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The Lemon that started it all…

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First, I don’t NEED to justify the “lemon” situation in my Follow Me Monday video (maybe the container of lemon wedges was actually for the WHOLE table? Ya think? …AND maybe I only needed 2 Lemon wedges to make the kind of lemonade I like… and maybe I gave the server a HUGE tip because she put up with us… and maybe I was a server for a few years, so I UNDERSTAND… ).

Anyway, the point of this post is to express how I feel. I am not one of those people that can bottle stuff up inside. That’s just not me. I put myself out there on these videos and it’s scary. I also work very hard every week getting these videos made for all of you. I felt the response this week (I actually had to delete some of the comments) was not too positive. I want to continue making videos, but if I feel like this every Monday, it’s definitely not going to work.

Just please try to remember that I have feelings…

Oh and when I talked to my hubby about the whole lemon ordeal he said, “What lemons? When did we have lemons?” Him saying that made me feel so much better… made me realize once again, that this whole lemon crisis is NOT a big deal!

…And one more thing—it is just a stinkin’ lemon!

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  1. Maranda

    Some say that anonymity is that last refuge for cowards. Judging from comments I’ve read that have been submitted anonymously, I would agree. People hiding behind the screen on anonymity or a false identity feel the freedom to launch angry, hurtful triades. Anonymity allows them to be unkind without having to take responsibility for their words. Anonymity can be a coward’s way of hiding behind hurtful words.

  2. Lisa

    You are AMAZING!!! Your follow me Monday videos are one of the highlights of my week. I always eat at my desk when you post one so I can watch it. Its always those crazy few who ruin good things for everyone. I am glad you took the time to vent. I just hope you know how much the information you share helps people. I am a working mom of two whose husband is going to school full time. We were barely making ends meet until I started couponing. It is also what I now consider to be my hobby…. so… THANK YOU!!!!

  3. John

    These negative comments sound just like a bunch of women, getting all excited over nothing. Nothing like some drama huh ladies? Arguing over lemons? Seriously? Reading these negative comments reminds me of a flock of hens in a barnyard, cackling all the time for no reason. You negative writers should go on The View and argue over nothing, speak over each other, and find some way to tear each other down. You’d be with your own kind there. Women always seem to attack another woman who they feel is smarter, prettier, and more liked than they are.

    • Ellaci

      Make that “some women”, John. The vast majority of the women here, most likely about 99%, have been overly positive and kind.

    • Anonymous

      go find something better to do and leave us alone!!

  4. christina

    As many others have said… WE LOVE YOU! Please don’t stop making videos or get discouraged. You are awesome. I come to this blog at least 5-6 times a week and now have been able to save so much $. We are expecting our first child in just a couple of weeks and because of the posts here I now have a stockpile of about 25 packs of diapers all that I purchased at $2.00 or less a pack. This is just one weird example of all of the savings my husband and I have found from following your site. Our budget is VERY tight ($50.00 / month for groceries, personal items, etc) and we could not do it without you and sites like yours.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Leah

    We love your blog and your clear honesty and realness. Please keep up the great work that you do!

  6. Katie

    Collin- You’re awesome and an inspiration to all these people that read your blog. Please forget those sad sacks that are trying to bring you down.

    • chrsity

      Collin, please do not let these very rude individuals bring you down. You do so much for so many!!! It takes so much of your time to help make life a little better for others that you don’t even know, that speaks volumes about who you are. My family and friends think you are the best. The savings we get helps our budget so much. We are able to help others who are less fortunate with our coupons and great deals. YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you for all that you do.

  7. Caroline

    Collin, I saw your post with the lemon before seeing the Video and just want to convey that you are amazing! Your posts have helped me stretch our family budget in a tremendous way. I feel sorry for individuals that feel the need to attack others whether in person or in the written form. You provide this as a free service to us and it is amazing. Thank you for being you and sharing some much information to assist so many of us on our journey of living well on less.

  8. lori

    Collin. Thanks for all that you do. I have been telling all of the members of my MOPS group about couponing and how useful your site is to me. Now some of them are getting hooked too. Thanks for all the great deals and the money that you help us save.

