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My Toy Story Shopping Adventure/Fiasco/Victory?!

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There are no other people in the world with whom I would rather share my shopping adventures, fiascos, victories etc with than my fellow Hip2Save readers. For this reason, I would like to share with you my latest shopping adventure/fiasco/victory that occurred last night.

Yesterday, I promised my 5 year old son, Ayden, that I would buy the new Toy Story 2 DVD for him if he was extra good (I know, I know…bribery is not the best parenting method but I do use it occasionally). Needless to say, Ayden was extremely well behaved throughout the day so I was very excited to take off to Toys R Us as soon as my hubby came home from work. I literally gave him and the kids a quick kiss, grabbed my coupon binder and ran out the door. I had been craving some bargain shopping all day long!

So I happily drove myself to Toys R Us envisioning all the savings I was going to experience with my coupons and the awesome sale that Toys R Us was offering when you purchase both the Toy Story and Toy Story 2 DVDs together. As soon as I entered the store, I went straight towards the DVD section and to my surprise they seemed to be out of stock. No way, I thought. How could a store advertise such an awesome price and not have a huge supply of the item?! How could they not be prepared? I marched over to the Customer Service desk and was informed that yes, they truly were out of stock… but will be getting more in later. The manager then asked if I was familiar with price matching (I told him just a little ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and suggested that I head over to Target with the Toys R Us ad in hand to price match the DVDs.

OK, I thought Plan B. I jumped back in my car and headed over to Target determined that I would leave with those prized DVDs in hand! I walked in to Target full of confidence and headed right to the movie section where low and behold, I saw shelves full of Toy Story but NO Toy Story 2!! OK, I told myself…they must have it displayed somewhere else? As I stood there with a bewildered expression on my face clutching my Toys R Us ad, a very nice Target employee whispered “We sold out of em’ at noon.” No, I thought…no way! I am not going home without those DVDs.

Now at this point, I could have returned home with empty hands and my 5 year old would have survived. He would have been upset for all of about 5 minutes and then would have forgotten about the whole situation. But no, this was no longer entirely about him. This was about my desire to snag that great deal and I was going to snag it one way or another!

OK, I thought…Plan C. Since I was not prepared to initiate Plan C (let alone Plan B!), I sat in my car for several minutes until I remembered a beautiful vision that I had spotted earlier. On my drive over to Target, I had noticed a banner across a Best Buy store that said “We do price matching.” So begins my Plan C.

I made it over to Best Buy in record time and flew through the doors. I immediately noticed the beautiful (almost glowing) display of BOTH Toy Story and Toy Story 2 DVDs. I quickly discovered why the display was almost overflowing…they were priced at $29.99 each! No big deal, I thought. I still had the Toys R Us ad tucked under my arm…this would be a piece of cake. I scoped out the cashiers (all female) and chose a young and bubbly cashier who I was sure would make this a quick and easy transaction.

Boy was I wrong! As soon as I placed the Toys R Us ad on the counter, she rolled her eyes and here is how our conversation went…

Bubbly cashier: “I hope you are not going to try to price match those DVDs because I know for a fact that Toys R Us is sold out of them.”

Me: “Yes, they are sold out. That is why I am here wanting to price match them.”

Bubbly cashier: “Well, Best Buy will only price match items that are in stock at the competitor’s store. Sorry about that.”

Me: “The whole reason that I came here is because they were out of stock. I am not going to come back here tomorrow when Toys R Us receives a new shipment…I’ll just go to Toys R Us. So if you can’t price match the items for me now, then you are going to lose my business and that seems kinda silly.”

Cashier (not so bubbly anymore): “Well, that’s the policy.”

Me: “I would like to speak with your manager please”

Cashier: “Manager to the front please”

Manager arrives…I explain the situation and like I stated to the cashier, I reinforce that I will be buying the DVDs elsewhere if the price matching is not applied….

Manager: “Go ahead and do the price matching”

Cashier (now shocked)…applies the price matching of $16.99 for each DVD.

I then confidently hand over the 2 $10/1 printable coupons that I have been hiding in my wallet (Although I know that these should be accepted without a problem, I am still nervous that the cashier or manager will refuse to take them and then another battle will ensue).

Cashier: “I can’t take these too”

Manager: “Yes, you can; they are just manufacturer coupons.” (Thank goodness for this manager!)

Finally, VICTORY!

