Rite Aid: Stayfree Deal Scenario + $30 Profit!

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Shannon over at For The Mommas came up with a sweet Rite Aid deal scenario! She also actually accomplished doing the scenario today, so it does work! You can check out the pictures of all the great buys she snagged, as well as her receipts here!

Here is the deal Scenario she came up with. It does involve doing 2 separate transactions:

Transaction #1
Buy 10 Stayfree Pads at $3.99 each + on a buy one get one free sale
Buy 2 Band-Aid Adhesive Antibiotic $4.49 each + on a buy one get one free sale
Buy 1 Listerine Blue Agent $4.49
Total $28.93
Use the $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon
Use 5 Buy one get one free Stayfree coupons from the 6/28SS
Use 2 $1 Band-Aid coupons from the 4/26RP
Use 1 $1 Listerine Cool Agent Blue coupon from here
Final out of pocket cost ONLY .98!

Transaction #2:
Buy 12 Stayfree Pads $3.99 each + bogo sale
Buy 1 Degree Clinical Strength $6.99
Use the $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon
Use 6 buy one get one free Stayfree coupons from the 6/28SS
Use $2 Degree coupon from here
Total out of pocket cost NOTHING but tax!

From the purchases above you’ll get back:
$25.00 Rite Aid Gift Card from Single Check Rebate #160
$5.00 Degree Clinical Single Check Rebate
$1.00 Agent Blue Listerine Single Check Rebate

Final cost all the above FREE + a $30 moneymaker!

Now that is what I call a can’t pass up deal!

**Don’t forget to check out all the Rite Aid weekly deals here, as well as an additional Huggies deal scenario!

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  1. Anonymous

    thats a sweet deal! I have a question….do you all buy extra papers? or how do you get so many inserts?

  2. Anonymous

    Some people think we are crazy, but check your local paper recycling dumpsters. It is just paper and sooo many people throw the whole paper away, coupons and all! Or ask around to your neighbors and friends, lots of people get the paper, but don’t use the coupons. You can also start coupon trading bins at community spots that you frequent. Volunteer to organize and keep up with the process and you have the most access to coupons.

  3. Anonymous

    The degree says no prints available ๐Ÿ™

  4. Anonymous

    the rite aid $5 off $25 Q says its only good thru jun 28…maybe they’ll reset??? or where can i get another one??

  5. ThriftySister

    Where do I get these inserts to begin with?? And what does SS and RP stand for anyway? I’m brand spankin’ new at this!

  6. Maria E. Lopez

    It means smart source and red plum. Sweet deal if I had bought 11 newspapers :-0 but I do have 1 so I could get stay free for free. Lol

  7. Anonymous

    These are great deals, but does anyone really have that many duplicate coupons?! I guess I’m just not willing to buy scores of newspapers in the hopes that one day I might be able to score something for free. LOL!

  8. christinaprey

    Remember that you can buy coupons off ebay, thecouponclippers.com and couponmaster.com to name a few.

  9. heather

    The manager at my Rite Aid would not allow me to use the BOGO coupon b/c they were already BOGO. He was rude and told me I actually have to buy one to get one b/c otherwise I’d be getting them for FREE! Anybody else had a problem with the coupon?

  10. lori

    I have some more deals for you if you can get more stayfree Q’s. I get my SS for free in local free newspaper (unfortunately they do not put in the RP too) so I grab tons…Also here is another hint, my Walgreens does not send back their extra newspapers so I often can get extra inserts from them after Sunday has passed if there was anything left. Ask yours… Now that said if you have more stayfree do 2 more transactions. The Degree and Dove deod. deal is 2 rebate limit so go to money saving mom to print some dove Q’s. then add this transaction. Buy 1 dove clinical at $6.99- $2 IP Q , 8 stayfree – 4 BOGOF MQ 1 wet ones – IPQ (found at moneysavingmom.com) and add a small filler (you need 6 cents) for a total of $5.98 + your filler item cost- $5 off 25= approx $1.10 oop but get back and additional$5 rebate for deodorant and $1 rebate for wet ones another $5 profit. Next transaction buy 1 greendot prepaid visa card up to $9.95 and 8 stayfree pad. total is $25.91 _ $15.96 for bogof Q – $5 off $25 = $4.95 oop and get back the $9.95 purchase price of the visa card for an additional $5 SCR plus you will have a visa card worth $9.95! Also another idea for those of you who got the $2 reach toothbrush Q’s (I think from 5/17 SS) then instead of the Band aids buy a 2 pack of toothbrushes (kids is $2.99) and add a $.52 filler on to make $25. and then after all Q’s are taken off, it will be $0 oop and you will make an additional $1.50 SCR
    Hope all this makes sense to you all.