  9. Jessica

    I love your website I check it more then I check my email. Hold your head up high your great at what you do dont let others get you down. cant wait for the next video.

  10. Sue

    Hey Collin, I love your site and love your Follow Me Monday Videos. I didn’t read the negative comments, but can’t believe the nerve of some people. You put a lot of work into this site to help complete strangers like me to save money. I have 3 teenagers and we have had cut backs/layoffs at work so I really appreciate all of your hard work on making it easy to find the deals and coupons. I didn’t think anything of the cup of lemons because my boys always get lemons when we eat out and eat them like oranges. Yuck! Keep up the good work and keep your head high. You are the best and Thank you!

  11. Kelly

    So sorry that you received some negativity about lemons. Weird! My parents own a restaurant, and we would not think anything of someone ordering lemons with their water, especially for a party of 4 ordering dinner. Just shake it off! You do a great job! And I am totally with you on the idea of ordering water instead of a drink. That saves so much money!

  12. Noel

    I suspected something like this would happen. Don’t take it personally. Some people just look for places to state their opinions on controversial issues. There is nothing wrong with ordering lemons with your water. If you want to bring your own lemon you can do that too. What are they 20 cents. Restaurants probably pay even less than that. People should stop fighting amongst each other about this server v customer issue. And start fighting the restaurants for taking advantage of everyone involved.

  13. Carrie

    IΒ’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Collin tried to block me! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Now where do it startΒ…Β…..oh yeah, thanks everyone for all of the attention!! I LOVE IT!!!!

    • Sarah Ann

      Carrie, I feel bad for you! What has happened in your life to make you so caustic? Talk to us about it, Honey, we want to be here for you!

      • Lorraine

        did you have a bad childhood, Carrie? Is your marriage on the rocks? Disapointment with life? How can I help you?

    • Lorraine

      I say just ignore her!

      • Lorraine

        HEY! are you Lorraine too?

    • Anonymous


    • Carolyn

      It’s so nice that you could push your way back onto a website where you were obviously not wanted. What an ugly way to treat others.

    • Anonymous

      you are sick – get a life!!

  14. Carrie

    Oh please!! You guys are seriously killing me here!! Why don’t you just form an I Love Collin parade!!?? Just get your good deals and move the F on!

    • Anonymous

      wow, you are one ferocious B who needs a lot of attention.

      • Carrie

        Yup. *giggle*

        • Anonymous

          what is it about you that makes you feel the need to put someone down that works around the clock to try and help people save money and seems nothing but nice? that’s just weird.

        • may

          again you’re just taking up space ………carrie……….but i quess usless people have to do something with their time……..

        • may

          again you’re just taking up space ………carrie……….but i quess usless people have to do something with their time……..

    • Anonymous

      OK, seriously Carrie, it would seem to me that you’re the one who needs to move on. If you don’t agree with something that Collin or the rest of us does then DON’T READ THE BLOG. There’s no need for you to be nasty, rude, and uncouth. All you’re really doing is showing your true colors and how completely ignorant and common you really are.

      Collin – you do a fantastic job every week providing us with a centralized list of some amazing deals. I don’t coupon to the extent everyone else does, but I do love a bargain and I appreciate that you take the time to compile them here. It makes my life easy! So keep it up and don’t allow this one person, who clearly has self-esteem issues, to have any affect on doing what you do best every day! =)

      • Alicia

        It’s people like you that make me feel really, really good about myself (because I’m NOTHING like you).

        • Kerry

          What everyone needs to do is just ignore her. Quit responding to her childish posts. Seriously, who gives a s**t about what she has to say? Let her waste her own time, not ours.

          • Destiny

            Carrie…we all are GIGGLING BUT NOT WITH YOU BUT AT U…U TRULY MADE A FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF…Go and read someone else’s blog

        • Jodi

          Amen to that!

    • Amanda

      Dear Carrie,
      What is your blog address?