After 2 hours of shopping, I was satisfied as I walked out of Best Buy with those prized DVDs in hand. I was victorious and nothing at that moment felt better! I hope you have enjoyed my little victory story and that it inspires you to stand up for yourself and to be confident and determined to save as well. Good luck to all of you that have yet to purchase these DVDs…hope that you only have to initiate Plan A! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Jen_A

    I tried to price match at WalMart yesterday morning with no luck. The cashier said she had to talk to the manager since there was such a difference in the price (Walmart charging $24.99 to the $16.99 at TRU). The manager then came over, looked at the ad briefly, and said nope they couldn’t price match it because it was “an in-store special”. I kind of chuckled and said aren’t ALL sales in-store special prices? She then pointed to where it said “in-store Tuesday” and said that that is an in-store special for only that store to get you in their store. I said it just ment that the DVD would be available in-store on Tuesday. She still refused. So I kindly said well for that much of a price difference I would just go to the other store with my business and the manager didn’t seem phased at all. So I walked out with out the DVDs. After reading this, Collin, I think I will give it another try at WalMart. This time if I have problems I will ask to speak to someone higher up!

  2. Tiffany

    I can’t tell you how many times I have been treated like you know what by a cashier that says “I can’t take coupons for this, it makes it only twenty five cents/free/a dollar/whatever…To which I ask for a manager…the manager acts like THEY are stupid (I secretly love it…mean I know) and does what I want. I think people are just JEALOUS really!! My mother didn’t teach me much, but she taught me that the reason most people get rude/mad/upset about things is jealousy. Glad you got your victory, I would have kept trying too. Luckily I called two toys r us stores ahead of time to see which had stock. Mine had TONS!! I bought 8 (to give as gifts…no I didn’t clear the shelves there were literally like a hundred) and went on my merry way. Even had the cashier tell me what a good price I was getting:D. If only all my escapades went this smoothly!!

  3. Linda

    Luckily, well maybe not, I pre ordered them at Toys r us and got a free dvd…But when I went to pick them up and pay the remaining balance there was a major fiasco. They cashier didnt know how to do anything…I was there for 30 minutes while 2 managers tried to come and show him how to ring it up and I ended up getting refunded for my preorder instead of taking it off the final price…

  4. Jill

    Initiated “Plan A”! I called ahead to make sure my local TRU had them in stock. They had lots! Bought Toy Story and Toy Story used my 2 coupons and went off on my merry way. My nephews birthday is in June when the movie comes out. I’m going to give him the DVD’s for Easter and then hold on to the movie tickets for his birthday. Two gifts in one! Thanks Collin!!

  5. Anabel

    Sorry to hear your Best Buy experience was a pain the one near me is great at price matching they even look the prices on internet for me when I don’t have another stores ad!! just go straight to customer service, they help you out!!

  6. Krystal

    I went to Toys R Us yesterday morning first thing, and purchased the two with coupons for about $16 after tax. Then I went later in the afternoon to purchase them for my stepdad. I thought they looked different, but they were the same price and contained both the Blu-ray disc and the DVD. The cashier and manager at the register said they could not use the coupons on those packages. The correct ones have a blue bar across the top of them, and these had a gold one. I asked what the difference was and they could not tell me (they didn’t know). They said that Disney would not reimburse them for the coupons on the gold package, just the blue one. Has anyone else had this issue? From what I could tell, there was no difference between the contents of the two.

    • Allison

      They’re wrong. ! was a blu ray box and the other a traditional dvd box. They were the same. Just different size boxes

    • Nicole Z.

      I was able to use the $10 off coupons on both the blue labeled and yellow labeled packages.
      Long story short…they are virtually the same thing…both Blu-ray/DVD combo packs. The coupons are for “blu-ray/dvd combo pack”. My cashier took the coupons without a problem.

  7. Stephanie

    I know this is totally off topic, but I know most couponers are mommies, soooo… husband and I are having a hard time conceiving and it’s really getting me discouraged. I can’t really talk to him about it because he’s not an emotional person, and he believes it will just happen when it happens (which is true, I know this) but as a woman it’s hard for me not to get discouraged. I don’t really know why I’m posting it on here..feel free to remove it..but I just need some words of encouragement I guess.

    • Sara

      Oh Stephanie! I’m so sorry. I have two little girls now, but I’ve also lost two babies. It’s so hard to want something SO BAD and not get it. My husband told me that all things happen for a reason (which is never what anyone wants to hear) and I can now tell you that I know why I had to go through those trials….Good luck! Stay positive! Things always work out in the end (another thing that’s hard to hear). ๐Ÿ™‚

    • silvia o

      Well here it goes I’ll try some encouragement and advise. I had a friend that went through this, don’t lose faith that someday you will become a mommy. Try not to focus so much on trying to conceive the more you think about it the less of a chance it will happen. The reason for that is your stress level needs to be low. So put your focus on something else……………Like maybe coupons and good deals. Best of luck I wish you well! (also someone once told me that if you try 15 days after the first day of your period you have a better chance of conceiving.) GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

    • Lauren

      I know how you feel as I have been in that boat. My husband and I tried to concieve for 2 years before finally getting pregnant with our daughter. A website that helped me a lot was fertility friend dot com. There you will learn how to chart your cycle along with a huge support group of women just like you. Another thing is you might want to check your insurance. Some pay for fertility treatments but some do not. Mine was one that did not, however, they did pay for fertility TESTING. I was able to find out exactly what was wrong with us and only pay for treatment out of pocket. If you already know about all of these things i mentioned (which i’m sure you just might by now) then just know that you’re not alone. I used to cry every month. It was like grieving over a child I never had. There is help out there and maybe your husband will come around after having a heart to heart with him. If he sees how important this is to you then he’s got to be willing to do what it takes to achieve your goal of having a baby. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good Luck and take care. Things will all work out.