  11. Anonymous

    how many newspapers do you normally purchase? I have been purchasing 4 or 5 from our local Dollar Tree (they’re only a $1 instead of $2).


    I want to get the best deals and, like this deal, you have to purchase 10+ newspapers. Is it worth that to purchase that many every week?


  12. LilKim

    Ginger….I really wouldn’t (personally) buy 10 pprs a week. Usually, there’s only 1 or 2 REALLY awesome ones that I’d want to get 10 of (ie the Stayfree one mentioned above) so I just buy them on Ebay for $3 or less – also…many sellers will combine shipping. So you’d maybe spend $5 if there’s 2-3 that you want 10 of. HTH

  13. Anonymous

    When I find a great coupon I also go on ebay and buy them there. Many times you can get 20 of the same coupon for 2 to 3 dollars. Sometimes less. I too wonder where all these people get 20 of the same coupons. lol. I guess they work somewhere that has excess to left over papers.

  14. Anonymous

    I wish I had a Rite Aid. there isn’t one within 200 miles. ugh. I hate missing good deals, and they seem to always have some. ๐Ÿ™

  15. Ida

    Wow i wish we had right aid here!

  16. Tara

    i tried to go to rite aid on saturday and the manager was sooo rude. the rigte aid coupon wouldnt scan and she wouldnt take it, so i left my items there. i told her i understood if it was a manufact. coupon that didnt scan but it was a rite aid coupon! She was so rude i just walked outta there.

  17. Preppy Little Dress

    So basically, I have 5 B1G1 FREE coupons from this weekend and could get 10 FREE things of Stayfree – using a B1G1 FREE coupon on a B1G1 FREE product? If so, I am definitely taking these coupons with me to Michigan this weekend!!! Please confirm, someone! ๐Ÿ™‚ THANKS!

  18. fran

    Preppy Little Dress,
    Sounds right to me. And if they don’t have enough in stock, be sure to ask for a rain check.

  19. Denise Silva in NJ

    My experience with Rite Aid is never good! That’s why I love CVS.
    I have a Rite Aid 3 blocks from my house and I always get tempted,and all the time it’s a huge situation. I called corporate about the bogo sale using a bogo coupon and they said that you can only use one coupon and buy the other item from the bogo sale, so you need at least to pay for one item. they don’t understand that a coupon is money for them!! My coupon 5 off 25 didn’t scanned either, so I also left some items behind…

  20. Jackie

    For those of you in Socal Rite aid is not having the page 11 scr’s. I went today and the dove/degree is 9.98. Wet ones were 1.99. bigi Band-aids were 4 something and $5. Asked Mgr. about new and diff ads from the rest of the country, He didn’t know.

  21. CM

    I don’t think it’s been mentioned before, but the Shine To Go shoe polish wipe found in the trial isle is FAR+$.26 overage (it’s on sale for $.74, and you can submit it for rebate#73 to get $1). It’s also pretty good as a filler item.

  22. Lolo

    Jackie, I too am in So. Cal and I went today to get the deals and you’re right the dove/degree deodorant is not on sale here, ๐Ÿ™ However the rebate is still valid. If you just buy the stayfree and the deodorant, you will not make extra money on it but it will be free if you use the $5 off of $25. Unfortunately my Rite Aid said no go for the bogof coupons at full value and would only take $1.99 off instead. I went ahead with deal as there was barely anything left on shelf, but I may go to another and see if it will work there and then maybe return these… As far as the wet ones they are supposed to be $1.99 and then there is a $1 MQ and a $1 SCR making them free. Maybe our deodorant will go on sale a different week instead and if so I will return it and repurchase it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Sara

    Guess I shouldn’t have sent in my rebates already! Darn it! This is an amazing deal! Oh well, I have been cashing in on a lot of free stuff lately! I love the world of coupons $ rebates!

  24. Anonymous

    Thanks for all the responses…I found the Stayfree coupons on ebay and put in an offer…=o)
    Another question…I put in “Band-Aid Adhesive Antibotic” and nothing was found in ebay. Does anyone know if they’re selling these particular coupons? I wasn’t receiving the paper back in April so I have NONE of these coupons.

    Thanks so very very much!

  25. fran

    I believe the rebate you just sent for is the June Rebate. This deal is for the July Rebate book, so you are in luck.