    • Denise

      An “I LOVE COLLIN” parade – what a great idea! I’m in. I don’t know what kind of float to make, yet … but I know I’ll throw chocolates to the crowd because she has gotten me SO many great deals on candy! Yum! πŸ™‚

    • Anna

      Sounds like someone’s a little jealous, huh Carrie??!?!?! Take your problems elsewhere, they are NOT welcome here.

    • Anonymous

      jump off the pier!

  15. Diane

    I didn’t read the negative comments about lemons. Some people just like to benegative and find something to compalin about. You provide a wonderful service and I among many really appreciate and enjoy it.I’ve been at resturants with others who ordered lemons for the tea or water or salad ( as a dresssing) many times. Shrug it off.! Love ya!

  16. Debbie

    I was a server for 9 years and never thought twice about people requesting lemons for water…Collin keep up the hard work…no matter how hard you try and even when you give it your all, there will always be someone who will criticize or point a finger…but 99.9% of us love your ideas, and feel very fortunate that you share talent with us…I can only imagine the hours you put into this blog…Thank You!

  17. Salina

    I watched your video yesterday and laughed so hard!! I love how you can be yourself in front of the camera; I know that I couldn’t do what you do. I always order a soft drink with my meals but you have inspired me to order water and make LEMONade!!!! I don’t know what comments were made but don’t let that interfere with what you do best, help US save money. I was just introduced to your site a little over a month ago and I am now able to save tons of money for my family of seven, all thanks to YOU!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this. May God Bless You and Your Family!!

  18. Becky

    I love your videos, love your site…everywhere you go you’re going to find someone who doesn’t like what you’re doing. But please know that many of us love it and depend on you to bring all these great deals to our attention, without us having to find them on our own. Keep up the great work!

  19. ros

    do not let a few weirdos mess with your head – we all love you and know how much it takes for you and your friends and family to do this for us.
    please keep going – mondays would not be the same without your films. thank you

  20. Shannon

    Some people have no tact. I love your video’s (I think you are hilarious!), and your blog is great. You devote so much time and energy to this that it disappoints me to think that some people have to go out of their way and make rude comments. Maybe those persons should just take a hike! I guess those people weren’t brought up correctly. If you don’t have something nice to say, you should just keep your mouth shut!
    I didn’t read all the comments, but just know that there are far more people out here in space that support you than those that don’t! I’ve used that many lemons before and I didn’t even make lemonade with them…I just sucked them dry on principle! πŸ™‚

  21. Melissa

    wow I must have missed something, but You go Collin! I don’t know how you have time to balance it all and I leave Kudos to you! Don’t let some people ruin your day or you doing stuff that helps families out!!! As another military spouse, I know what it means to save a few dollars and because of you we’ve been able to do that! Thank you for all you do! I hope that the person who has their panties in a bunch will get blocked or grow up!

  22. Stephanie Norman

    You have no reason to apologize. You are amazing, and loved by many, and by many who don’t even know you other than by this website. Whenever I go to a restaurant, I always ask for a WHOLE lemon, and there has NEVER been a time when a waiter / waitress was rude because of it. I personally use the lemon for my steak, but have at times asked for 2 so I can make lemonade. You’re PAYING for your meal! It’s their job to accomodate your wishes. You keep doing what you’re doing! You’re doing NOTHING wrong! Love you!

  23. Shannon

    one, more thing. For all those folks who seriously have a problem with a few extra lemon wedges being used, maybe next time you go out to eat you can throw down an extra dollar or two for the rest of us frugalista’s and our free lemons (just so the servers don’t feel cheated out of some of their 15% on a $1.00 or two for the drinks). Believe me, the chain restaurants (like OG) are not suffering the loss of a lemon or two…
    Collin, I would so go out to lunch and have a “free” lemonade with ya sometime, just sayin.

  24. Liz

    I’m good just to drink water. I ‘ve been a waitress and a bargain shopper for a long, but I try to never annoy people with my antics. I do get rude people who don’t want to pay for a drink but want free products to make water into a drink. Guess what, that product costs money. I’m not talking about 2 lemon slices, i’m talking about hot water & cream so they can bring their own tea bag(THen I clean up after them and they do not ever tip me more for saving that money. They just don’t. Women are the worst and I’m a woman) Or honey, or syrup, or whatever. I would never be tacky in my pursuits to be thrifty. ALSO, ladies, you should always tip on the bill BEFORE any coupsons or discounts. If money is that tight, stay home or get take out. Collin, your video was fine. People just need to use sense. If you don’t have common sense, this AWESOME BLOG will not save you. Thanks for everything!