    • Brenda

      I don’t usually post, i just like to read the comments, but you post almost made me cry. Understand that God has a plan for everyone, even if it is not clear to us right now.
      Continue to pray Stephanie and good luck.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, ladies….I will keep praying and hope things work out.

    • Ann B

      I am so so sorry. I suffer from this too and it is heartbreaking. There is a good and helpful series of books out there. I liked “Inconceiveable”, “A Few Good Eggs”, and “Waiting for Daisy”. They were really helpful. Good luck. It will get easier. xoxoxo

    • Ann

      Oh you poor thing, I have totally been down this road, and am now the PROUD mommy to two children through the miracle of adoption. And trust me on this one you need to be a hip2saver if you are adoptioning ;-).

      My heart and prayers go out to you. Check out carolynsboards . org the BEST support group for IF, adoption and parenting on the net!

    • Rose

      I tried to get preg. for 5 years. I now have 3 kids!!!! I went through everything 3 surgerys etc. Switched doctors and the new doctor found a septum in my uterus on an ultrasound. Always Always see my always get more then 1 opinion. I had people say stupid things to me too. I even had 1 miscarriage. After 4 years. People sais stupid things then too. Got pregnant 3 months after septum removal. Had a Son. Was 9 weeks preg. with my daughter and didn’t know it because it had taken so long with my son. Then with my 3rd we were trying. I got preg. in 2 months. I don’t understand infertility. But always always always get another opinion… Don’t waste time.

    • Ashley Marie

      Oh Stephanie!! I feel for you! I have one beautiful 18 month old daughter but have been trying for another since my Husband (Navy) returned form Japan in Sept. There is no bun in this oven and it is getting very frustrating. I have a friend back home (WI, moved to WA in Sept when my husband was transferred) and she is having the same issue cannot conceive with a second baby. The first time seemed so easy and now it is frustrating beyond belief!! My aunt suggested one of those ovulation tests. I haven’t tried this yet, but she was having issues (she was late 30’s when she was trying) and it seemed to help her very much. Her period is a lil irregular and she didn’t ovulate when a “normal” woman would so the test would pin point when she was indeed ovulating. She also tried acupuncture which she says she cannot confirm or deny but it did help relax her and she FEELS it helped.
      I hope my ramblings help!! And good luck to you!!!

    • Shanna

      Stephanie, I had the same issues and went to a website called fertility community. The ladies on there really helped and was supportive.

    • Lauri

      I found this wonderful website when I was trying to concieve: You can find lots of answers and support from fertilethoughts. That was over 10 years ago for me. I have two beautiful children now. Good luck and fertile thoughts!

    • Anonymous

      Also, I went through ivf and it was a struggle but we now have a beautiful baby boy. I’ll keep you in my prayers

    • Nicolle

      Hey Stephanie,

      I have been there, I have a husband that is just like yours. They are rocks but sometimes they just aren’t as emotional as we would like. I just want you to know i have had four lost babies, and we had a hard time getting pregnant too. I started in my thirties and I was so scared I waited too long. I have three babies now after just trying to relax. I am praying for you because it can be hard. I can tell you…if this helps, I always got pregnant on vacation:) It’s crazy but we went away and each time I came back preggers. God bless you and be encouraged.

    • Shirley

      Stephanie, I so feel for you and have been there. I’m probably not a person you want to hear from being that I do have two little girls and am pregnant again with a little boy due in July but I have been there……My first daughter we conceived on our first try, charmed pregnancy, emergency C delivery but everyone happy and healthy in the end. She’ll be 7 in May. Right about the time she was getting close to age 2 we started trying for #2… luck for 5 months so we took a break…..we were building a house at the time and my OB suggested it was stress (or perhaps scarring/fibroids from my 1st C….she called it secondary infertility and it IS real!). NO KIDDING! I was also stressed that I couldn’t provide a sib for my daughter on top of house stress……we tried for almost a year and a quarter and moved into our new house on DD #1 third b-day. Once the stress of selling a house/building a house was over, I was pregnant within two months so there really IS a connection to that stress thing. I got PG for the third time in Oct. 2008 and lost that one at 12 weeks in Jan. 2009. At age 38, I’m 6 months PG with our baby Jack who is due early July 2010. We may never have the 4 kids we’ve dreamed of but the one thing I’ve learned through my parenting journey is that God has a plan for me, our family, my kiddos…..a REALLY old OB Dr. told me early in my first pregnancy to let go of any ideas that I had control over any of this and he was totally right. I’m just doing the best that I can with what I’ve been given and am leaving the rest in God’s capable hands. My prayers for you and anyone suffering through infertility.