  26. Anonymous

    I was wondering if you need to purchase $50 worth of product in 1 transaction or if you can have multiple receipts totally $50 for the $25 GC/rebate? The associate asked the manager tonight and he said 1 transaction equaling $50. I am so confussed as to what is the answer to this looking at the scenarios. I bought 10 pads and 2 bandaids tonight and don’t want to miss out if I can plan ahead and buy more. If not no biggy I got them all for free because I bought another item so I could us the 5 off 25.

  27. MJ

    I went to Rite Aid and they would not let me use the bogo coupon ๐Ÿ™‚ I called corporate and they said that is true- they will not accept a BOGO coupon when something on on sale for BOGO- I think its BS personally- But congrats to those who got them free….on a side note I did score a bag of hershey dark choc mini’s on clearance for 39 cents a bag!

  28. Gina S.

    Hey everyone,
    I am also in SoCal. The cashiers wouldn’t let me use the BOGO Q’s on the Stayfree. I called Corp. they said they would have somebody in upper management call me. The manager from my Rite Aid just called me and said he was really sorry that they wouldn’t take the coupon and to come in tonight, so I guess he is going to take the coupons. I’ll let you all know about it.

  29. MJ

    Hey Gina S-
    If your manger does it can you get a name if someone in Corporate for me? I am in NJ- but if they take the coupon in CA they should take it in NJ.

    You can email me @


  30. Gina S.

    The manager wasn’t there, but I explained my situation to the cashier and he said he would try scanning them for me and if the computer wouldn’t take them then I’d have to wait for the manager. Anyway, they scanned with no problem and I was able to pick up the last 12 packages that they had.
    I didn’t get the name of the woman who helped me when I called Corp.
    Your best bet is to talk to the store manager or the assistant manager and demand that they scan the coupons. They can not make their own rules and if it works at some RAs and not others it is not fair!
    I’m going to try the other 6 RAs around town tomorrow and see if I can scoop up another 10 packages.
    My guess is that they are close to sold out if not sold out because this one had 40-50 packages on Sunday and like I said I took the last 12.
    Good luck, I really hope you can grab these deals!
    PS.. dont let them tell you that you have to buy the same size to get the BOGO… not true!

  31. Anonymous


  32. april

    Hello Everyone,
    Well I’ve been intently following everyone’s comments on different things that come up here and there. I’m fairly new to couponing. I figure it is worth trying. So here are some of my up and ups!! I did this deal at one Rite Aid. The manager said that he couldn’t do it. I then went to a different Rite Aid and asked this specific question…”Does Rite Aid take a BOGO coupon on sale items?” He then asked for the coupon and said, “I don’t see why not.” I then went on to get the items to purchase. When I got to the counter he was very plesent as you all know that it takes time to ring up the items and coupons. The coupons wouldn’t go through. He then said he knew why I asked the beginning question and said that he would take them anyway because he knew he would get his money back. That being said, the transaction was difficult to complete but IT DID COMPLETE! I didn’t make as much profit because I bought some cereal for my two boys and had $.50 bandaid coupons. The degree coupon wouldn’t print but I thought I had the $1 one that would work. It didn’t for the item but I had a $1.50 coupon that he took anyway. $24 PROFIT is still sweet! The other up and up…I am an independent carrier for the local paper. Entering this coupon world has been both fun yet very time consuming and I think now that I’m MAYBE getting the nack of it. In the warehouse that I work at is a recycle newspaper bin where carriers drop off their papers that they didn’t need and excess inserts are placed. I glean out of those bins. This past week was an easy one. There were multi packs of bundles of the Flairs (the place were the coupons are located). I always, always, always take the extra coupons to my church because we are getting ready to enter a building project and each family is wondering were they are going to get the money. I know where my family is going save and give (it is with the saving in coupons) This week I have an OVERAGE of coupons because of my gleaning find. If any of you live in the Richmond VA area need this weeks coupons please just let me know. mannyaprl@gmail.com I would be happy to clip any that you would like more of. April

  33. Gina S.

    WTG April! It took me a while to get the hang of the whole couponing thing. I wouldn’t have made without everyone’s help, so thank you for this blog Collin and thank you everyone for answering questions and posting ideas, etc.

    Hope everyone has a great week!!

  34. Natalie

    I have looked all through my 6/28 smart source and can not find the stayfree bogo coupons??? Am I crazy or is it different in different areas?

  35. LilKim

    If anyone needs some more BOGO stayfrees, I bought 20 and only used 12….so I have an extra 8. I’d be willing to arrange a coupon trade or something. I’m in Jax, NC.

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