    • mike


      • Carolyn

        I have to agree with you, I was a hostess and I remember servers judging how much someone would tip before they sat down. The servers would ask me not to sit people in their section based on what they looked like, which didn’t always work in their favor. I honestly think that type of attitude is what gets you tipped poorly. I don’t mind being ignored when a server is busy but I work so much that often I am not dressed well if I go out, which I do very rarely anymore, funny thing is I may not look like I have money but I do and I tip well if I am served well. I worked hard for my money too, picking people up, wiping people’s butts doing a job many people wouldn’t and if I treated my patient’s like I am often treated when I go out I would be ashamed.

  25. Kelly S.

    Collin, I thought your video was lovely and insightful. Keep up the good work! I truly appreciate all you do to spread the word about smart and thrifty living. Thank you.

  26. Alicia

    Those lemon Nazis remind me of something my cane-swinging great-grandpa used to say to me: “Alicia, some people are stupid. Just be glad you’re not one of them.”

    So here’s to you laid-back, normal people that keep the world sane. Keep turning lemons into lemonade ;).

  27. Julie

    Sweetie, I think you’re great. You have a great attitude and have saved me TONS of money. All the little fun freebies we get from “the coupon lady” are thrilling to my kids, and with things as tight as they are around my house, we need a thrill. Just know that for every one crabby person, there are a thousand who think you’re swell and don’t bother to comment.

  28. Guggie

    What did I miss? Was there some recommendation to use lemon slices and sugar packets to make lemonade?

    I remember when I was pregnant, I had to put lemon in my water or I would puke. Weird, I know. But I would always use my slice and DH’s slice in my water. Then one day I was sitting there and it dawned on me…duh! Use a sugar packet and you get lemonade! lol

    After my daughter was born, I never wanted lemonade ever again. πŸ˜› Oh, also, if you guys knew how they cut and stored those lemon wedges, you would NEVER allow one to come near your water.

    • Lisa Selsky

      That is very true. I’ve been a server for years and I won’t use lemons/limes because of the “germ” factor. For one, lemons and limes are not washed before cutting them. Then they are cut and put in large plastic containers. Throughout the night, as we are working, the servers and bartenders are sticking their hands into the container and grabbing what they need. No tongs, just their hands. I wash my hands all throughout the night, but there are plenty of servers and bartenders who rarely wash their hands. Sorry for the sad truth. I love eating at restaurants, but it’s always a “leap of faith” = )

  29. jamiede

    Hey Collin, How’s the saying go? When life brings you lemons….make lemon-aide! Great idea! Would have never thought of that! You rock!!!

  30. Nicole

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that this is one of my favorite sites- I think making videos for everyone to see how things are done is ingenious. I also want to add that I actually will take crystal light packets to put in my water and at times have been known to bring in my own soda to a restaurant. There is no shame in doing these things because come on, the restaurant is charging you up to $4.00 for a drink that should cost about .75, and I rarely ever have a refill- I know this varies for every person, but why should you have to pay that much? On top of that, they more than make up for it with the price of the meals- fettucini alfredo for $15.00 anyone? We are talking about noodles, cream, cheese, salt and pepper people! I was a waitress in high school and tips were my living back then- never had a problem with the water/lemon/sugar drinkers- anyone who does just has way too much time on their hands. If you stop doing these videos then you have let the debbie downers win- I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. I know blogging is a full time job because I have tried it- and I say thank you for all of your time and effort you put into it to help all of us out. May the lemons be with you!