    • Sandra

      Hang in there Stephanie! I wish I could give you a hug!

    • Mrs. Hall

      I know how your feeling. I was there once. Though my first baby came very easy (first try) we decided to try again when she was 2. Every month I got my bill and I figured that since theres only like a 24 hour area to achieve a pregnancy with my egg, I just thought I was not getting that right 24 hours.

      We ended up trying for 4 years. And my “not this month” turned into “whats wrong with ME?” I was convinced god didn’t want me to have another one because maybe he thought I was a bad mom to my first. Of course it wasn’t true, but your mind does play tricks. I ended up stressing SOOOOO much over it and sex became well…kind of a job.

      Finally, I gave up and went to my doctor. He set up an appointment with a specialist (2 months later) because he wanted me to do an ovulation test for a couple months so I had something to show the specialist as to if I was ovulating at all. In those 2 months, I relaxed..I took bubble baths to candlelight and relaxing “water sound music” (relaxation CD’s) ..even brought in chocolate and strawberries and my favorite drink. Hubby and daughter were not to bother me for this whole hour bath before bed. I was so relaxed. I set my mind on taking my simple $7.00 ovulation test and charting as it said and thinking this doctor will fix the problem as soon as I see him. “Time” with my husband became all lovie dovie again and things were back to normal.

      2 months went by, and my hubby took me to my appointment. The first thing they asked me for was a urine test……..boy was I in for a shocker… was POSITIVE! Seven months later I was mom to 2 girls. When I decided to try again..I bought another tester did my bubble baths, and boom! 2 months later….I was pregnant and 7 months later my first son. Now? I’m pregnant again and I wasn’t even trying!! I guess not even thinking about it is better? lol

      A womans body reacts to stress. Relax and don’t let it consume you. Buy a tester and learn your cycle. Take bubble baths (with strawberries!) and just let nature do its work. I bet you in a matter of a few months, you could be expecting your own bundle! Good luck girl and NEVER give up! I didn’t ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lindsay Litchfield

      I know you have had a lot of comments but wanted to add my story, My husband and I tried for many many years to concieve, we did everything you could think of, after several attempts at artificial insemination and Invitro I went to a Shiatsu doctor who told me I was too acidic to carry a baby and he told me that if I took 1/2 tsp. baking soda in warm water everyday for the next month that I would be pregnant at the end of that month. I was very skeptical after everything I had tried I was thinking how could just baking soda get me pregnant, but I decided to try it anyway and literally no joke 1 month later I found out I was pregnant (naturally)! I now have an 18 month old little girl and she is my Miracle Baby! We are now trying for our second and found out that you can buy empty capsules from a vitamin store and fill them with the baking soda, (so much easier) and take 4 of them a day, I cant guarantee it will work for you, but you never know, so go try it. I know what you are going though and I’m sorry but my biggest pet peeve is when someone tells you to “just relax and it will happen” Dont let those words bother you, you cant stop wanting a baby and you cant stop thinking about it so dont listen to them ๐Ÿ™‚ Good Luck! I will be praying for you!

    • Stephanie

      Hi Stephanie,

      It took us 4 years on and off before we conceived our first and that was by IUI. It worked on the second try. I’m now 6 months pregnant with my second (and last) baby which happened naturally after just 3 months of trying. Make sure to talk to your doctor so you can start to get checked out – plus hubby will also need to be checked,

      Good luck.

    • Erin

      I am so sorry that you are having trouble conceiving. But look at it this way: Children change everything–profoundly–including your schedule. When you’re a parent, you do things on *their* schedule, not your own, and your baby-to-be is already training you, even though he or she isn’t conceived yet. So, until he or she is, do everything you won’t be able to do when you’re pregnant. Drink wine. Eat sushi. Sleep on your stomach. Ride a roller coaster. Go on vacation. Relax.

      Best of luck to you!

      • Betsy

        How nice to see such support in our little community! Couponers are great ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck to you Stephanie!!

        • Stephanie

          Thank you all SO MUCH for your amazing words of encouragement!!! I REALLY appreciate it! Couponers are the friendliest people.

    • Sophie

      I know exactly how you feel. I dont know how long you have been trying but my husband and I have been trying for almost 4 years and nothing but 1 miscarriage very early in the pregnancy, so early I didnt even know I was pregnant until it happened. It is nice for everyone to say that know how you feel and how sorry they are but then you see the kids on their hip and it does nothing to help the pain. I have watched my best friend have 2 babies and about to have a 3rd and it is soooo hard smiling and being happy for her. My husband, like yours, doesnt understand so most night I cry myself to sleep after he goes to sleep. Over the years I thought I would quit wanting it as much but the desire for a child only grows stronger and sometimes my arms feel like they are aching to hold a baby. I pray every day for a miracle but nothing… so yes, I know exactly what it feels like. And people that say get your mind off of it, that is so easy to say but try doing that if you were in our shoes. Everytime you see a baby you cant help but get that longing deep inside you all over again. The only thing I find that helps me is to just get up each day and try to be normal because after so long it kind of makes you go a little crazy, I know that sounds funny but I am a totally different person now than I was 4 years ago and I believe it is because all of the stress and heartache that comes with infertility. And I keep praying that one day a miracle will happen…. Good luck to you. I hope it happens soon for you!


