family and friends call you Anonymous?…everyone says this is like a family where everyone helps each other…well, I’d like to know what your name is. Thanks to anyone who answers…and if you don’t know how to leave your name, just say so, and I’ll tell you how to do it. Thanks again.

  36. Anonymous

    Wal-mart’s corporate coupon policy states that they accept store coupons. I have used grocery store coupons at my local Wal-mart in the past and the cashier confirmed with the manager that they do accept competitors store coupons.

  37. Anonymous

    Not all Anonymous signers are mean! ๐Ÿ™‚ I use anonymous because I’m at work and it takes less time to sign Anonymous vs. signing on with my blog. My name is Char and I’m not one of the snarky anonymous ones. I love this site!

  38. Anonymous

    My Pathmark takes competitors coupons, too. I think if you use these coupons at a retailer who takes competitors coupons then it shouldn’t be a big deal. They look like manufacturer Qs to me. But, I do think it’s dishonest to try to “get it passed” cashiers at other stores. I’m a cashier (not at a grocery store) and we can get in trouble for taking inappropriate coupons and sometimes people do come in when they know it’s busy just to try to sneak things by us. Just be honest and think about the person getting paid hourly who may get yelled at, either by the angry customer being held up in line behind you, or by their manager. That’s all.

  39. fran

    Hi Char,
    I hope you didn’t think that I thought all Anons were mean…I didn’t say that, although I believe that some feel like they can say anything they want because we don’t know their real identity. You don’t need to put in a web site…click name, just type in your name, then publish your comment. I know it’s easier to just click Anon, but now we have Char added to the “known group”…welcome, and thanks for identifying yourself…I’m sure Collin appreciates it, too.

    We not only learn from Collin, we learn from each other, and it’s nice to be able to thank the actual person who helps us.

  40. Mander

    I printed a few out and I am going to take them to the service desk at my Kroger. If they will take them, I will use them. If not, well then I am only out a sheet of paper and some ink. I am not going to try to pull a fast one on the store..just doesn’t feel right

  41. Youcancallmefrantoo

    Hey fran, how do we know your name is really “fran.” Give us your full first name, address, and social security number. That way we’ll really know who you are. You know, so we can add you to the known group.

  42. Mel

    I think that if we don’t have anything nice to say, we shouldn’t say anything at all.

  43. Anonymous

    I’m new at couponing and have printed off many that I can’t use. That’s life. I’m happy to have found a site that looks for all of these great deals! We live in NE Indiana but plan on going to Nash. TN next week. My sil loves Publix. I can’t wait to try them out.

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