  31. Amanda

    I love your site. I check it more than I do my email. You do a fab job, thanks for helping my family get out of debt. By your hard work I get to spend more time with my family and not have to look for those deals like I once did. It does not come naturally to me like it does you, so it would consume my every hour. You have been blessed with the frugal gift, thanks for sharing it with all of us. Forget about all of the haters because all of your bloggers love you and appreciate you. Thanks, again! Keep up the great work girlie!
    PS Your videos are cute! Love them!

  32. Megan

    Everyone comes across people that are rude, obnoxious, selfish and uncaring. The internet is an easy place to be all of those things since they aren’t actually saying it to somebody’s face.
    I think you did great by addressing those people and letting them know they can’t bring you down! After reading that I have more respect for you than before.. Hold your head up high and keep on doing what’s best for YOU.. you’re doing all of us a favor and you shouldn’t let that effect the person you are!
    There are always going to be some “crazies” out there.. you can let them knock you down.. or you can step aside and let them whiz on by!

  33. Michelle

    It amazes me how bold people become on blogs, it’s like road rage… or yelling at customer service reps. over the phone. People find it empowering to be mean and cruel when they are not face to face~ SO sorry Collin that you have to deal with that. I hope you get that brat blocked, my 3 year has better manners. The best thing to do is not respond to her- obviously that is what she want’s, she thinks she is being clever and funny and I feel sorry for the people in her life, because I can only imagine what a “wonderful” friend she must be.

    Just know that when you make your self public, and vunerable, you have to face good with the bad. You have so much support, and people all over the COUNTRY, and probably worldwide are reading your site every day. You are reaching people and making a difference, and for every 10,000 that find you, one is going to be a spoil sport. Pray for them, be a bigger person and be THANKFUL that your heart is not in the same ugly place theres is.
    ….and you are adorable, there are like, 700 comments ahead of me saying the same thing. πŸ™‚ AND- we order EXTRA PICKLES to feed out toddler.

    • Carolyn

      You are very enlightened. I enjoyed your comment.

  34. Lindsay

    You are WONDERFUL. LOVE your blog! keep up the great work. You are sooooooo talented and amazing and beautiful and just fabulous! Don’t let the sour rude comments (and people) get you down! Keep doing what you are doing and being YOU! We love it!

  35. Jean in Calif

    Just like everyone else has already said I love your blog and look forward to your follow me Mondays. I have learned so much from your site. I have always had to watch my money and have always used coupons for food and entertainment. Since I have found your site I have saved so much money and am very thankful that you take the time to help out so many people like you do. Yours is the first site I check every morning and many times during the day also. Just can’t seem to get enought of Hip2Save.
    Keep up the good work Collin.

  36. Cynthia

    I did not see the “Follow Me Monday” video, but I love your blog and I don’t want you to be discouraged by negative comments. Thanks!

  37. Marie

    With every good comes bad, and because you are so good Collin, there has to be minor bads, there is no need for your to apologize.

    There are people in this world that will never change no matter how bad you chew them out, turn the tables on them etc, its how they will always be, best to smile and nod if you don’t agree with what they say, they don’t change their mind lol, arguing with them just feeds into what they crave -attention and drama.

    We all deal with these people, it makes me more sad rather than upset because we’ve all open minds, theirs will always remain closed, and their poor souls have to come online, trash people to make themselves feel better about themselves.

    Collin, you keep up what you do and do not let these sad souls get to you, thats what they want, don’t give in. Ignore them and rejoice in the coupon high/savings high/family high that they will never experience.

    Thank whatever your beliefs may be that you are not that person and have an open mind to being economical.

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and be darn proud that you are setting an excellent and economical future for your family and others like you.

    Frankly – I pity the fool. (yay Mr.T!)

  38. freida

    I always ask for lemons. Lots of lemons because there are 9 of us and we like lemons in our water. The restaurant can afford some lemons. You are really good at what you do.

  39. babysnark23

    Ok, I’m gathering you were requesting lemons to make lemonade?? I haven’t had to a chance to read the comments or watch the video, however I wanted to comment about the following-

    I used to drink a lot of soda with my meals, but then I started to notice I was barely drinking half a soda with my meals. Money is tight , yet we still like to eat out a lot. I was sick of paying an extra $2.50 for a soda I was not really drinking and started ordering water with a slice a lemon for flavor. If, I had been smarter I could have made lemonade too, LOL. If I need a sip of soda, I just grab my daughter’s soda, lol. Please IGNORE the NEG. comments and thanks for all you do.