    My dad had the same issue with best buys in new england but didn’t push the issue because he was trying to price match a tv at sears. And there was no sears in ANY of the new england states that had the tv in stock. It was an issue with the tv company not having any. He even had a raincheck. Ended up not getting the tv.
    I was at toys r us and used my coupons just fine. Then I was telling my friend who knows my latest coupon addiction. She saves her sunday coupons for me. She wanted to get them for her grandson. I printed her coupons, she got the movies and gave me the codes to score 2 extra movie tickets because her 2.5yr old isn’t going to the movies this summer. A little bit of sharing the wealth and helping others truly does pay off eventually. Now I have 4 movie passes for my family of 4!

  9. Kelly

    I went to TRU yesterday also…they said they weren’t going to get their shipment in for another 2 days! I was like, uh, ok, didn’t it come out today? They said yes but only if you pre-ordered it. Whatever. I said, fine, I’ll just go price match at Target. Then I asked where the Strawberry Shortcake doll special was, she showed me a big fat shelf of NOTHING, and said oh I guess we’re sold out. I left in disgust. Went to Target and price matched with no issues.

  10. Niki

    Let’s give the cashier two thumps down and manager a hug. Lolzzz

  11. Ashleigh

    How annoying! My local Target had a huge issue with price matching to the TRU ad because for some reason when they were ringing it up, it kept taking the Target incentive of $10 off. She was very rude and eventually rung my two dvd’s up individually to get the advertised price and told me “not to tell any of my friends”. What has happened to customer service these days???

  12. Anonymous

    thank god for my TRU…they gave me no issue with the princess/frog and toy story 1/2 preorder and when i picked it up…no issue and “have a good day” and even commented on how great the price was…three blu rays…two kissing frogs…one happy guy and all priced under 10.00 for everything!

  13. Allison

    WOW …YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing your personal experience with us!

  14. Another Grandma

    Stephanie Miracles do happen : My DIL tried 8 years to get pregnant ! Son went for testing and she had some testing done and when it all got too expensive she gave up (about 2 yrs ago) – last February …………she found out she was pregnant – had a baby girl Sept 19th. My other DIL’s friend has a 6 yr old and was told she would not be able to conceive without assistance they decided to “stick with the one child” instead of bearing the costs of other methods. Two years ago they took their daughter to an amusement park and friend was too overweight to ride the rides – so they both went on a diet – lost like 100 pounds each. And guess what ! yep she’s pregnant too with twins due end of May

    • Stephanie

      Thank you so much. That’s awesome about the weight loss!

  15. Tonya Perry

    Great job! I hate dealing with those types of cashiers! Good for you that you stood your ground and got that great deal!!!

  16. katey

    wow!! great job!!! I glad that you got two toys story dvds for your son ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Marlene

    I live in a small town with not much shopping nearby. So once a week I collect all my coupons and head to a city 35-40 miles away. My first stop was Toys R Us – plenty of dvds in stock. Went to check out and was told that because they already had taken $10.00 off which brought them to the $16.99 price I could not use the 2 $10.00 manufacturer coupons I had! Could not find any flyers in the store to price match at Target. Went to Target and they also had plenty. Also picked up the games and other items (many were trial sizes with coupons) and went to check out. Another young cashier who didn’t know squat! Told her the coupons did not say ‘except trial size’ so they were good. She also didn’t like my $10.00 coupons! So—–MANAGER PLEASE!!!!! Explained to the manager (she was nice) and she checked every thing over and said ‘DO IT, SHE’S RIGHT.” Another successful bargin hunt!

  18. Rose

    I’m having a moment of panic here… was the $16.99 price for TS1 & TS2 good for yesterday only??? I pre-ordered two sets when I bought Princess & the Frog

    • Karin

      It’s good Until Thursday, if you can find them in stock.

      • anonymouse

        This is incorrect. The $16.99 price for TS1 & TS2 is advertised in their weekly sales ad, so it runs for the entire week!

  19. Loretta

    Where do we get the $10 printable coupons? I could only find the $5’s! PLMK!

    • Ashley Marie

      Search on the top of the page Toy Story or Disney Movie Rewards. It is on the DMR site but you need the codes from Collin’s earlier post.

    • Rose

      Search on the top Toy Story or Disney Movie Rewards. It is in one of those posts. The coupons are on the DMR site but you need the codes from one of Collin’s earlier posts.

    • Melissa S.

      What are the $5 coupons?

  20. julie o

    You are hilarious. Good job– I need much more confidence like that. Loved the little drama quotes:)


    I just scored the BEST deal of all times at Target!!! I bought both movies and Target priced matched TRU $16.99, I used my $10.00 coupon off each one. But, this is the best part, Targets promo of $10.00 for buying both applied. I walked out of Target paying $2.00 for each movie!!!! I

    • Susan

      That happened to me too, but I told her that the promo she was matching shouldn’t be in addition to Targets and she fixed it. She thanked me for being honest.

      • KIM

        Susan, I spoke with my local Target and that isn’t correct… the Target I shop at. When Target price matches, it doesn’t void any Target promo on that item. But, I know that Target policy vary from state to state and store to store.

  22. Rachel Dale

    I wish I’d read this BEFORE I made the trip to TRU, where they were out of stock of #2 ๐Ÿ™ BOO!

  23. Deseree

    I’m so glad I didnt have this problem. I went to the Toys R Us in Oceanside yesterday right at opening. I was able to get both of the DVDs for 16.99 each and used my 2 $10 off coupons. I also picked up several of the Strawberry Shortcake toys, and 2 Little Tykes figurine toys B1G1 for my nephew. The cashier was wonderful and said that she was jealous. I, also, ran into 2 fellow Hip2Save readers! It was awesome!

  24. Desiree

    We had a great coupon day at Target on Tuesday. We went bright and early to buy the Toy Story DVD’s. We looked at the covers and didn’t see anything about free movie tickets. So we asked a customer service rep and he ended up calling the manager and then another manager. Then they opened up two dvd’s to find the tickets (little did we know they were codes!) I think all of the employees ended up in DVD section bc we counted 15 when we left. The manager ended up giving us 10.00 off, plus we used our two man. coupons!! They came to a total of 5.50 after discounts! We didn’t realize the codes inside were codes for the free movie. Yeah!!

  25. Desiree

    Good Job fighting your case! I get so frustrated with Cashiers that act like you’re cheating them out of something!! GRRR!!
    I went to Wal-mart at midnight on Monday night and price matched it then. Stores definitely DO NOT carry the stock they should and ALL the stores in my area sell out of all the combo packs by 10 am on Tuesday morning. I decided to beat the pack this time. Thank goodness for price matching!!

  26. Carrie

    Wow, and I thought only these types of scenarios happened to me! Thanks for sharing Collin, I feel somewhat normal now. And too funny at the Best Buy cashier trying to reject your manuf. coupons all because in her mind you were already getting a deal. The majority of the sticky situations are the employees who hassle couponers without any correct knowledge of policy. And sometimes, there might be a manager or two who fall into this same category as well :::sigh:::

    Totally relating to your whole story, and smiled right there with you!! But today your bright eyes are probably back to their original sparkle and looking for the newest deal! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Shevin

    I’m so angry right now! I don’t know if I’m more angry at Target or myself. Here’s the deal on why I’m mad at myself: I should do this stuff with out my 2 & 3 year old boys, b/c they distract me. I do it though b/c a lot of times it’s do it with just the two of them or later add on big brother @ 5 years old. I’m mad at Target b/c the cashier didn’t even catch the HUGE mistake on the stinking movies! Here’s what my receipt looks like (roughly) when they rang up the movies:
    $22.99 (w/ the little down arrow)
    $10.00- MFR COUPON
    $22.99 (w/ the little down arrow)
    $10.00- MFR COUPON
    $10.00- Toy Story Promo
    $35.98 PACKAGE TOTAL
    So even though it SAYS -$10 for the MFR COUPON it didn’t take it off!! WTHeck is going on?!?! Why oh why did I not see that?!?! I did ask her if their promo was taken off & she said,”Yes it sure did.” So they short changed me by $20!!!
    I’m going back tonight to get this all straightened out. They are usually pretty good, but I hope they don’t make a stink out of it b/c I really like Target & I get great deals there all the time (like today w/ other stuff I bought & got for free)!! BTW the reason I got the movies @ Target was b/c they come with movies coupons & a computer game (which my 5 year old will love!) so for me it is a better deal here PLUS I have a friend who’s buying the Bluray set from me.
    It’s always something with me. :o) Now where are those lemons…….

    • Barb

      Steven, my Target receipt says exactly the same thing but when I looked at the bottom, the subtotal says $15.98 for both which is correct. It’s just weird that they put the coupons at the top within the package listing but then they aren’t removed from the package price. I’m glad I went to Target too because it came with movie tickets and the extra computer games!

      • Barb

        Oooops, sorry, I should have said Shevin. My apologies. I know better than to try and type without my glasses!