  40. Amy

    Hey Collin…don’t take it personal…obviously someone must be jealous of you to insult you so badly and to keep it up just means that they are imbalanced. Take it with a grain of salt and consider the source…there are weirdos everywhere…especially the internet.
    You do an awesome job! Keep it up! πŸ˜€
    BTW Lemon+Water=Yummy!
    God bless!

  41. Megan

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your follow me Monday videos. And, the lemonade tip was priceless! Keep up the great work.

  42. Ilene

    Hey Collin,
    Your blog is great and so are the Follow Me Monday videos.
    You should call Olive Garden to see if they’ll send a Collin Coupon for all of your followers to use! They couldn’t pay for this publicity.
    Get yourself a show on TLC and we will all be able to say “we followed you when you were 1st starting out”…
    Keep up the good work!

  43. linda

    I just watched the video after I read the lemon post. I really can’t believe anyone would fault you for a lemon. I always drink lemon with water- even at home. Please don’t take to heart the negativity some people radiate. You helped me save over $3600.00 in coupon and rebate deals in 2009 so keep the GREAT work!!!!

  44. heather

    Love all of your videos. I constantly pass it along to friends who have tight budgets, .like me. please don’t stop the videos. You could always just not leave a place to comment on it PLease don’t let a few spoil it for the rest of us!

  45. AngelaT

    Hi Colin,
    I’m sorry that these scared losers who are weak have to hide behind the internet to make fun of people. They are probably alone in the world and have no friends so to make themselves feel better they try to hurt good, decent innocent people like yourself.
    Colin, US, the important people who love your site and respect you as a person will never change our view of you. You are kind and sweet. You open your life and family to all of us and we do appreciate it.
    There are plenty times when we buy drinks that we don’t even finish and pay $3 for them. Sometimes money is tight and so why not make lemonade. That money for that drink can go towards the tip. Also, even when I get a discount my tip is always based off the total before the coupon/discount. I appreciate the discount but know with me paying a small price that basing my tip off of the discount is not good for the waitress.
    Colin, again Thank you for all that you do for all of us. I love your Follow me Monday and look forward to it each Monday to see what kind of tips you have this week. I know saying Don’t let them get to you is easy to say but I know with you being the person that you are that it does hurt. I’m sorry that you putting yourself out there has brought malicious people here. I hope this doesn’t stop you from doing what you do because you do it so well.
    I so enjoy your personality. You are so bubbly and full of life and you put a smile on all of our faces.
    You are my friend in my head.

  46. kristen

    That poster is sipping on some hatorade… I personally like lemonade better πŸ™‚

  47. April

    Hi, I like your videos very much! Many helpful advises. Thank you for doing them.

  48. MBF

    Go here:

    Print out the coupon and stick that in your water if you don’t like Collin ordering lemons at a restaurant!!!

    Collin, you do a great service for everyone that you do not have to do. You just do it out of the goodness of your heart. Thanks for such a great website and keep up the good work!!!!!!

  49. Tammy

    Hi Collin! I agree with everyone else – you are one awesome mama! I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I love it. You’ve even inspired me to start my own blog once I have a little more free time. I think your videos are sooo cute and funny. I was cracking up last night watching the date night video! And as far as lemons, I totally do the same thing. You know how they have those lemon wedges at Panera Bread next to the water? I put about 6 of those in my water every time. My husband makes fun of me, but I love lemons, what can I say?

    Thanks for being so awesome and bringing such great deals and insight into our lives!

  50. Fawn

    That’s too bad some sour puss’s had to go spoil things and leave some stupid comments πŸ™ My husband and I LOVE watching your follow-me Monday videos-we think you’re hilarious and we love your tips! I hope you keep doing them! For what its worth, I’ve made *lemonade* at restaurants too, cripes, who the hell cares if you ask for a stinkin’ lemon wedge or two?! People need to relax and get lives………

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