    • Laurie

      I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I’ve had so many problems with Target, that I now 99.9% of the time check my receipt before I walk out (of course, the problems always occur during that .1%). I’ve had stuff ring up wrong, coupons taken and scanned but they scan wrong, coupons taken but not taken off my bill, my .05 cent bag credit not given…arrgh! Luckily, everytime I’ve gone back to the customer service counter they’ve fixed it. Even when I brought my receipt back to a different Target. So, like Collin did, be polite and stand your ground. Tell them what happened and show your receipt. They should refund your money. Good luck!

    • Sonia

      I know the receipt is confusing, but they did take your coupons off if you tally your total. The $35.98 is the amount they would refund you because the store can not make a profit from your coupons.

      • Laura

        By my calculations,

        22.99 X 2= 45.98 – 1o for buying both= 35.98 – 10 off manf. coupon x 2= 15.98 NOT 35.98.

    • Annette

      The package subtotal is the total amount you’d get back if you return them. They do the same thing when for the deals where it’s “buy 5 and get a $5 gift card”. It’s not the amount you paid for them, it’s just stating that there was a store promo applied. Check the total amount you paid and make sure it adds up, but don’t look at that section as the amount you paid. Mine says the same thing, but the out-of-pocket paid is only $15.98.

    • Annette

      The package subtotal is the total amount you’d get back if you return them. They do the same thing when for the deals where it’s “buy 5 and get a $5 gift card”. It’s not the amount you paid for them, it’s just stating that there was a store promo applied. Check the total amount you paid and make sure it adds up, but don’t look at that section as the amount you paid. Mine says the same thing, but the out-of-pocket paid is only $15.98.

  28. Nisha

    PLease help me…My target stores are out of toy story 2. Whoevrer brought from Target, you have only blu-ray & DVD or any luck of Digital copy???…they also advertised a special game dvd rom. My best buy told they gonna price match with Toysrus but i’ll miss the special combo from target. We wanted digital copy so that we can load it in Iphone.

  29. Jodi

    So yesterday I called our TRU to make sure they had both movies in stock…and low and behold they were already out of TS2 so she said check back tomorrow. Well I call today and the lady said that all the people that had the internet coupons cleaned them out and they were out of both movies LOL. So I then called my Target and they are holding both movies for me. YAY for Target I’m headed there with coupons in hand!!!

  30. Alicia S.

    I had the same bad luck as Collin as both my TRU and Target were out of Toy Story 2. I then went to Best Buy, found them, only to be told by a manager that they couldn’t take my coupons because they were combined with another discount. I tried explaining that my coupons were manufacturers coupons and they could be reimbursed but no such luck with him. Feeling very irritated that I have to drive the 20 miles back to TRU when they get another shipment in, hopefully before the sale is over on Saturday. Not a happy shopping trip for these movies but I did manage to save 78% at Publix so at least the day was not a total loss.

  31. CouponClary

    I went to TRU @ noon after I picked my little guy up from p/s and sure enough, they were out. I went to price match at Target and they had plenty in stock and did not have any issues price matching with coupons. In fact, a customer had just price matched minutes before me and another one was behind me…the cashier said he had been doing matches all morning! I was disappointed not to be able to use my son’s $5/$25 birthday coupon & $3 birthday gift card to get it even cheaper, but $14 for 2 DVDs, 2 Blu-Rays & 2 movie tickets was a great deal, even if I had to run around to snag it. The customer behind me indicated that our TRU sold through all of their pre-sale DVDs and was turning pre-sale customers away, which I thought was unfortunate…

  32. Tyree

    Has anyone tryed to get more than one movie ticket from your disney rewards I don’t know if it will let you and am nervous to try and lose the ticket!

    • Barb

      You have the option to save the printout as a file and just print the ticket before you go. That’s what I did.

    • Laura

      I had no trouble printing 2 tickets with my 2 rewards. They both have different numbers. This was a great deal!!! I went at lunch yesterday and had no problems at Toys R Us then printed out my two free tickets. This is the deal of the week for me! 2 BLUE RAY’s that my son will love for the price of 2 movie tickets I was going to buy anyway!!!!

    • Kimberly

      I was nervous too but I redeemed both of my rewards codes and was able to get 2 movie tickets. It was easy as pie! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anonymous

        I just did mine as well.. and it worked great!

        • Tyree

          I tried a third one on the same Disney Rewards and it would not let me. If you boiught more than one of each movie it won’t work. I bought some for my parents so I made a disney rewards for their’s and was able to get the 4 movie passes that way.

  33. Glory

    Preordered both movies. My husband went to buy them yesterday at the store and was told the truck had not come yet with the movies. Another guy was there also and complained that he had been there twice already and wanted to know who was going to pay for his gas. So he got a $25 gift card and so did my husband. So it seems we will be getting the movies for free plus overage. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Laurie

      S C O R E!!!!!!!!!

  34. Lauren

    Wow, Collin! What perserverance! I’m so glad that you had a victory in the end!

  35. SaraJC

    Some cashiers think they know everything. Awesome manager! and yay for you!

  36. MoKeaton

    I had no problem using my coupons at Toys R Us, but I did have issues. The difference between the 2 versions of the movies is this. One is in a regular DVD case, and has a regular DVD, and a BluRay disc, however the special features are only on the regular DVD. The other movies are in a regular BluRay case, has the BluRay, and regular DVD, and the special features are on the BluRay disc. So the first version is not considered the BluRay combo pack, because the regular DVD is what you are buying, the Blu Ray is an added bonus. My Toys R Us ran out of the BluRay ones, and I ended up getting the regular DVD, but because I had pre ordered them, they allowed me to use the BluRay coupons on the regular DVD combo pack. She told me they wanted to know the difference between the 2 movies, so they contacted Disney to find out the difference. Glad to hear you got your deal Collin.

  37. Ambermsd

    I price matched the Toys R us ad at Target, then used the coupons, then the Target register automatically gave the $10.00 Target discount so, I got both DVD’s AND the Toy Story 3 tickets for $4.24 including tax!!!

  38. B

    I drove to TRU (there isn’t one close to me) and they were sold out. There was a Target nearby so I thought I would give the price matching a shot. The cashier was a little unsure at first but she double checked with someone and ended up price mathcing. After doing that she told me they had a promo to get an additional $10 off when you bought both. I then handed her my 2 $10 coupons. I ended up spending a $5 TOTAL for 2 Blu-Ray combo packs! I was so excited!!!

    • Stephanie

      wow! That rocks!

  39. Jessica

    We price matched at Walmart and the manager and cashier thought it was $16.99 for BOTH! We were honest and told them it was for one after they had already rung it up as both, but we were so glad to even get them! $13.98 + tax for both!! Yay for the free movie tickets too!

  40. Traci

    I don’t know if this has been asked and answered, but are there 2 different coupons? One for Toy Story and one for Toy Story 2? Or can you print the same coupon twice and use it on each movie?

    • Stephanie

      2 different coupons

  41. RNHellokitty

    It’s funny that half the time the managers make things better, the other half of the time they help. Glad you got your deal!!!

  42. Cindy

    I went to Target to get mine. They had plenty and got them both for about $16. I live about 30 minutes from the nearest TRU so I was really happy that target had a deal that was only a couple dollars more than TRU. And the free tickets to go to see Toy Story 3 are great too! Can’t wait for it to come out. Here’s to hopin that my 8yo autistic some will want to go to it when the time comes. Right now he is all for it but when the time comes he will probably change his mind and we’ll have to go see it at the drive-in(which is where he has seen all his movies because he doesn’t feel so restrained). Which is OK too!!!!

  43. BETH

    I took my toys r us ad and went right to walmart (they are closer). Picked up both movies, price matched and used both $10 coupons with no problem. They were very nice about the whole thing. Called my sister and told her. She went to 2 toys r us stores and they were both sold out. She then went to walmart. Success there also. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. jenny

    Hooray for your victory Colin! I get so frustrated when cashiers act like they know everything, it’s like they get angry at couponer’s…makes me think “Jealous much?” HaHa I am glad you stood up for yourself and got the manager for help. I will keep this scenario in mind when I come across a “We can’t take that coupon” cashiers! =D

  45. Lynda

    I don’t understand the attitude of cashiers, why are some so against customers that use coupons? It is not like it comes out of their paychecks or anything!!

  46. Stephanie

    WoW! Sorry for your luck! Don’t mean to brag, but I just preordered both dvds on sunday, and for doing so, got to pick any Disney movie priced at $20 for FREE! So for $14, we got Toy story 1 and 2 combo packs and Aristocats. Yee haw!

  47. ec

    because scanning coupons takes a lot of ‘effort’.

  48. Good Deal Mama

    I love ya, collin, I just had a “toy story drama” myself! Isn’t it nice to share it…I went to TRU to grab my copies, since I preordered them on Saturday when I bought Princess and the Frog. Well I couldn’t find my receipt, of course, so they looked it up, well lo and behold, after driving 30 minutes to get there, I was told I had to pick up the movies where I preordered them…ahhha, would have been nice to know that. At least they could see I preordered them in the system, they just couldn’t let me get them ๐Ÿ™‚ So FYI, if you lose your receipt, they will be able to look it up!
    Now I just need to find it for the rebates ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Rosa

    Good for you Collin! All I can see is that I’ve never had an “easy” experience with Best Buy ๐Ÿ™ So glad you got those DVDs ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. funtasticblue

    I just got back from Babies R Us and they are carrying both combo pack too. I scored both for 13.98 + tax with no issues. The cashier was surprised to see my coupons and even asked me where I got it. He said its the first time he saw that coupon and was smiling and all happy with the good deal I got. As I was heading out he even called another cashier to show the coupon I got and what a good deal it was. I hope all cashiers are like him. I jsut printed my 2 free movie tickets too! I love Collin! I love hip2save!

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